Survive the Water Chamber! | Water Rises when you Answer Wrong!!

Pubblicato il 20 set 2019
Hey guys! In this challenge, we play a trivia game based off on the Avengers! We cram our selves inside super cramped boxes and fill them up with water! If we get an answer wrong, the box fills up!
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  • Joey always ruin the challenges

  • Why does this remind me of Saw

  • 7:03 Mate! Chemical? I'm sorry... What?

  • Me I,m a fan

  • since jordan is taller it will take more water for him to be filled up all the

  • awesome

  • 8:47 What thors a military leader. When he said that I thought it was War machine.

  • The Avengers trivia is so easy. If you are a superhero nerd.

  • it's not fair that Bryans box was leaking alot

  • Is this saw?

  • Do not try at home Someones gonna probably try

  • I just did a bad thing

  • Team Edge

  • “yOU GUYS ARE ALL CHOMpS” *bobby gets slapped on the face*

  • He only won because his box was leaking

  • Fear factor 2.0

  • Ok 2 things 1:Jordan answered some questions way before Bryan did when they were naming hero’s that disappeared because of thanos 2:the villain that’s invisible to Spider mans Spider’s sense is Anti-Venom it’s not just in the comic books in “Spider Man Edge Of Time” video game

  • Live this channel like if u agree

  • 0:45

  • 0:46 sigh. ‘-‘

  • 7:10 its not octopi its octopides or octopuses

  • When Bryan slapped Bobby I lost it 😂

  • Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahaha

  • youtube: this vid is d monetize because of bryan's face [3:00

  • black panther was turned to dust by Thanos

  • I don't like avengers literally worst series ever... Who tf wants to see someone controlling a circle shield??

  • By the way cold water is healthy with ice

  • I fucking love your vids team edge

  • i kind of feel like bryan cheated due to box leaking, rematch pretty please? xxx

  • “Bobby and I” is correct grammar mr editor

  • No one realizes how dangerous standing in ice water for a long time is it can give u hypothermia lucky they didn’t get it

    • its hot water, else you wouldnt see that level of condensation on the glass e.g. @7:00 also after they put the ice in the boxes it only takes a few minutes to disolve... dont think they are that stupid to stay for so long in cold water.

  • American G.I’s get tortured by Vietcong (rare footage 1968)

  • I like it when you get tortured

  • Joey: Would you like some ice? Bryan: Oh no no no no no 6:19

  • 3:30 Bobby pits his hand on the bi Bryan attacks Bobby looks confused

  • 2:07 “Get Brian some wAtER” - Joey 2019 And also... “You guys are all chumps” *S L A P P P P*

  • Did any one else keep track of Brian's water levels each time, and realized he would have lost if his box wasn't leaking so rapidly?

  • I like how Bryan just slapped Bobby like oi I’m not a chump u stank Bobby. Also one like equals another slap for Bobby 👇🏾

  • So.... It's a Saw trap....

  • i'm a MARVEL nerd ; )

  • bryan*

  • Jordan was right war machines new name is warhammer

  • That name bryan said for that last name was wrong and the name is t'challa

  • I watch team edge till 2016

  • That’s not fair Bryan’s was leaking

  • I have

  • Me : enters water chamber Sees gas _Oh sh*t_

  • So there basically risking there lives for views an likes

  • It’s actually venom dumb ass

  • 13:16 it’s T’Challa not C’Challa

  • 3:31 my mood 24/7 xD

  • This is embarrassing I know all the answer and I just figured out how much of a marvel geek I am!😁😁😁

    • I hugely doubt this, as one of the answers was incorrect.

  • Jordan's box is alto taller than bryans

  • Me

  • Bryan's has a hole.

  • Who else got mad when he said Batman's real name was Bruce Willis

  • So wonder what the size his ears will be when he is 80? lol

  • Do more of hid and seek

  • You guys are all chumps *slap*

  • Who knows the answer to this question?? at 9:08