Taking Photos Kills Demons? - Deceit

Pubblicato il 12 dic 2019
We're using the camera against the monster in this Deceit gameplay!
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  • I’m fine with with censorship but come on IT-tvs can you please let them atleast swear.

  • Unpopular opinion: I don't like the fact that they are calling out people and killing them with 0 evidence

  • is there a version of this shit without the fucking censors its so fucking stupid

  • i wonder how many times they’ll play before one of the infected tries the stunningly complex tecchers of yoinking a fuse and pretending they don’t have it

  • Im sorry i just don’t like Fiona. She is very annoying.

  • Gosh I love this game please play more HAHA 🤣

  • So many videos on deceit and they still don’t change they’re terror forms

  • It bothers me that characters in this game walkaround barefoot in old houses. Put some shoes on, you filthy animals.

  • since yt is now against freedom of speech, i'd prefer if AH could learn to not swear, rather than trying to hide it with wacky sound effects

  • It's Christmas so my present to them is giving a video with Lindsay a chance.

  • The censoring was SO AGGRESSIVE this video, ugh. That plus Fiona being an extra loud, shrill irritant makes it an easy dislike and skip

  • What a great episode. :D

  • Stop playing this shitty game

  • Anyone else thought about fatal frames after reading the title of the video?

  • Fuck all this censoring. Cursing and open speech is a cornerstone of AH content

  • STOP CENSORING CUSSWORDS!!!! I Know it’s not their fault but cmon IT-tvs, FUCK OFF

  • Trevor just throwing was not fun to watch

  • Ryan’s explanation for why Jeremy is infected: “things are going too well!”

  • I really like them playing Deceit, but they should really start playing different terrors to mix it up. This is starting to get repetative.

  • Y’all need to listen to call outs more 🤣🤣🤣 Also Ryan has got everyone pinned down🕵️‍♂️

  • if your going to censor your content then just stop cursing all together please.

  • The censorship just draws more attention to the swearing

  • Like how no one noticed Fiona admitting to what she was first round.


  • The fuck's up with the censorship?

  • If you're going to randomly censor shit, at least make it one noise? Lindsay's "meow" in this video is a perfect censor noise that doesn't fuck with the flow of the video.

  • Ouch right in the boob Ryan lol

  • Jermey saying bleep as a sensor is fucking hilarious tho... I’m not mad

  • They still don't realize that terrors have secondary abilities ~.~

  • I would love to watch their content on the site to avoid the censoring but I have never been able to finish a video there due to the video player sucking ass. Any time I have paused a video I haven't been able to resume it, it just stays paused.

  • I know it's a three year old reference at this point but they keep bringing it up. Please I beg of you release a Learn By Doing shirt.

  • When did these start getting censored? Because damn if that isn't fucking annoying.

  • Well, at least they had fun with the censorship.

  • I’m so glad you guys did Deceit! To be honest, when you announced “Gmod Month” instead of “Deceitember” I was a little disappointed so I’m glad you made this video 😄 (I believe last year December was Deceitember)

  • Censoring 25min in :(. Damn you IT-tvs...

  • That second round was so embarrassing for the survivors

  • This censorship is driving me crazy, It kills all vibe. Do website videos have that too?

  • Each video they release that is in the form of a question kills me a little more?

  • Fuck youtube making people censor their content, youtube kids exists for a reason. Lazy ass parents can monitor their kids media intake


  • *Mayhem, chaos, screaming, people getting brutally murdered* Jeremy: "Hey! I learned something!"

  • Editing out fuck and other words now? Really? Really? That's FUCKING pathetic...

  • I wish they didnt censor their content :/

  • Fiona ruins all videos.

  • They should play the new spider killer in Last Year: The Nightmare

  • fiona is a discount doja cat

  • alfredo’s infected bit is funny every single time

  • Oh yay! It only took 43 seconds for me to see this isn't watchable!

  • Hate to say it but they really ignore the hell out of Lindsay and Fiona.

  • I’m taking this camera the camera will BREAD things up 21:37

  • Which time is Jeremy referring to that Alfredo broke his heart?


  • Just bleep someone when they sweat. Don't dub over it. That's distracting.

  • can we not have the weird ass censors?

  • I dislike IT-tvs algorithms. I understand why the videos have been changed but I still don't want it. P.S. Just more videos please, there's not enough.

  • Everyone arguing while lindsay silently drinks all the blood is the most entertaining thing. No one pays attention to lindsay because she is quiet the whole time.

  • ... so what's with this new non-swearing thing, I don't particularly like swearing but it is distracting to hear the hard cut to voice over.

    • ive read a lot of comments saying its because of youtube, AH really have no choice.

  • Are you guys ever going to put out a modern warfare video?? Ya mentioned it like a month ago and...nothing.

  • Does anyone know why they are censoring themselves?

  • Since when was smash cutting in cringey clips over certain words and phrases the norm for AH videos? Feels cheap and crappy.