Tamar Braxton Gets Real!

Pubblicato il 18 set 2019
Tamar Braxton dishes about her love life and the new season of “Braxton Family Values”.
Then, she tells us about her tour, “Welcome To The Dungeon” with Kandi Burruss, Trina, and more!
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  • I love it Tamar.. I have a new respect for you boo😍

  • Tamar looks like she’s FREE👏🏾👸🏽🌅

  • The Real doesn’t need her. She needs a therapist.

  • She’s a mess

  • All those saying the real is better without her ..I say Lies you tell hunny Lieeeeeeeees....😆😆 ..

  • She's thick & sexy 😘😋

  • In all honesty the real doesn't need Tamar. She had her great moments but the shows better off.

  • All I wanted to see was her walk out in the spank👌😍

  • Spanx??? WTF??? 🤦‍♀️

  • So did she feel good coming out on National TV looking like that???

  • Where are Tamar's clothes??? It looks like she's wearing an under garment

  • As a New Yorker, Wendy should have the Exonerated 5 on her show.

  • Wendy is just ignorant. Who said Africans eat crickets? Africa is a continent with more than 50 countries. You sound very stupid! Get your facts straight!!!

  • 2:56 looks like 2 pairs of lips fused together.

  • What's the name of that song?

  • Why’s she wearing Kim’s body shapers?

  • Wendy is too nosey and sits there laughing over other people's troubles. Hear her laugh at Vincent's money troubles from 09:09, absolutely evil.

  • wtf is this low rated as far as it goes?

  • wtf is this low rated as far as it goes?

  • Spanks were slack an tacky...

  • Hmm nothing was wrong with saying cute show. I am not a fan of Tamar nor the real. The so called clap back about Emmy winning was lame. You can win several awards it means very little when the show in it's 11th season has never won any but has higher viewership than yours. Loni talks about women supporting each other but still thought it necessary to be shady..kmt Everyone is FAKE and I do mean everyone..

  • I see people talking about Tamar and Wendy. It’s like if you don’t like them why tf are you here?? 🤣

  • Wendy just mad because she looks like Michael Jackson if he had fake double D’s!!!!!!😂

  • Wendy Williams, the Real is doing amazing without her. The real ladies are blessed and focused and being lifted up by God. The real ladies have their own lives and Tamar has her own life. They are all doing great separately. The Real fan all the ways, love you ladies keep up the good work #the real 🥰

  • Can someone tell me what kind of spanks she’s wearing, they loooookkkk super comfy. 🥰🙈💁🏽‍♀️

  • i love Wendy but that hairstyle is different. The previous ones are much better on you.

  • "The Emperor's New Clothes", oh no! thank God she got t going on

  • Since when did wearing underwear is fashion

  • She talks too much. She's the kind of female to run away from

  • Wow, someone sounds like they have been taking Shanel Cooper-Skyes-Immonite course very serious. For real -no shade. And I am proud of her. Looks great. One thing about transformation.... during the transition things may look real crazy to the world, but with confidence and a focused mind the transformation will be successful. A.k.a - Growth. .....yep, just talking to myself taking this note cause this was so REAL.

  • I am only here because it was mentioned on the real. Having a pure heart is very important!

  • So for everyone who came here just cuz of the real..... Her 3 second reply is aaaaallll the way at the end of the damn video 🙄.

  • Talk about a take over and defense and passion aggressive 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂

  • I'm confused and concerned for her mental health 😂

  • Always been a fan of Tamar she looks great!🤗

  • Smh. Over the top

  • "So here is the thing"

  • Love Tamar!! She is giving society several slaps in the face lately. I hope she keeps doing herself.

  • wendy looked uncomfortable

  • Boyfriends face like donkey I'm out

  • Tamar borin g asf whatever with this drama queen

  • What is she wearing and why?

  • Did Wendy just say “eating crickets”? Coz that’s what you think people eat in Africa??? The disrespect and ignorance. Travel or just read some more Wendy, you should know better... Especially being ‘African’ American.

  • Wendy legit just wanted to get paid to chill with her home girl.

  • What is Tamar wearing....

  • I thought I was tripping....cause when she bent over to hug her and I was like hmmm that ain't fashion nova? I can see the the lining...well oh well I still love her.

  • I don't know who she is but I don't like her already and disliked this video.

  • Even Wendy was trying to keep up with Tamar 😭😂 She talks so fast and moves so fast lol

  • She came on just to promote this diet working out team. Not being paid? Really?

  • I like Tamar, I actually like her more than I like Wendy. But saying she's a marketing tool for the Real is pushing it too far. I love the Real and I love it without her and her nasty attitude.I've only seen her mentioned once or twice by them. Sorry, not everything is about you Tamar. The Real girls are doing great.

  • My thing is Tamar didn’t say anything negative about them or the show! She was answering a question that she was asked, so where is she being childish, jealous, and a hater at? Cause I’m confused 😐

  • Wendy’s eyes are gone. She’s a mess.

  • Nope.... The Real doesn't need her.

  • If this clown say who's the thing 1 more time I'm going to puke

  • I still didn't get the spanks thing??? 🤔

  • Tamar is a fool

  • Tamar needs to go back to school. She is as dumb as a slice of bread.

  • Immature still

  • *LOVE TAMAR* omgggg

  • Americans are dramatic AF😒