Street Food in Peru - ULTIMATE 14-HOUR PERUVIAN FOOD + Market Tour in Lima!

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
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Peruvian food is one of the world’s great cuisines, and I was thrilled to have a chance to visit Peru to learn about and taste the food. In this video, get ready for an ultimate 14-hour straight Peruvian street food tour of Lima!
Here’s everything included in this food tour:
La Parada Market - If you love vegetable markets, I don’t think anywhere else in Lima is as colorful, energetic, and vibrant. This is the beating heart of Lima’s food supply, and I fully enjoyed walking around and seeing the diversity of ingredients from around Peru all in one busy wholesale Market.
Caldo Cesar - Elias navigated us to Caldo Cesar, a restaurant that was incredibly packed and specializes in some of Lima’s best caldo de gallina - chicken hen soup. It was one of the best chicken soups I’ve ever had in my life. Total Price - 52 PEN ($15.71) for 4
Ceviche Cart - One of the national dishes and most beloved dishes of Peru is ceviche (raw fish in lime juice), and we walked over to the section of the market where they sell fish and seasonings for ceviche and had a plate of fresh Peruvian ceviche. It was delicious. Price - 8 PEN ($2.42)
Fruit Tasting - This was pretty unplanned, we just walked around the fruit market and tasted about a dozen types of fruit. My favorite fruits were the Sanky - Fruit produced by a cactus, Camu camu - Native to the Amazon rainforest, and Lucuma - Gold of the Incas.
Papa rellena - This is one of the most common of all Peru street foods, a papa rellena, or a Peruvian stuffed potato. I was impressed - one of the best fried potatoes maybe I’ve ever had in my life.
Tocosh - This fermented potato pulp, was invented by the Incas, and it’s not for the faint of heart. I thought it was unique and pretty delicious, and fun to eat, and it contains natural penicillin.
Papa con huevo - This was ok, but just basic, a potato with egg on top and doused in sauces. This is again, a classic part of Peruvian street food, especially enjoyed by children.
Sanguchería El Chinito - “I practically moved to Peru just for this sandwich.” - Timour Ghoneim. That says it all about this legendary chicharrón Peruvian sandwich located at Plaza de Armas. And he was right, you would move to Lima for this sandwich.
Don Tito Pollos a la Brasa - If you ask Peruvians what is one of their comfort foods, I’m guessing pollo a la brasa would be a common answer. Pollo a la brasa is Pervuian rotisserie chicken, but somehow they just do it better in Peru. Total Price - 84 PEN ($25.39)
Anticuchos Manuela - Without a doubt, this was one of my favorite parts of this entire Peru street food tour of Lima, anticuchos, or grilled cow hearts. They are truly majestic, so juicy and flavorful, you won’t believe it. Price - 10 PEN ($3.02)
Picarones - Finally to end this ultimate street food in Peru tour of Lima, we ordered some picarones, donuts made from sweet potato and pumpkin. They are addictively delicious and should be eaten when you’re in Lima. Price - 6 PEN ($1.81) per box
Get more details about every restaurant including address and location on my Lima Guide:
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