Teching Out Our Bedroom! (Room Tour 2017)

Pubblicato il 30 mag 2017
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Here's our smart bedroom tour! Of course we included smart lighting, a new Samsung TV and sound system, a desk setup and much more! We didn't go crazy with the tech in here but introduce enough to make this a decently teched out room. Let us know what you think!
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Philips Hue Light Bulb:
Philips Hue Go:
Google Home:
Google Wifi:
Google Chromecast:
JBL Wireless Bluetooth Desktop Speakers:
Apple iMac:
Apple iPad:
Samsung 4K TV:
Samsung Soundbar:
Digital Picture Frame:
V-Moda Remix:
Oil Diffuser Lamp:
Aukey 10 port USB Hub:
Gooseneck Switch/Tablet Holder:
Ikea Table Top:
Ikea Alex Draws:
Ikea Floor Lamps:
Ikea Desk Chair:
Ikea Bed Frame:
Corner Shelf:
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  • Sup

  • My family got the google WiFi

  • How big is your room

  • uravarageconsumer:our tech me:nice doggo bro 不不不不不

  • Everytime you said hey google and said something my google home would do it, I got scared bc it was late at night and shes very loud

  • UrAvgCon:Amazon Alexa is a bit better Google Home:self destruction initiated

  • This seems to lazy brother

  • Where do you work

  • Whats the name of the switch controller called

  • Thanks really helped me desgin my room thanks

  • 6:07 when he said "J Hey Google" it turned on google on my phone XD

  • Amazing!!! I it!

  • The link to the bed please

  • Teaching out this room

  • Ur average consumer is his name yet he owns every single piece of technology ever made on earth

  • Google WiFi is a false mesh network btw

  • WARNING: @3:09 @3:18 You're welcome...

  • Our closest store is in Summerlin, NV. 11035 Lavender Hills Dr Las Vegas, NV 89135 My wife is a US Postal Carrier and she is always complaining about her back and being tired every day. I think a Great bed along with a Great nights sleep will help with her issues.

  • Hey man, please, for your next video, mute the "Hey Google" part. The mini that I have on my Computer desk got crazy with the lights. Awesome video nonetheless. :D

  • I have a similar bracket for my 12.9 inch iPad Pro. Its awesome.

  • The steaming lamp is a humidifier.

  • Wtf. When he said "Hey Google". My voice assistant turned on

  • How much feet of Phillips hue lights did u get

  • Hey dude, what's the name of the chair? The link is wrong!

  • You should get a PS4 or Xbox in your room

  • You can do that with Alexa and fire stick

  • wears shoes inside

  • My closest store is Harford mall and i struggle falling asleep as everyone else in the world lol

  • Cooooool

  • This is how many people want a budget tech video 漎儭

  • Where did u get those led light things from

  • This might sound extremely weird but is there a tech world in bathrooms. For example, maybe like the shower heads, bidet, toothbrush and etc

  • My sleep problems are watching uraveraverageconsumer instead sleeping

  • You skipped the last draw you know what that means

  • Over here activating my phone's Google

  • that matress hahaha what a waste of money

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  • Probably have the highest Tech dildo hiding somewhere

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  • dude theres time and place for everything, this is digusting to treat a bedroom like that, im not sure steve jobs bedroom was filled with much tech, why dont u turn ur whole body into tech

  • Lol when u said Alexa my Alexa in my room went off

  • The man put neon on his bed on his bed! On his fuging bed!!!!!!

  • Get a HomePod its way faster with voice assist better that google home

  • I want it the king or queen size bed whatever you say mattress because I have a hard time sleeping and all the stuff if a does warming up and all that and different stuff that would be cool

  • Did anyone else come back to this vid for the tab holder

  • Well that just made me sad just before 6min it showed voltron again and just reminds me of the sad af ending of the series

  • I bet your electricity bill cost more than my rent

  • I subbed cuz your cool, and ur black. I can say that, cuz I'm black too

  • You lost all credibility on sleeping when you said you sleep face up

  • This guy is the loving embodiment of a childs imagination

  • Uravgbedroom

  • Your not

  • What caught me of guard was that voltron on the iMac

  • Bro when you said hey Google my phone listened to you and asked my what I wanted

  • 3:11 and 3:21 you made my Google assistant react to your commands

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  • shut up bruv. you are no average.

  • I use Bose soundtouch 300

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  • Humidifier, its a humidifier