Surprising Little Brother With NEW Fortnite Gaming PC! HE FREAKS OUT!

Pubblicato il 19 lug 2018
I bought my little brother a brand new gaming pc! His reaction was crazy! Thank you guys for all of the support, this would not be possible without you guys so thank you!
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  • I was so excited when I saw this video come up love your vid bro🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • I’m 12 and I have a better PC than both of them 😂😂

    • Hi ka

    • Ik he did not said PS4 is trash even tho i neverd played with it in my 12 year LIFE

    • I wish i had a Gaming PC and everything

    • I was your 500th like

  • Letsssss gooooooooooooooii

  • He is spoiled

  • This kid needs to calm down

  • WTF this kid is spoiled just being honest love your vids

  • Mate your 10 years old you have not been waiting ages unlike everyone else we have to work to get our pcs.

  • When mini open his pc up he says "ooooo oooo o o o" lol he doesn't know what this he has in his pc

  • This kids not even 9

  • Whoever disliked this video is never getting a surprise

  • digital storm is better no hate

  • Fortnite is trash like this pc my guy

  • Whenever your bro brags i wanna punch him 10× more

  • Did anyone realize he said say it again? 9:19

  • 8:42 when your crush dm's you back

  • New « fortnite gaming pc »

  • plz could anyone tell me if i should plug any of my electronics into a power strip or surge protector or is the wall socket fine? cheers

  • 9 years old I would have bought him Lego wtf

  • yo i have a sypher power pc better than your pc mini mamba

  • Says u have no idea what these fans can do They cool ur pc......

  • Mini mamba: I’ve been waiting 2 months for this Me:I’ve been waiting my whole life for nothing

  • and then theres me here with a GTX 660 Ti and a i5-2500K thats 3rd hand

  • Thats what she said😅 6:27 - 6:34

  • U should of pranks him and broke his old one

  • could of been a bad one with led and he wouldn't tell the difference

  • I wanna get a gaming pc for Christmas

  • Is it just me or where did the $2000 come from could build the for like less than half

  • What case is that manits sick

  • Ik it’s late but he says he’s been waiting for a month when basically I’ve been waiting 3 years and only getting 1 this Chris

  • Im 5'6 at the age 9

  • he said guys like more than 15 times xd

  • Guyx. X =infinite

  • This video but every time the kid says "let's go" it speeds up

  • Spoiled rich kids

  • Your are lucky

  • I hate this kid.

  • mini ricegum lol. Now he just needs to be asian lol

  • What i spoiled little brat . it should be enough just to be able to have a pc. He doesnt even speak right yet . get him to do some work around the house before you lose him in a fucking game

  • That pc is really loudly

  • dude he waits till months..but we wait till years .................

  • If only diamond mamba was my brother !

  • I wanted for 3 years I swear to my baby sister

  • He wanted it for 2 months

  • I have an i7 2070

  • I also want plz i really want one so that i can make videos like u

  • He is so cringy I swear 💀

  • This kid is annoying it’s just a pc and some other materials not a big deal. God ur like Lil Tay

  • I’m already at the level I already have a long one like yours

  • Being somewhat of a pc enthusiast this pc doesn’t cost near 2000$

  • That kid is so annoying

  • Ungrateful little shit I don’t even have a pc

  • That just prove that mimi just play video games he cant lift a pc

  • Can annoying explain why it didn’t turn on at first?

  • So I want to buy a gaming PC and my budget is like 1.2k but is iBuyPower good or no and if not what is a good gaming PC that's 1.2k or less and I stream so will it be good for streaming as well and 144fps or higher

  • All you need to play fortnite is a intel i5 and a gtx 1070

  • “omg it comes with a mouse!” Doesnt every computer come with a mouse?

  • I have a beter pc and 1 Ping and 60 fps

    • 60 fps is very standard. So not much of a flex there buddy

  • Bruh i had to wait 3 years for a laptop

  • the kid that wanted the pc for so dam long should be telling all the crap about it

  • Yetetete

  • IBuyPower