Teens React To High School Seniors In Movies (Booksmart)

Pubblicato il 11 giu 2019
Booksmart Reacted to by High School Seniors. Original links below.
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High School Seniors react to the new film, Booksmart. Watch to see
their Reactions.
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Booksmart trailer
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Teens React To High School Seniors In Movies (Booksmart)


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    • @assembled 18gia

    • Please have Cody Ko and Noel Miller on one episode 😭😊😊

    • Hey, can you guys please react to My vhs mini series by Caroline Konstnar

  • she got 1560 on her sat how did she really🤦‍♀️

  • i graduate 2020, and like “class of 2020” just sounds so fucking clean. i love it.

  • Now that I have think about it. I have been a tri-athlete, been in clubs, participated in a lot of events/service. I say I made a good time. I’m satisfied that I did a good job.

  • Book smart meh

  • class of 2021

  • CLASS OF 2020✌🏽✌🏽

  • High school is nothing like you see in the movies. It’s all exaggerated for entertainment.

  • do tiktok trends !!

  • I'm no nerd but I'm taking highschool serious especially in my philisophy class there's one question and there's more than 5 answers at least

  • Can you spot the kid who tskes life to serious?

    • I spot the kid who likes movies different from this one?

  • React to the Dark Crystal Netflix show + Original movie

  • Man I haven’t participated in parties or events at all in high school man now I feel weird. I graduated about 2 and half years ago

  • 4:25 when yur mum says were getting ice cream

  • i've been going to my high school for 2 years now and realize i've never been to a sporting event

  • I really hope Netflix picks this up

  • react to BTS hip hop tracks DISS Tracks: cypher 1,2,3 and 4. if you have to choose one then choose 4. mic drop steve aoki music video. outro tear

  • That film is just a Superbad clone.

    • Don't ever say that 😂😂😂

    • ................they literally say that in the trailers lmao

  • Teens react to euphoria HBO

  • Some of these teens didn’t really get the point of the movie... it’s not supposed to be absolutely realistic. It’s a funny overdramatized version of high school

  • we STAN booksmart

  • Carson Is So Cute!! 😍♥️ I need him again 😭

  • I watched this with my dad I’m traumatized! Love the movie tho❤️

  • Never went to prom. I didn't see any reason to. I was still in the closet so I had nobody to ask to come. I don't feel like I missed out. Would I have gone though if I had a boyfriend that wanted to go? Probably. But then I'm not sure that would even have been allowed.

  • Booksmart best movie

  • I just watched Booksmart and it’s SO good!!

  • They talk a lot

  • "Go outside and play" But it's 2 : 24 in the morning ;-;

  • C/o 2020 is the best class ever

    • heck yea

  • React to Mariah Carey 🎧🎶

  • Is it just me or does Jordan look like the girl from AHS

  • Vivica is so so cute. I can't 😍 😘



  • teen react to bol4

  • I would love it if college kids reacted to Ot bop by NSG it’s amazing ppppppllleeeaaasseee please react to Ot bop

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  • Best Movie of 2019 and it’s not even close

  • react to lizzo

  • Today is my graduation day and i didn't ecen attend it due to some panic attack. Now that it already happen i justwish i'm getting better. I have the habit of not sleeping well the day before big days and it's sickening.

  • I decided not to go to prom and everyone told me that it was just okay. Nobody really enjoyed it like that so I definitely do not regret my decision.

    • Candace Nelson bro same.

    • My friend ditched me and i cried alone outside so you’re not missing anything

    • chill289 of course. Spreading love one comment at a time lol ❤️

    • @Candace Nelson Yes, hopefully lol. & Thanks for the kind words.

    • chill289 aww man I’m sorry that happened. I’m also sorry you didn’t get to go even though you wanted to. Maybe you’ll be able to go to a mock one in college if you so choose.

  • teens react to tydus ice cream

  • React to stranger things s3 trailer!!!

  • Dammm I remember being in High School and going to parties every other weekend beginning in the 9th grade and I don't regret that at all because I made the best memories!

  • I just went to see this last night and I laughed harder than I have in a very long time.... so well written.


  • I just realized I’m gonna be a senior next year...stop

  • React to Bounce Back Music Video by Little Mix.

  • Do Generations React to Motionless in White - Disguise (Full Album Reaction) !!! PLEASE !!!

  • Doesn’t seem like a great movie

  • "I don't think there's many people taking "wild drugs" in highschool" Oooo girl....... where have you been?

  • 4:45 Oh look, they're prancing around. 😂😂😂

  • Did he just say L-O-L?

  • When he said "omg, no way!" I couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or not.

  • react Teens React To High School Seniors In 80s Movies

  • excellent movie saw it yesterday. I was more on the party side when i was in high school but still managed to do well. would over and over again.