Super Mario Maker 2 - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Pubblicato il 13 feb 2019
In this new game, a sequel to the original Wii U™ game, players can create the Super Mario courses of their dreams, with access to even more tools, items and features, including the new ability to create slopes for the first time. Super Mario Maker 2 launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch this June.
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  • I nutted at the end with that music!

  • Can you please update the game to where there are all power ups, blocks, worlds, and enemies in it? If not, could you at least put two modes for the Super Mario 3D world for one of it as the actual game and the other as the one you have right now?

  • This is stupid

  • This Is How Many People Love Mario Maker 2 👇

  • 1:11 what is this thing left?

  • Cant wait for this game

  • Me lo regalan Mario maker

  • Anybody watching when the game came out

  • It's a shame the blue snake blocks aren't slippery like in New Super Mario Bros Wii. When I first saw this video I thought they were going to be slippery, not faster. And 31,473ed comment.

    • kimo the fun genius But you can make the green ones slippery, the green snake blocks aren’t slippery in New Super Mario Bros U. I noticed the slippery snake blocks looked icy, the only physical traits of the blue ones are the eyelids and that they are blue. Maybe the slippery snake blocks could be a third alternate form. Would it be funny if the icy snake blocks weren’t slippery in the snowy nighttime theme?

    • You can make them slippery if you go to snow at night

  • O Super Mario maker Deluxe🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😱🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤤🤤🤤 let's switch on

  • Can you add different Colerd yoshis in the game plz

  • Make Super Mario Maker 3 in 2020 July 13 like if you do and comment if you dont

  • I bought the 70 dollars one and it didn’t even gave me the 1 year Nintendo switch online like pls help ne

    • 1 year switch online costs $20 U probably bought the Stylus set

  • Wii U: “No, you can’t do this!“ *dies*

  • Hey, Nintendo,what the day of lauch of Mario Kart Tour

  • Wii U:exists Nintendo switch:imma end this man's whole career

  • Yo but like the remix?!

  • Wow cool

  • remember, this game would've never happened if mario was smart enough to use the undo dog to get the castle back.

  • U guys are mean To waluigi:(

  • I saw my friend in one of super mario maker 2 french trailers it was about playing it after school, where can i find the trailer

  • 0:07 OOF!!!

  • How do you get banzai bill 3d

  • Wait... the super mario world 1UP color hasn't red?

  • Podrían sacar este juego para la Wii u porfa

  • This trailer is fake

  • 0:54 who noticed the item select is transparent

  • Please add pokeys in super mario maker 2

  • S L O P E S

  • 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Look at the Porcupuffer lol

  • Next game styles: - Mario Galaxy - Mario Odyssey (with Cappy) - Paper Mario Hope at least one of them really gets implemented ;)

  • Wii U: there is no way they are going to make another version of Super Mario Maker Nitendo: hold my switch

  • Dang it's nearly been 3 months since the game came out. And this trailer is 6 months old at the time I'm writing this comment.

    • Aramaru 1837 Yes it has can you learn how to count? June = release July = 1 August = 2 If you are saying it's been [insert number] months then... August = right now July = 1 June = 2 Unless you're technically saying it's released a month ago because the actual release date was June 28th

    • Mahdi RANA it hasn’t even been 2 months what are you taking about? 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • why you forguet the beach theme?

    • Toze Sousa didn’t forget kid it’s just not here

  • *Super Mario Maker 3* *Future Master* *2056* *Better View Better Platform Game And New Electronic* *Vershya Veng'l Cost 100$ Future Coin = 1F$ = 100000000*

  • Android Super Mario Maker 2

  • There is only one thing that could ruin this experience. Nintendo switch online

  • Why there is no Mario maker for phones

    • Quanisha Speight Because this game is EXCLUSIVE for the Nintendo Switch

  • Super mario maker 2= Thanos Wii u: just a normal citizen, wiped out by thanos infinity gauntlet

  • They should release it on 3ds

    • @lord of Ink games you're right man, It wouldn't be great, thanks

    • @road to music the 3DS isn't capable of everything in this game, the graphics would be awful, the FrameRate would suck, and that's only if they include the 3D world style along with stuff like slopes and on off blocks. It'd be a Terrible Port that wouldn't be worth the money.

    • @Mahdi RANA I know but they should do it, they did it for the first one as well, it was exclusive for wii U but they released it on 3ds one year after

    • this is exclusive for the Nintendo Switch

  • This is way different then the finished game

  • Now having my hands on this game and it looks like it was announced a year ago!

  • 0:00 and the game was born

  • Save the world for nintendo switch on fortnite

  • Why aren't there comments about pre release and unused content

  • Nintendo add a poison course team and a robot course theme and a beach course team and a volcano course team a princess castle theme Andy Pond theme and a butterfly theme and a tree house theme and flower theme and that's it in Super Mario Maker 2

  • am i the only one who is asking why super mario maker 2 was created as a separate game from super mario maker

  • Is it just me or is noone else talking about mario maker for 3DS

    • hydrodonut73 _ that game is dead, there’s nothing to talk about

    • I have it but I don't play it and sadly I still don't have a switch :(

  • Super Mario 64 Flow 1 Flow SwiftKey 5 1 Flow SwiftKey 5 Flow Flow SwiftKey 5 Flow Flow SwiftKey 1 1 SwiftKey 1 1 Flow Flow SwiftKey 5

  • Plz Make Super Mario Maker In Android

  • SMM2: Haha! Im the best and *FIRST* portable Mario Maker game ever! SMM for 3DS: Did people forget me?

  • H

  • I would really appreciate if you could guys tell me what is that and how to use it plz 0:50

    • MCU LOL dude it’s highlighted on the screen 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • 0:38 - End This is my favourite music of all time

    • Michal Krasnik I love how catchy it is :)

  • Странно почему Марио уже давно не выпускают на Playstation? только выпускают на Nintendo что за разработчики

    • @Caron The Cat я английский не знаю

    • I dont Speak Soviet Union Sorry

  • Add amiibo support

  • Anyone else here just for the amazing music track??

  • Nightmare Mansion KCW-KPY-45G Sky Wars 3 Return of the Blooper: LBG-P2V-1GG Ace of Base: 7XS-48R-1DG Mario's on Fire: 38T-1VQ-35G Haunted Mansion 3: 5KF-MRT-JHF Twisted Fate: 01V-FF2-F0H Haunted Treasure Ship: XP1-7YG-GKG

  • Wii u: super mario maker is the best game Nintendo switch: *HOLD MY JOY-CONS*