Surviving A Breakup - Russell Brand

Pubblicato il 21 gen 2019
How have you dealt with heartbreak?
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  • "Spiritual Nutrition" may just about be my new favourite phrase.

  • Thanks , it's hard

  • I have to admit, I've not been a big fan of yours in the past Russel... but this video was what I needed today after being blindsided by a breakup and having my future plans turned upside down. Thank you for your video, there's a lot of actionable wisdom in it.

  • Fucking love this guy!

  • Thanks Jesus

  • Wow! You've really come full circle. ♥

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  • Me and my GF of 6 years just broke up this morning (I’m Hurt)

  • Why so many people, particularly women, break up the relationship thinking they will find better? Why letting pure instincts and emotions break down lives of you and your partner? If you leave the person who loves you just because you decided so, omg you're damaging your karma so bad. Switching from person to person is not working. You just bury your karma deeper and deeper, omg. Relationship is not a fun, it's a duty. If someone truly loves you from the deep of his/her heart, take it as the greatest gift God has given you and be thankful and do your best to this man. Never give up on difficulties and never let your emotions mess up your life. That is the biggest lesson I've learned in my life with God's help. The girl I loved so much left me because of her instincts, she's given up and decided that relationship is all about fun. She's yet to learn the lesson I've learned. It feels so bad.

  • thank you for this..i really needed to hear this

  • Remember guys, you never LOSE a breakup. Losing isn’t a term in the world of romance and love. Instead replace that word with “learning.” If you no longer have that loved one in your life, no matter the cause, you never lost. Learn from their mistakes or your own.

  • please subscribe and I wil get you back

  • I just broke up with an ex of 3 years some months ago not long after he got back with an ex who has a kid by someone else. It somewhat makes me feel depressed because I am left wondering why I am not good enough like why her and not me because you literally just do not move on quickly from someone that you proclaim you love. I been dealing with depression for a long time so the break up set me back a lot. I find it funny how it is always the person who love the most and hardest that seems to get hurt more especially when you have given your all. He was not the best boyfriend sometimes I wish someone could just see my worth like I am worthy of being loved. I hate the fact that I am always the faithful and loyal but get treated like shit. He supposedly just got married and I am like what the fuck it was a waste of time. I feel like if you felt for a certain person you should have not wasted my time. Moral of my story: Fuck my life 😭

  • how the hell did IT-tvs know i needed this video today???

    • Probably because you were/have been viewing other ex related/themed videos prior.

  • Thank you.

  • The worst thing are the memories of us two being together and happy

    • Dude I have so many videos..., like cute videos we made for out kids and stuff, hurts like a hell

  • Only reason we broke up is because of long distance. My love is still too strong to just let go and all the memories from our travels and adventures will be stuck in my mind for a long time

  • This video has been helping me to let go of the future that will not be. It feels like a lead weight of pain is where my heart should be, but I’m so proud of how strong I’ve been. I’m so so sad, but every day will hurt a tiny bit less and I’m so excited for the opportunities that lay before me.

  • Breakups are hard but you have to accept that everything happens for a reason. Some days ago my ex and I broke up. Even though I love her, I cannot dwell in self pity because life is too short and I love myself too much to let that happen. Also not to mention that it is bad for health. Guys, girls...take that opportunity to find yourself again and to learn to rely on yourself. Never give that out of your hand. Those, who appreciate you, will stay. Those wo don't, let them go. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life. Right? :-)

  • Im so glad that Jesus finally made his own youtube channel.

  • Love you Love xxx

  • Even though I just lost the love of my life - you look like a renaissance painting of jesus. In a good way.

  • I don’t understand where I know him from?

  • I needed this dose of reality and reminding for breakfast this morning. I've never personally met you Russell but you've been public enough that I know of you a bit since I've liked pretty much all of your work. I am very proud of you even as a stranger out in the world it's really inspiring and phenomenal to me to see the growth publicly you've had let alone what we don't even know. Keep sending little bells, please!

  • My partner broke up with me yesterday . We had just been on a wonderful romantic holiday. As soon as i got off the flight and onto the bus to take us back. He asked if he could have a quick word with me up the back and just said he doesn't love me anymore and its over . He showed no emotion. Then when we got off the bus. He left me standing in the street crying. I feel so confused right now. I feel like i just want to end my life. I don't know what im going to do.

  • beautiful said, my man.

  • After five years of been with someone and practically growing up together (from been 18 to 23) this really did give me some hope that I can move on ❤️

  • Well, I WAS gonna go shopping and buy a bottle of wine and all the paracetamol I could get my hands on and hopefully get sodomized on the way back before running a bath and downing the pills while Sinead O'Connor plays mournfully on the radio. Instead, I stayed in bed and watched this video. Slowly realising there are better ways to deal with this, even if right now it seems so much bigger than me. Thanks, Russell x

  • Russell Brand you have gave your tips so eloquently and your advice is so helpful! The fact that you have had your fair share of heartbreak and have came out the other end, able to help others who are in this current situation, gives hope that you can heal and you can come out the other side being a better and wiser person.

  • thanks russell :)

  • He looks like Jesus

  • Excellent!

  • I recently just got dumped & I really needed to hear this, thank you.

  • Man this guy crushed it

  • p

  • I went through a breakup yesterday after finding out the person I was with was cheating on me with someone else. This video helped me more than you know. Im finding it hard to accept all the lies this person told and the future we would have. I was really manipulated into believing this person was in love with me but all along this person was in a relationship with someone else. I’m still hurting and healing but one day at a time I will get through. Any advice would really help x

  • Wow, this was actually pretty awesome!

  • I had to end things with my girlfriend today cause we will never work and now it feels like the biggest mistake of my life and it’s killing me but thanks for this it’s been helpful

  • Not sure people know this or if its true, but I've heard Tylenol can help with emotional pain from a breakup. Anyone want to try and post here if they feel any better?

  • For me it's just a person that never confessed her love. but who continues giving me hope. I much rather get full on rejected instead of being played around with. This is still going on and I can't help myself of having hope. Everyday I feel like there might be a chance to be with this person I love. But it absolutely destroys me because I know damn well it won't ever happen. I don't know what do anymore.. Worst are these fantasies which will never happen. If you are going through this yourself.. Keep strong