Superteam: A Warriors Musical

Pubblicato il 25 ott 2016
With the addition of Kevin Durant, the Warriors have overnight become the villains of the NBA. But many of the players are uncomfortable with the dubious distinction. Only Steph Curry can convince them to embrace their villainhood… through the art of song!
A Bleacher Report original musical number by the makers of Game of Zones.
Written, Performed, and Directed by
Adam Malamut
Craig Malamut
Animation by
Adam Malamut
Craig Malamut
Kristofer Wollinger
Richard Silvius
Chet Knebel
Background Artwork by
Richard Silvius
Storyboard by Richard Silvius
Compositing by
Kristofer Wollinger
Character Design
David SanAngelo
Adam Malamut
Craig Malamut
Richard Silvius
Special Thanks
C.J. Toledano
Ishaan Mishra
Spencer Oshman
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  • Bucks and lakes are the new super team

  • Well we were a super Team All the best players here to crush our dreams I have enough fingers for the rings we’re never gonna win hahahahaha Well we were a super team Losing all the games that we need to win And if you thinks it’s a joke here is the leaderboard Well hello there I’m KD you might know me as the worser MVP I swear I just came here to grow by losing each game by 40 or so I’m klay I play 2 ways I miss every 3 and choke some plays and then Ill choke the rest of the game Well we were a super team all the worst injures to crush our dreams I have enough fingers for the rings we will never win haha haha yes we were a super team we used the cheat code that lost every game and if that makes you happy here’s a medal for your luck.

  • 1:06 when my dad feels a few strands on his head

  • Who is here when Anderson varejo is gone

  • Who is here when the warriors are trash

  • We are the worst team We need curry back so please hurry We lost our viewership and now Klay

  • Hey look it's the Yankees

  • LA Lakers Still in top -_-

  • I really want flight reacts to watch this

  • Actually your last place in western Conference:)

  • Why curry is black he is white not rasis

  • So much for "all those rings were going to win" 😂😂

    • i mean they got two almost 3 they got hurt lol

  • So where was the Patriots version

  • Are they even gonna make the playoffs this year?

    • Will Dill they won’t

  • And now this year they're 12-43 so far and the worst team in the league

  • Might as well give Draymond the nickname "Nutcracker"

  • We were a superteam

  • What r u talking bout u wanus to b bad guys?

  • I am in this video. I’m the dog

  • This whole video didn’t age well

  • Curry: I’m inevitable kawhi: and I am board man

  • now this video makes no sense

  • Steph Curry gets hurt

  • Ok We Got Andrew Wiggins!!! 👍

  • 2:34

  • Can we have a version where the raptors destroy the warriors?

  • I love watching this after the warriors are horrible this season


  • Well this didn’t age well

    • Jonathan Nate how? they won 3 championships lmao

  • Bruh I watched this 100 times I didn’t realize the dog talked

  • In 4 years from now you won’t be saying that

  • “ they were a superteam”

  • 2:54 should've been Kawhi Leonard breaking that door down

  • Not anymore

  • *excuse me but they are 12 wins 43 losses and are last place in the NBA*

  • I may have watched this video over 30 times. Love it!

    • I watched this when it came out and it's still funny to this day 😂

  • esh curry. s. curry. go curry!!!!!

  • superteam btw hahahahahah

  • Good times

  • My old team

  • this didn't last long

  • I show that to my dog and now we are a superteam

  • There not the best anymore.

  • “We are a terrible team all are best players want to leave”

  • This goes to show what injuries can do

  • R.I.P kobe 🙏🏿😔

  • Who’s here’s after the warriors dynasty crumbled

  • 1:27 sorry Steph but 2019-2020 won't look good

  • 2:20 klays face when he looks down 🤣🤣

  • I still feel like Celtics could beat warriors

  • “Well hello there I’m KD you might know me as the better MVP I swear I just came here to grow by leaving each team after 2 years or so”

    • He Is A Traitor To Every Team He's Been On

  • Now they are trash and lost everything

  • Yo is this on spotify

  • Who else is watching when the warriors suck

  • Hahah not anymore

  • anyone else wont this to be on apple music

  • KD make me wanna burn your jersey

  • Warriors are not superteam anymore no offence

  • Rip Kobe

  • Yea, injuries are a pain. I had high hopes even this year. Guess we'll see what they can cobble together next year. I'm a believer. I never faltered and never will. … Unless Curry pulls a "Kaepernick" or something like that.