Tamar Braxton Gets Real!

Pubblicato il 18 set 2019
Tamar Braxton dishes about her love life and the new season of “Braxton Family Values”.
Then, she tells us about her tour, “Welcome To The Dungeon” with Kandi Burruss, Trina, and more!
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  • You must first carry yourself as a wife internal and external before a man can accept you as a wife on his arm.... Ijs ok!!!!!!

  • Tamar you're winning leave them fools alone.Dont let Wendell Wendy Williams use you like that.

  • Anyone else getting Whitney Houston vibes? Please be with her Toni & family

  • Gettem Tamar😊😊

  • Firstly I thought this was Toni and Toni was short for Tamar, before I realised Tamar was a different person. I saw one of her songs just now and went back to the video of her as one of the backing sisters to her sister, singing Breathe Again. She was very beautiful when she was younger!

  • I think Wendy thinks Tamar was done dirty by the girls because it's unfathomable to her that The Real's cast don't have much say in the production and such. I bet Wendy really takes the horns on her show and doesn't let any Hollywood decisions go on behind her back.

  • The smooth skin on this women! I forgot she left Vince! Her little boy is so cute!

  • Is it just me or is Wendy looking worse as the year pass

  • I thought she was wearing some yeezy outfit lol

  • Why the hell is she wearing only spanx

  • Wendy, the girls from the REAL did NOT do Tamar dirty! Make it clear! Production did Tamar dirty!

  • When Tamar was on the REAL she said that she did not want anymore children. I knew she would change her mind. Lol!

  • Tamar talks about God a lot, but won't talk to her friends from the REAL. Tamar, the enemy still has you Sista!

  • Wendy is trash

  • I hate this show and I hate the host. Wendy sucks, the only reason I’m here is for the drama. Wendy don’t think you special gurl.

    • She got that Emmy. She don't need you.

  • Hahahahaha so funny Wendy!! They only eat crickets in Nigeria Hahahahahahaha Good one!!!!!!!!!

  • She gotta be in more movies!!! Tamar

  • The Real does NOT need Tamar. They won an Emmy WITHOUT her for a reason. Wendy sit back down and watch a REAL show.

  • they aren’t “cute”... they paved the way for poc talk shows.... they were the first poc daytime talk show, they are emmy award winning, and they are unproblematic unlike wendy. don’t even try to front girly

  • I truly appreciate her honesty. She is not perfect, none of us are, but at least she reflects on herself...

  • What song was been played when she came out,someone help me out pls

  • What song was been played when she came out,someone help me out pls

  • I swear I saw someone like Wendy, could have very well been in a CVS pharmacy store in Notth Bergen NJ. At that time I worked as a security officer; I believe she was dressed undercover. I spoked to her and said that she looked like Wendy William and her eyes opened wide as if she was surprised that I recognized her. The lady that day was friendly and looked just like Wendy Williams, I am not sure if it was thoe. I wish it was Wendy.

  • She came out in her underwear. Why? And young lady, please leave your face alone.

  • Did she forget to put an outfit over her Spanx

  • This day after Thanksgiving is cause for your regular morning news anchors to have the day off, which normally would give stations and networks a chance to tryout second tier talent, meaning more women and ethnics than usual, that would be noticeable by their not so up to snuff hair dyes and wigs, however, these days even the not so first class talent can sport the best hair dyes and wigs money can buy, as no expense is spared when it comes to ‘appearance journalism’…

  • Drink everytime she says “here is the thing”

  • Why does Wendy look so white?

  • Wtf is she wearing...

  • She actually seems like she’s growing up and maturing a lot more I love it it just seems like she has a lot she wants to say lol that’s all Wendy had to almost cut her off to move on a lot she just seems eager to talk about her new life lol

  • She's insanely dramatic and does the most.

  • Future husband will be shooting blanks and she will be getting pregnant for her ex. 🙈😂🤣😉

  • She came out in underwear?

  • tbh , i don’t really like wendy , but she didn’t really “throw shade” at the show . y’all are stretching it out ,

  • "She's ralic ralic reALITY "🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nobody: Tamar Braxton: .... here’s the thing

  • I mean its cute😗

  • I'm EXHAUSTED !!

  • I’m sorry but Wendy is ugly asl she looks like a pig

  • First of the real won a Grammy WITHOUT Tamar they don’t need nobody😂😂.