Takuma Sato Interview | Beyond The Grid | Official F1 Podcast

Pubblicato il 23 ott 2019
A fan favourite of the mid-2000s, a podium-scorer, and once upon a time, a Fernando Alonso-slaying underdog. Takuma Sato had some stories times during his F1 career - and he's here to talk through them all on the latest episode of our podcast!
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  • Ok let’s do the Indycar story!

  • Am I the only one to notice that Takuma has two accents overlaid when he speaks English?

  • I would like to see you get Kamui Kobayashi as well.

  • 51:23 Taku and Bourdais don't seem to talk a lot according to Toronto's pitlane lol

  • Love Beyond the grid. Every race starts with 2 thing. A beyond the grid podcast and then paddock pass. Please please bring on ADRIAN NEWEY,

  • Taku!!! I shared a flight with him once from Milan to London. You'd never know he was an F1 driver. He was in the cheap seats like everyone else and when we arrived at Heathrow, there was a luggage delay which was so annoying and there he was standing around like everyone else. I approached him and he thrust out his hand and we shook and chatted briefly. Very nice guy. Must have been 2002 or 3 then.p

  • He and I literally started the same. On bicycles. Except he ended up in F1 I still run my bicycle and do sim-racing.

  • Taku was awesome!!!

  • Will yo make interwiew with vettel

  • Takuma Sato 🙏. Always had a little adoration for this awesome driver. It's a shame that he never had a championship winning F1 car back in the days. As a viewer you knew that he had the skills. But man, seeing him winning the 500M in Indianapolis was fantastic. Still gives me goosebumps thinking about it.

  • I just need the bgm of this "beyond the grid" series intro. It seems so groovy. Where can i find it?

  • Voice only…………😢😢

  • That was great. He reminds me of Karun chandock. Need him back

  • ""𝑵𝒐 𝑨𝒕𝒕𝒂𝒄𝒌, 𝑵𝒐 𝑪𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒆" - Takuma Sato

  • I really wanted to know why he choose indycar instead of the super formula and his thoughts about those series. But it was a great Episode !

  • Those days Taku competed in F1 are my precious memory with screaming Honda sound, V10 era.😍 Especially I was one of them in yellow-flagged stand at the Japanese GP 2002. One of the most beautiful memories in my life. Thank you for this amazing Podcast!😄

  • Yes! Next we need Kamui Kobayashi

  • Another podcast _presented_ by the Bose noise cancelling headphones.

  • Tom -- great job as usual! We do need a part 2 for Taku to talk about winning Indy and his IndyCar life post-F1. Maybe get Marshall Pruitt to help you.

  • I need an extended version of this! Such a good chat!

  • i miss Takuma, he was always so polite and fast, a little wild and raw. Don't get that kind anymore.

  • Peter Sauber, Eddie Irvine, Paul Stoddart and Giancarlo Minardi on next year's target list please! People we NEVER hear about but must have fascinating stories.

  • OMG!!! 😲 SATOOO ❤❤❤😍😍😍. I was just watching his videos recentlly. He is a legend! Have so much love and respect for him.

  • we need part 2 of takuma sato beyond the grid

  • so inspirational.

  • He was the rare drivers to drive wit the most monstorous and noisiest V10 engines alongside another agressive Montoya. Very spectacular driver to watch!

  • This was just fantastic. To learn in depth about sato story. I always rated Takuma as a child watching those early 2000's races. This has been a really good beyond the grid. Absolutely loved it :)

  • 佐藤琢磨さんでは、♪

  • Such a passionate driver and nice to hear voice ☺️

  • Takuma Sato's story is such an inspiring one! Being a cyclist as well as a motorhead, I especially appreciate his history. Loved watching him at Montreal on F1 weekends. He made the pass on Alonso right in front of me! And his qualifying attempt for the pole where he did a 360 was sensational. The crowds went crazy.

  • Before Maldonado, F1 had Takuma Sato

  • If high risk and high reward was a man, then my man Takuma 'Taku' Sato is the MAN

  • this is one of the best episodes. taku was actually fast and shame he didn't stay in f1 longer. great to hear from him. what a nice guy.

  • Tom - This was the best interview yet! What an absolutely LOVELY man. Genuinely wonderful to hear him speak about his career! Please can we have a part 2 with Takuma.

  • Really an amazing podcast, I loved it and I loved hearing Takuma talking with such a passion about his story. Best podcast I ever listened and relaxed to.

  • Yuji Ide next?

  • Hmm, talks a lot, doesn't say much.

    • u weren't listening then lol

  • One of my favorite indycar drivers right now despite the controversy at pocono this year. Thank you for this podcast.

  • Dear Tom, Beyond the GRID series is an instant classic and will in the future (if not already) become a valuable source of F1 history. As a lifelong Jordan F1 fan, to hear Takuma speak about his 2002 experiences in Japan, brought back a flood of memories. What was even more amazing was that Takuma's 5th place in Suzuka enabled Jordan to claim 6th in the constructers championship (ahead of Jaguar and BAR, who were much better funded teams), which is difficult to understand given how challenging the EJ12 was in the beginning of the year. It was the first time I heard that Takuma was 2nd quickest in one of the speed traps in Suzuka in 2002, just amazing. To hear his personal account on this very point was very special, Takuma is such a motivating character. I know that one of the unique selling points of Beyond the GRID is the personal insights of different individuals who have played a role within F1. I am just wondering if there would be scope to do a Beyond the TEAM, whereby you get 3-4 different people who had a major role to play in the development/running of an F1 Team (past and present). For me, if we have a Beyond the TEAM for Minardi, Jordan, Sauber etc one can only imagine the stories that would spill out. It would be a nightmare to organise, but I am sure the outputs would be worth the effort. Just a suggestion. Very grateful to the Beyond the GRID series, long may it continue.

  • *When you picked a current Indycar driver that’s driving and picked him as a podcast...*

  • いつもより日本語コメント多くて驚き

  • Out of all the drivers interviews......as others mentioned, need a part 2!!!!!!!!!! Chapeau

  • Man, I was hoping to hear more about Indycar.

  • Do a part 2 for the indycar stories!

  • The only guy you can always count on to crash a car.

  • Still waiting for Ron Dennis Flavio Briatore Barrichello Fernando Alonso Fisichella Mika Hakkinen Mansell ...

  • You completely forgot to talk about Indy500 with the great Taku, our favourite japanese.

  • Did he crash into anything in Studio?

  • Please invite Jules ''Tosser'' Bianchi'' Oh, wait :)

  • Sato started go cart at 19. Max Verstappen won F1 race at 18. Sato won Indy 500 at 40. How crazy is this?

    • But Sato is so much more intresting 🤦‍♂️

    • So, Max is expected to win the Monaco GP or the 24h of le mans at the age of 27?

    • wait for max and jos to enter whit aston martin and win that baby

  • タクマ英語うまいな。。

  • TS04 Foot to the floor! Great memories of his time at BAR - his commitment was never in doubt and on the right day a very fast driver.

  • Takuma!!!!

  • He speaks so articulate. Great podcast as always. I hope F1 never stops these.

  • Taku!

  • requesting Kamui Kobayashi!!!

  • very impressed with Takuma Sato starting from zero… great stories too! Hope to hear part 2.

  • タクマサトウの発音が完全に海外の人のそれになってる

  • あぁ、英語喋れるようになりたい

  • Next season: Marcus Ericcson for Chip Ganassi Racing