Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down

Pubblicato il 17 giu 2019
Music video by Taylor Swift performing “You Need To Calm Down” - off her upcoming new album ‘Lover’ (out August 23). Support the Equality Act: taylorswift.lnk.to/petition
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Featuring appearances by (in alphabetical order):
A'keria Davenport
Adam Lambert
Adam Rippon
Adore Delano
Antoni Porowski
Billy Porter
Bobby Berk
Chester Lockhart
Delta Work
Dexter Mayfield
Ellen Degeneres
Hannah Hart
Hayley Kiyoko
Jade Jolie
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Jonathan Van Ness
Justin Mikita
Karamo Brown
Katy Perry
Laverne Cox
Riley Knoxx
Ryan Reynolds
Tan France
Todrick Hall
Trinity K Bonet
Trinity Taylor
Director: Drew Kirsch & Taylor Swift
Executive Producers: Todrick Hall & Taylor Swift
Producers: Tara Razavi & Fuliane Petikyan for Happy Place, Inc.
© 2019 Taylor Swift
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  • Guys! lets visit the MV which is 'Womxnly' by Jolin Tsai... Its has deep meaning and awesome too... ^^

  • ok but who didn’t come from Americana?

  • The fact that the only 'guest' celebrities I recognized were Tan France and RuPaul says something about me. The only question is, what?

  • Love you girl keep on making my life come true you are my stress relief Taylor Swift


  • Amazing, except I cringe when she says, "cop out," but I get it!

  • why isnt this 4k? lol

  • This vid made me gay. I’m serious and I SWEAR I saw Charli d’amelio

  • Love the pride

  • The world will love its own. JESUS is coming soon!❤️❤️❤️

  • My mom got mad because I fail my math subject. Me: Oh oh you need to calm down. 😂😂😂

  • The 300k people who disliked need to calm down.

  • I love this!

  • Taylor swift thank you again i calm down beaucaes im still Drama but you help me a little bit an trust me even me gating less Drama is a lot an taylor swift comment me please an i post a letter in the mail an your ganna get it today but usa sizer to cut it please an write back an i what you phone number taylor swift love you t swift

  • thank you taylor for this!

  • alright. I don’t keep up with celebrities, I don’t remember names well, but I saw: Laverne Cox Tan French Jonathan Van Ness Bobby [last name] Karamo [last name] Antoni [last name] Ellen Degeneres I recognized a few other people but I don’t know their names

  • me when my parents say being gay is a cOndItIoN

  • Did anyone else see ellen


  • Vengo por pushi xd

  • I know more people in this video than I do in real life.

  • We played this song at a counterprotest on campus toward a hate group protesting the drag show. I'll be the first to admit our community is hardly the Utopia of love in this vid but when it matters we all stand together. 2020 and it's not over yet.

    • Hazelmarie B I hate gay people

  • Clean up crew gets award

  • I don't normally listen to Taylor's music but I like this song more then I expected. 💞

  • Miss Americans gang WYAAAA????

  • QUEEN!! I came from Miss Americana, and I am so proud to call myself a swiftie! What an icon!

  • This song similar to send my love (Adele)

  • I like Billie eilish

  • Can I go to that trailer park ?Please?

  • Flopppp

  • who came for Ellen?

  • Caution calls across cusp of waves on bird voices against granite cliffs and the story is not new we should have known.

  • Bloodshot eyes gaze, wonderstruck, at the sudden impingement; stringy, limp hair obstructs a moon-bathed face as it peers out the window at the mysterious intruder offering its comforting gaze to those who long to see the light of day.

  • Trembling fingers shut off the screen; the full moon jumps at the sudden absence of competition and pours soft white light into the room; it floods

  • She breaks loose, laughing and running off ahead of him. With her spring dress swaying back and forth into the distance.

  • Not here from Netflix . . . . . . Here for Taylor Swift❤

  • You need to come down from the drugs your on 😂

  • I'm so in love with this song.. it always calms me down so quickly!! Thanks Taylor!!

  • Peace and Love Always

  • I couldn't stop sayin ayeee watching it!! ..

  • Me when my dad's watching football:You need to calm down, your being to loud

  • Wow bàu mới chưa nghe😍😍😍😘😘😘hj bài nào của Taylor cug hay het

  • TAYLOR - LIKE ❤️🔥 ARIANA - COMENTA Soy un IT-tvsr y Mando Saludo a los que apoyen, Gracias LOS QUIERO ⭐

  • TAYLOR - LIKE ❤️🔥 ARIANA - COMENTA Soy un IT-tvsr y Mando Saludo a los que apoyen, Gracias LOS QUIERO ⭐

  • i love your songs and i am a big fan of you love you

  • All the dislikes are from homophobs


  • 2:59 I was prepared for everything except that and the burger and fries.

  • Can everyone just agree taylors a mood

  • Adam Rippon ❤️❤️

  • That’s like telling a man who saved your children in place of his own life but still hating him like what is that

  • We do what we can to reflect Jesus the savior and he would never protest like that

    • In the future maybe put everything into one comment. Besides, she isn't directly criticizing Christians she's criticizing those who openly act AGAINST it

  • So you care about how gay people feel in your videos but not us we’re humans to

  • We have rights to believe what we want, and you do to

  • Dang your really going to diss Christians like that

  • Neither did butterflys or rainbows

  • Reina


  • This song gives me Bojack's vibe