Tana's Besties Reveal the Truth About These Unseen Moments | Tana Turns 21

Pubblicato il 23 ago 2019
See Imari and Ashly dish on these never-before-seen scenes from ‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21.’
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‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child TanaMongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. Watch the entire first season on MTV IT-tvs.
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  • Season two 😝😝😝

  • does ANYONE know where the red rhinestone sweatshirt tana’s wearing in the thumbnail is from???? i need it in my life

  • Nooooooo cake disrespectful to the cake

  • This is better than the actual show. We need more of these two and the realer side of Tana.

  • ew jake wtf. what kinda mental disorder does he have?

  • No one gonna mention how much Imari looks like Rickie from My So-Called Life? I’m living for this look

  • this made them look like reg normal young ppl who are friends they should have the made the show around this cause this is what i would have watched

  • Tana is a really good editor tbh

  • what mtv needs to improve in the show: 1- stop making *every single fucking* scene of / about jake 2- put mario natalie isabella & trevor in the show *asap* 3- give jordan ashly & imari more attention 4- stop cutting out the best clips it’s a *no filter show* for a reason 5- more scenes of tana & jordan fighting lmao

  • honestly, the show should have been more about her friends than jake

  • trevor

  • That cake bit was so disrespectful


  • it really bothered me that the cake went to trash people are starving and jake is out there playing with cake like???? u could’ve given it to a homeless person and he would’ve fed his whole family.. kinda sad tbh

  • so funny


  • Please season 2 with NO JAKE.

  • I’ve watched all of them for such a long time. And seeing Ashly and Imari on MTv is honestly a Tripp too

  • Tana and I have the same bday 😂

  • everything else he's ever done aside the cake thing is so disrespectful and selfish. people worked hard to make that. the guests were probably looking forward to having some. someone had to clean that mess up and you KNOW it wasn't him. it's like an embodiment of his true character smh

  • Wow I really want tana as a friend. we could vibeeeeee and be on the same page about some (everything) shit.

  • 100% Will edit for weed 🔥✈️

  • OMG all that money and HORRIBLE hair EXTENtions! OMG!!

  • As soon as he said an OUNCE of this show I lost brain cells.

  • We are sick of jake!!!

  • *Hire Otto Hans for editing*

  • We want more of this less of Jake please

  • Ashley: "I would feel so bad" Me: "yea, because you have a soul"

  • if ashley n imari dont get their own show imma sue erbody


  • so sick of ashly and amari tbh

  • watching this made me wish the show had more tana and her friends, way less jake and jana wedding

  • if you need an editor check out that Otto guy. he's brad puke-a, i mean sousa's old editor.

  • Everyone needs a friend like Imari.

  • I miss the 90s pop star drama. There stuff was more believable... or maybe people believed it more because the internet was in its infancy. Hmmmmmmmm.

  • I need a show of just the friends omg

  • Honestly that green jumpsuit got hella screen all season long. Tana wore it when they got pierced, mario wore at vidcon and imari wore it on the jet.

  • Ashly is Polly pocket

  • So happy we finally get a spin off for tana not just janajanajanajanajanajanajanajanaJANAJANAJANA🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 can we for the love of god CANCEL JAKE

  • They HATE jake and I love them for that

  • I wished it focused on the friendship more than jake

  • More tana and besties

  • I would much rather watch imari and ashly than tana and jake tbh.

  • Enough with this jake dude please. We want Tana!

  • The fact that they used that scene with Trevor in THE PREVIEW for the show but didn’t use it ???????? 🙄🙄

  • This episode is what the show should have been.

  • These unseen moments are so much better than every single scene with jake.

  • It would actually be a good video idea... Jordan edits my video lol

  • Wait what mines June 19!

  • Is tana's show over

  • the whole cake scene upset me so much it was a waste of food, made a mess, and it wasn’t even funny to watch.

  • more catfish less garbage plz

  • Woaaah tanas advice was so good though... honestly

  • Y'all's face when he was dancing in the cake 😂😂😂😂😂

  • imari's the actual star

  • Okay but the way she styled that barbed wire choker tho

  • Why is the so much better than the actual show though

  • Iconic duo

  • Love that they don’t even pretend to like Jake lol