Telescopes and Pyramids (feat. Physics Girl) - Objectivity #193

Pubblicato il 16 gen 2019
We welcome Dianna Cowern (Physics Girl) to The Royal Society to look at some awesome picks from the archives! More links below ↓↓↓
Featuring Dianna Cowern from IT-tvs channel Physics Girl speaking with Brady.
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  • 6:48 nice to see he was precise enough to note that the pyramid sides are not straight.

  • Wow the interesting to know that the rotting of otherwise capable minds on specifically the pyramids goes back at least 200 years

  • Lovely guest!

  • 0:13 Dianna (holding a wooden object): I mean… it looks like a matcher or something Brady: There you go! You're the first person to ever get it right! I was thinking the same thing, that it looked like an acoustic matching horn for ultrasound or something, but I thought it couldn't possibly be that because one of those wouldn't be that old or wooden. *awaits someone telling me she said "masher"*

  • Approximately twenty years before the writing of this comment, I meet a historian. He is a learned and well-schooled fellow, and I find him to be entirely personable. Of interest to me is his inability to use the past tense as he shares his wisdom with me.

  • Never read the comments!

  • Fascinating

  • Fuck me, they were even hiding the true alien nature of the pyramids back then !

  • Why tease us with the pyramids? I want to know what he knows, if I don't already.

  • UhhMAZING.

  • Abnormality in communication Thank you for mentioning briefly that the planets pictures / maps were 1st drawn by hand as paintings

  • its been suggested that the higgs field isnt at its lowest energy state, and if it ever jumps to its next lower energy state we are all going to have a really bad day....could the big bang just have been the higgs jumping down from a higher energy state?

  • she's very pretty

  • I am quite pleased to see that Ms Cowern is doing so well. Blessings on you girl!

  • I seriously doubt that dynastic Egyptians built that structure.

  • 4:00 is the Jupiter upside down?

  • Steve Howe sure has knowledge beyond music.

  • Or perhaps the point is missed that demonstrates how biases and prejudices actually limit the scientific dialogue and ultimately advances.

  • Has Brady ever done a prolonged interview with Kieth only? If not he really should.

  • 3:08 Orion

  • It is good to remember scientists are human too. This means some discoveries take time to be accepted because of human egotism.

  • Universal Repulsion Similar to universal gravitation force between matters, there is an universal repulsion force between matters. Because electrons are on the surface of all matters, line of sight electrons on the surface of matters are constantly repelling each other with Coulomb's force F=Ke x ee/R^2. This universal repulsion force is the conductor of light energy in the vacuum space between stars and planets. Light energy is instantly shared between line of sight vibrating electrons on the surface of the Sun and electrons on Earth outer atmosphere, then becomes light wave traveling in the air at light speed C and reach us. This universal repulsion force is the conductor of light between your screen and your eyes. Due to air in between, light speed is C. This universal repulsion force between line of sight electrons on antenna and receiver is the conductor of EM wave. Due to air in between, EM wave speed is C. All the stars in the night sky are shining at us right now, no star is shining from the past. Light energy is existing at forever ongoing now.

  • Some additional points. At 2:13, after the 1851 Great Exhibition in London, stereoscopic photography became very common and popular, so it's not unexpected for Smith to practice that as an aid to document what he saw in 1856. While it was not long after the official announcement of the invention of photography in 1839, the first pioneering years saw tremendous advances in its technology; it's no longer a novelty but a mature imaging system well ingrained in the collective psyche. Still, Smith's study of the pyramids was also significant in the history of photography as it was the first use of artificial light, when he photographed the interiors.

  • yay I found this through "Hello Internet" and now i have even more Dr Brady Haran (as if the podcast is not enoth) Thank you for your Content I enjoy it very much

  • its funny because the same excuse is given today about scientists.. "they're covering up the truth! scientists are all colluding with each other to hide the truth!" - whenever someone doesnt get their stuff accepted or published into a journal..

  • I have been up Mount Teide in Tenerife- well as far up as is allowed without special permission. Not only do the drawings in the video look like another planet but the entire landscape is reminiscent of Mars or some other barren but beautiful space landscape. In fact much of Tenerife looks like a Sci-Fi setting- a fact that many TV and film makers have taken advantage of. I would love to see use the astronomical equipment there but I have nothing that would convince those working there that I should have the chance to. But I can always dream...

