Survive the Slippery Stairs!!

Pubblicato il 16 ago 2019
Hey guys! In this challenge, we scale up a pyramid covered with soap to make it slippery! We have a bunch of challenges for our two teams like tag, protect the president, and keep away! Let us know down below what we can do next!
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  • Hello homoeroticism.

  • With Joe's accuracy if I were a watermelon I wouldn't be worried

  • Do a slippy maze PLEASE

  • It's November it's not agisut

  • What if we just started electing presidents via rock paper scissors?

  • Op


  • Can u guys please make a rugby slip and slide

  • The video title really should be “The Three Bryan’s and the one outsider Joey” lol

  • Kevin: Stop it Marvin that was so 2019 Me: It still is 2019 Kevin

  • Can you do a slippery floor

  • Pad up the stairs

  • Hey that’s dangerous

  • It's Nov. 1, 2019 rn.. :(

  • Bobby's b stand for bad commentator

  • What's your guys instagram?

  • i dont know what they are paying the editors but they need to pay more

  • Like or comment if your watching this in 2019

  • Umm... Bobby said " Kevin, Marvin, Joey and Brian" when actually Brian's name and joeys name were suppose to be swaped:(

  • i just relized this.... they r just a bunch of grown men making a fool out of them selves for a living..... and we all love them lol no hate..

  • 1:27 mkay bobbay

  • That's crazy

  • Remember when they shipped bobby and Bryan for kissing each other

  • Is that vaseline?


  • I laugh hard and my tummy Hurts Lol 🤪🤪🤪

  • Did anyone else notice they introduced Bryan as Joey and vice versa?

    • Dude I was focused on the Marvin and Kevin introduction they were also introduced wrong

  • The way Bobby deflected that...I'm not even sure what that was actually but the way he deflected it was just such a mad lad move

  • Can we all just appreciate the editor

  • i love you guys

  • Meeee have more mattihas

  • Wait at 7:04 looks like Five Nights At Freddy's 3 song by Roomie but in a other version of it

  • Those who realised that bobby messed up Kevin and Marvin's names like 👇Right here

  • This not safe lel

  • Lol I’ve seen every video I think

  • The troffe is fake

  • I have

  • this isn't safe

    • No duh its not safe.. they are on soap civered stairs in barefeet..

  • it showed me a video I all ready saw... :-()

  • 4:08 Like if you see what I see 👀👀👀💦

  • Bobby your voice is so epic

  • 1:27 I thought he said whoever has less time gay wins

  • It looks unsafe

  • The editors are the best!

  • When Bryan chasing Marvin joey said he had the high ground when Bryan on top of the pyramid so is Bryan obi-wan kenobi only true stars wars fan will get it lol and Marvin anakin lol am laughing

  • Is it just me or have team edge just got a lot more “boring” and just like less energy than the old videos

  • He said who has the longest time not being gay 1:26

  • the merch can you send it over seas im just asking

  • wait can you send it over seas

  • you can"t run bobby LLLLLL

  • 6:37 what

  • I misss Connor 😭

  • I miss Matt

  • and joeys funny

  • hey team egde can you do shout outs and im in it

  • Remember when they used to sit in a circle play board games. And everyone thought it was freaking amazing

  • Now are Marvin, Kevin and Bryan all related? I think so but I want to be sure.

    • Yes they are actually! All of them are brothers by blood. :)

  • Wait I hear whoever has the longest time not being GAY wins in 1:27 I the only one who heard that??

  • 1:13 OML IM DYEING

  • You guys are awesome 😎