SUPERHOT In Real Life! | Ft. Markiplier

Pubblicato il 24 ott 2016
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  • I have this on my oculus

  • This is the video I watched when I cracked my phone! 😂😢😂📱

  • Back when I first watched this, I trusted Mark the least when he’s playing as one of the enemy NPCs. I don’t know why, but he gave off a “wild-card” vibe.

  • Check out superhot its the most inovate first person shooter game i played in years

  • You could even say he's a retaliplier

  • My mom:hey what are you watching? Me:do you really wanna know? Mom:yes, tell me. Me: I'm watching a bunch of grown men in red bodysuits say u move when I move and they are having more fun than any millionaire ever

  • You dont understand how it works, play the game first

  • brown dude:*jumps up and down on stairs trying to shoot mark* mark:*keeps shooting not moving while casually sitting on the couch* brown dude:*MARKIE POOH* MARK:*SHOOTS HIM* DONT CALL ME THAT -_-


  • Mark is the best

  • Don’t give mark a sword he good with it

  • Oh hey mark *shoots gun* not so surprised :/

  • Is it just me or matt an j fred look like each other

    • They are brothers, that's why they look alike 😊

  • *"Look at all you eager beavers over there-"* *"Beavers!?"* I died. XD 5:34

  • 6:06 was kewl And 10:15

  • mark is the terminator

  • I love how everyone else is joking around and Mark is over here being all serious and using his knowledge of games to this particular situation, I love this! I want to see this again!

  • 9:42 is so much funnier than it has any right to be. XD

  • When he reloading ammo they can move

  • 🤗🤗

  • Any one here 2019 watching the good times

  • “Yeah you should’ve” *Shoots Tyler* best one liner in one liner history.

  • Time slows not freeze

  • Wait a minute J-Fred didn’t win everyone won except for tyler because Matt,mark and Bryan won the first time and J-Fred only won the 2nd one

  • Mark dude sounds like John wick

  • I'm actually so pissed that Mark didn't win

  • The ending of the super hot game is so cool

  • why it makes no sense in the real game its super slow not never moves at all

  • This is actually my favorite team edge

  • Markiplier: I’ll give you a thousand dollars if you drop the gun and walk away Me:sure, ok

  • Matthias has changed so much in a bad way he used to do comedy videos and now he does Unboxings

  • Mark could have moved when he was moving the gun

  • I love you mark

  • A time where mark had a clean face

  • in one round they all should have stayed in the same room and shot the person when they walked in

  • mark is too good

  • My brother watches Mark

  • Why don't you do a superhot irl challenge with bobby

  • Markiplier trying to bargain

  • Wow this mark guy is great, he should have a youtube channel

  • I love how marks hair matches with the outfits!!!

  • j fred look like molt

  • Is J Fred just Matt or what

  • This should be like a school camp activity. Like flashlight tag.

  • What gun is that

  • Next time do paint ball 🔫

  • No, they can still move they move slowly, can’t stop them now...

    • And when they move to aim, they can move as well, can't they?

  • Y’all should do this again

  • You eager beavers

  • super HOT super HOT 🥵

  • Damn....Mark is like some kind of comedic Special Ops boi

  • Mark you are so thicc

  • Bryan: Markipoo~~~ Me: It's Markimoo

  • I fel bad for b4yan he is the first one to get hit


  • What is j-Fred’s real name

  • Mark did an epic Dodge (10:14)

  • the switch is to open the door if you use thermite

  • Who else thinks mark looks like sam fisher from splinter cell when it was his turn

  • You sooooo cant tell that mark is a video gamer