StreetHunter Supra Kit gets 3D Printed!

Pubblicato il 17 ott 2019
3D Printing the first StreetHunter kit!
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Calvin's twitch!
Thanks to everyone who made this possible!
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  • anyone know where to but the poncho that Calvin was wearing??

  • What's the name of the song in the end of the video???

  • All these you tubers buying supras trying to be first for body kits and views but no giving back to the community no nothing man fame is so long so is IT-tvs give back

  • I need a kit for my 2008 acura tl type s !!

  • Calvs a wizard

  • That’s not a pancho sorry tj

  • do think it is strange you guys have to change / shave / cut those parts. why not already make those parts fit. and come on give those guys a test panel to check it out....

  • You talk like if yall do the work 😂😂

  • Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy* lol

  • When are you going to add the wing/spoiler

  • I had a 3d printer at my university and i use to print custom shift knobs for people in my local car groups. Wicked fun

  • will this body kit come with a free 10 gallon bucket of bondo lol

  • “Worlds first in the automotive industry” b is for build is doing it out of his garage with carbon fiber...with the entire body

  • You need new wheels ASAP, those are not the look

  • I don't need a lot in life, but I just want them to clean the lens for once.

  • can tj make the FT1 concept supra wide body kit for the A90

  • Calvin is wearing a poncho

  • This video is sick

  • So basically theres this 458 selling for 80k in my country its not badly damaged tbh the bonnet wont open and the rear bumper is gone and the front. There isnt oil and the transmission wont work *no battery* the left side is damaged a bit and the wheels are damaged

  • Can't you just 3D print a 3D printer and sell it? 😂😂😂

  • omg why doesnt EVERYONE do this? i mean paint doesnt stick to plastic SO... Lots of adhesion promoter!

  • 3D body kit? hell ya bro

  • 3d printing a body kit has been done already theres a company that does this, whole cars have been printed already and not all 3d printing is small scale

  • Can someone please tell me what the outro song is??????

  • Have them 3D print you a carbon fiber body kit

  • Looks good, Jamie Orr Vw had 3D printed parts for his 2019 Vw Jetta spoilers, splitters etc.

  • Wide booty n beggs my Pinoys😌😌

  • what happen to the mustang giveaway did anybody win that


  • Ambitious+unique=tj hunt

  • pretty awsome to design your own bodykit

  • Can I buy a Supra on zebit

  • TJ f##k the 3d printer we want to see the ferrari 458

  • Imagine one day, all the "rep kits" are just going to be pirated kits you printed in your garage.

  • please Calvin, change your hairstyle.

  • I gotta big 3D printer.. I’ll go print a wide body kit on my cts now

  • Another 3d printed widebody kit that I know is 3d_Magic_Mike's (On insta) widebody prototype for his datsun 620

  • Broooo!! Could you please clean that young lense you have a black spot on your! Top left! N our top right of the screen lmao it's been there for a few videos already

  • 3rd straight video with the same exact black spot yikes dude wipe the lens

  • Why is it that something always happens to your camera, either on mute or it dies etc. TJ be playing games to extent content.

  • Tj waist deep

  • Teej clean ya damn lens

  • God. You’ve gotten so annoying with these World first videos.

  • did he just say rolls Royce angel...

  • lame

  • There was an old man who 3D printed and made a Lamborghini aventador

  • Love this style of video teeg keep doin what you’re doin

  • Aye foo so you like having a dirty ass lens huh

  • I love the content and have learned so much from you guys and will always support you! but the camera lens boys hahaha much love

  • b is for build is already doing a 3d printed kit himself

  • Left back hand or back left hand🤷🏼‍♂️

  • I swear if stradman dude gets his Supra to SEMA and TJ doesn’t then imma be so upset

  • 13:50 *hammer down* * T throws much weight* :P haha

  • Nice cok

  • "Rolls Royce Angel" ... her name is "The Spirit of Ecstasy," Calvin!!!

  • Tj when are you going to fix that black spot on your camera..

  • TJ Melter because you talk so much shit

  • So let me get this straight. You have to sand it then spay it then sand it then spray. 15 minutes to tell us the same things over and over. What is this, Bigger your channel gets the less effort you have to put in.

  • calvin with the kaws NOOICE!

  • What's it a world first of? People have already been 3d printing body parts, maybe not in one piece but still?