Taking A Nap For 20 Million Subscribers

Pubblicato il 9 ott 2019
Seriously thank you everything.
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  • Jenna: I been on IT-tvs 10 years, give or take. Me with a tear in my eye: Say bye Spider-Man.

  • “I’m still tired ..... but it was a good try”

  • “I’m still tired ..... but it was a good try”

  • Cheez'n'Rice! If you don't get sound sleep and do all you do, I whole world view has just changed. I'm officially no longer excusing my sleep difficulties. You thought you were being funny, but even with this video you inspire others to embrace all their obstacles, big and small, to do their best. Thank you, Jenna. You deserve every subscription! Thank you for sharing your world with us all these years

  • This is why 🙌🏻

  • My favorite part was when she's napping

  • I really wonder how much she got paid for this video Cause I sat here and watched the whole thing 😂

  • this video should be titled "woman tries to nap while her 3 dogs make it impossible"

  • I legit want to know what what kind of couch this is.

  • Oh sheeeet you doin asmr now?

  • Oh shit I really watched the whole thing 😂

  • meeble did a snooz

  • Now this is content I can get behind

  • I feel like youtube would have fallen apart without Jenna and Shane continuously lifting it up.

  • Jenna: I’m not sure if your allowed to sleep on IT-tvs... Marbles:-Thinks- Am I breaking the law?!

  • This. THIS is the quality content that our generation and many before have been fighting for for as long as we can remember.

  • I've been here since too many energy drink videos and when what girls and guys shit means was actually uploading. I love you forever jenna. This is totally weird, but I see you as my family since I don't have any. Please never stop being you, even if you stop posting cause you're human I will always be proud I was a true OG jenna marbles subscriber

  • This truly is how it is to nap with multiple dogs but I have three large breed dogs which is this x10

  • Do a full face of makeup with a qtip

  • Hey I would really enjoy if she would make the “type of people” or what things mean videos

  • Retitle the video “Cermet Ruins Nap”

  • Marcs keys to success. Fuck you. Im sleeping.

  • I should be sleeping but I'm watching Jenna sleep wtf

  • Только ради видео Джены я хочу выучить английский😹✌🏻❤️

  • I enjoyed every minute of this

  • Jenna, I am a super quiet subscriber, I literally never comment on anything; but I have to say, I’ve been following you since 2010 and feel like in a way we’ve both grown together. We are about the same age and I just love your videos. I just realized that I’ve watched your vids every week for a decade now. 😳 There aren’t many things that I commit to for that long. When I first subscribed I had just moved into my first apartment and had no idea what to do with my life...now i own a home with my husband, have a degree under my belt and just became a mother. Watching your vids made me laugh during the not so great times in my life. I just want to say thank you for the many years of laughs, and I’m looking forward to many more! ❤️

  • She protec She attac But most importantly Her content is wAcK

  • the title should be renamed "my dogs prevent me from taking a nap for 20 million subscribers"

  • Here's a more accurate title. I Tried Taking A Nap For 20 Million Subscribers Buy My Dogs Wouldn't Let Me 😂

  • honestly the energy that radiates from this video is genuinely the content that i subscribed for

  • This was the first video I’ve seen from you and I subbed right away

  • The only person that would get 3.7 million views for taking a nap.

  • I think marble is the only one who got any sleep in this video

  • What happens if you try playing hide and seek with the dogs?? I’d pay for that content lmao

  • Don’t kill me, but I’ve watching for two years now... and I haven’t subscribed until today. Don’t know how that happened.

  • *poke poke* WERE FILMING

  • I cannot take her message seriously with the auto tune 😭

  • Goodbye Spider-Man

  • Jenna I love you but who the hell sleeps wearing a hat

  • Так странно слышать не мужской голос) 💕



  • I don't know if you guys noticed but Jenna you just seem kinda sad in this video. I don't know if it's because you're tired physically or just of people being rude. I love your channel and I have always loved it. I appreciate your videos so much. I could be completely wrong about you being sad in this video but I just wanted to let you know you're appreciated.

  • Naps are the best! My dog watched the whole video and barked at your dogs 😂

  • New subscriber here, as of today! 😃🙌🏽 loving it! ❤️ I love your couch too! Where did you get it? 😎

  • At this point, I might as well sleep with Jenna have a lil sleepover

  • Been watching Jenna since the days of 'How to Trick People into Thinking You're Good Looking' and not stopping any time soon

  • I literally WATCHED the whole way through. Who else??

  • 1:24 Awww I felt so bad when Julien went “we’re filming” Marbles looked so sad!! 😭 “What-“

  • I need a relationship as strong as Jenna's and marbles relationship

  • Where’s the other dog

  • as someone who subscribed after the "filming kermit being nasty for a day" video, this is above and beyond what I hoped for. soft, wholesome cuddle time with fussy kids and tired mom and lots of warm blankets. hope you get a better nap another time but I honestly couldn't have imagined a better domestic fantasy for my poor overworked brain

  • This was soothing

  • The reason I’ve been subscribed for years ❤️❤️❤️

  • Dude why is this kinda calming *I think I’m high*

  • 3:39 That u is s such a pure smile 😂

  • I felt like a creep watching this video from beginning to end 😂😂

  • Brb bout to start a new channel that's exclusively real time videos of me napping during the day

  • 11 11 19 vets days

  • Reasons why I subscribed to you, Jenna Marbles: 1.) You're beautiful 2.) You're funny 3.) You're genuine and sweet 4.) You're good to your man 5.) Your doggos 6.) You're dedicated 7.) And for you just being you :) Thank you to you both J&J for the awesome content!