  • Damn it, I was also on the canary islands where they have the telescopes, and the clouds where nothing like that. The closest I have been to a solar eclipse and bloody clouded on top of tenerife!

  • love from bangladesh😮😍💝💝💝

  • Well???? Was he right!?!?!?!?!?!? Not about the mystic business, of course.

  • so who got crossed out ?

  • RIP Terry Davis

  • Wow, he really was upset at the Royal Society.

  • In the investigation of though there always comes a point where the obscure or insane becomes the norm. Unfortunately without insight into the subject the results that come close to reality are smeared as magic and instead of understanding only scorn is found. The concept always stays so the magic stays. Unfortunately no one wants to look into magic.

  • The Royal Society rep is so british its hilarious

  • This was an amazing story; the drawings and paintings from Tenerife are stunning. While it's too bad about Smyth's later waltz with the occult, the astronomy he did was wonderful.

  • Present science has many mistakes. From atomic structure to the mechanism of light, gravity and magnetism, about energy, space and time. Science says 1 electron and 1 proton able to form a hydrogen atom. It is impossible, the 2 particles attract each other with the strongest force in nature F=Ke x pe/rr. Therefore they must stick together. If the standard model of atomic structure is wrong, the rest of science will be all wrong. Science says light is photon particle emitted from electron changes energy level, photons travel in vacuum at speed C. It is all mistake. There is no such thing as photon particle. Electrons don't have orbit or energy level. Sun light reaches Earth instantly, travels in air at C speed. The Sun is not ongoing fusion reactor, the Sun does not radiate energy into space. Energy must coexist with matter. Gravity speed is infinite. Light speed in space is infinite.

  • I think this is the most important channel on IT-tvs. Pure science. (trophies)

  • Top 10 cross over of all time.

  • I hope you guys recorded more than one episode with Physics Girl ^^

  • objectivity: come for the science, stay for the drama.

  • its amazing how each episode of objectivity involves about as much drama as a whole season of love island.

  • 3:57 you know Keith's not going to like you if you're accusing TRS of falsifying data

  • 7:13 F.S.R. = Fellowship of the Royal Society

  • 05:14 There a signature of Baden-Powell below Robert FitzRoy and George Biddell Airy as well. This is the father of the prominent R. S. S. Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, who founded the Scout Movement.

  • I'd love to hear stories about members who were kicked out of the Royal Society!

  • Wow, those stereo photos are really good, if you can see the magic eye pictures it should be easy to see the 3D effect on those old photos.

  • More Diana! She's awesome.

  • I suggest a look at the legendary Fritz Zwicky's feud with most of his colleagues, which he presented in the preface of his and his wife's "Catalogue of selected compact galaxies and of post-eruptive galaxies" (1971). Another was Willem Luyten of the University of Minnesota, who published (or prepared) quite a few polemics against fellow astronomers, some of which are referenced in Upgren's 1995 obituary of Luyten in the PASP.

  • Lol americans in the royal society. What's next?

  • This was incredibly interesting xD. Definitely enjoyed and would like to hear more stories about famous scientists

  • I just have subscribed to physics girl trll her that I subscribed

  • Dianna is great!

  • Brady, in light of this video, I think I'd like to see some things in the Royal Society that were given a hallowed place in their time, and then later turned out to be categorically WRONG. I think it would make a nice contrast and serve to show that learning and science are an ongoing endeavor

    • There could be weeks of videos on the effort ( and some doctoral papers ) dedicated to explaining away the appearance of continental drift. I recall the first people looking at the symmetric bands of magnetic rock on either side of the mid Atlantic ridge were a bit hesitant to call it that in the face of the existing work debunking the idea of drift.

  • Wasn't some of the original studies on the seasonal changes in CO2 concentration done on Hawaii? Not sure if the guy would have been a FRS, but ya never know!

  • This episode seems largely about Subjectivity... Smyth became not a scientist, but a philosopher and speculator... Oh, and Dianna is Wonderful as always!!!

  • 3:44 Jupiter did not have the great red spot / storm in 1856?? Or is it on the other side of the planet then?

    • Wikipedia notes earlier observations from 1665 and 1713 of what is believed to be the same storm, and that it has been continuously observed since 1830

  • Another GREAT upload with the added bonus of Dianna appearing :O)

  • she looks so happy :D

  • Crossover from 2 absolute legends!!!! (numeral 2 for attention) pls moar!!!

  • But how did he end up in Hawaii??????????????