Stuck in a circle

Pubblicato il 13 ott 2019
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  • 1:42 didn't age well...

  • 4:34 this ain’t aged well

    • oof i was just about to comment the same thing

    • It's so fucked... She was head over heels for him.

  • Lily is 2d waifu goal

  • Aria dancing to music is the best, wish I can see more on youtube

  • This one was extra funny 😂

  • Anyone has the link to the song yvone was dancing to in the begining?

  • Yvonne is best birth control

  • 2:45 GDI Yvonne, hit me in the feels.

  • 1:50 😂

  • albie-kun

  • Yvonne D:

  • who are all the people outside the immediate group I know Lilly poki fed Albert josh scarra fed Edison Yvonne

  • 2:45 for a brief moment I thought albies arm, was lilys leg, and I was like:what are those!?

  • Anyone else thought the Albert’s arm was Lily’s leg in the thumbnail?

  • What is that Hatsune Miku song in the beginning?

  • He should put Yvonne saying see you looser at the end of every video

  • Fed call me daddy Lily:WHOT THE FUC MY GUY: “daddy FED” Lily:WHOT THE FUC

  • I love the way Albert is effortlessly savage.

  • 5:10 my microwave at 1 am

  • I'm pretty sure Aria doesn't know how a waffle iron works. She put way too much batter in there. Due to the baking powder, it will expand. Therefore, you can fill up roughly half of the area (not half of the radius) and you're good to go. Or at least that's the case whenever I make waffles.

  • I love the outro man

  • 1:26 when SCP-173 is close to you.

  • The circle of life

  • *...*

  • Nobody: Albert: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Albert: Damn you must be fuckin invincible i nearly died

  • Nobody: My microwave at 3am: 5:09

  • So nobody thought that Albert's hand was part of Lily's leg?

  • For a second I thought Yvonne was describing my life lol

  • I'm gonna need Yvonne saying "Seeya losers" to be a permanent part of the outro now.

  • Albert is funny as shit

  • Aria perfect Waifu

  • albie is already used to calling fed daddy, it's like he's used to being dominated by him, chadmyster cucking albeta once again.

  • Bro Yvonne saying some deep shit

  • *Aria dancing im the vefy begining* _SMASH THAT FUCKING LIKE BUTTON_

  • Ah this was nice

  • fed + jade😳

  • Lol i was in liberty chat

  • The first clip is my brain during tests

  • Lily is like me in my relationship, theres love but not the answers you always want 😂😂😂

  • Waifu Aria-sama ♥️

  • Best outro albie should get a royalty

  • Am I the only one who prefered toast sitting alone as the end card.

  • LMAO Albert is fucking savage

  • jade thinks shes better than fed ??? LOL think again. Lily talks and Albert plays with knifes xD

  • Well, it's obvious that Albert doesn't love himself deeply inside... Lili is forcing him to love her in a way she wants him to love her, which will not happend anytime soon.

  • 3:42 in the chat "Best of offline tv and friends clip" It made it

  • 1:18 and then everyone died

  • I love these videos! Keep doing your thing!

  • "then you must be fucking invincible" get fucked

  • I love how Albie called Fed daddy so quick and so casual.

    • ian fily I think you’re projecting, are you ok?

    • Albie's the best, I think fed and albie are my favorite out of the house

    • @ian fily Dude... are you alright?

    • @ian fily I feel like you have some unresolved issues.

    • That's because he's 100% a cuck, he's already used to calling fed daddy while Fed's smashing lily's cheeks.

  • More Aria

  • "okay daddy"

  • Aria is best girl

  • Aria dancing to Miku is my kryptonite. TOO CUTE.

  • Death threeat to my students we will take investigate.

  • Loved the intro lol

  • Bruh

  • 1:07 Albert is so submissive to fed, that's what makes so easily cuckable

  • 2:44 Yvonne feeling the pressure of having to babysit FED all the time .