Street Fights and Knockouts Compilation #41

Pubblicato il 27 ott 2019
You find here my last video that got deleted from IT-tvs
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Street Fights and Knockouts Compilation 2019
Some viewers may find this disturbing viewers discretion is Advised.
Street fights Comp l Knockouts 2019
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  • 6:13 what's name this song?

    • Dragonu ak 47 feat Dj Wicked - 47 iz Back name of the song

  • Shirts won.

  • 2:57 richtiger huan

  • lol at 3:35 why won't the dude put down the blow up doll during the fight... seems an odd thing to cling to during a brawl lol

  • 3:43 guy fighting with a fucking sex doll in one hand. A true warrior

  • Those Germans sounded like that tool song 😎

  • 1:54 multiple punches to the back of the head than a kick to the temple... damn my boi really wants that long prison sentence for manslaughter.

  • I like the one fight were the guy is protecting the blow up doll like it’s his wife🤣🤣

  • What is this dude doing fighting with the doll LMFO.

  • 3:22 they’re fighting for the last tea bag

  • So those russian gang fights. At the last second change that fuckin formation to a straight vertical line and surround em. I dont see that much at all

  • Song at end of the video


  • 2:50 omg, this guy might actually be dead. i'm pretty sure the punch knocked him out cold, then i'm pretty sure the slam made him crack his head on the pavement really hard. then he took 7 more completely defenseless shots right to the face. definitely brain damaged at least.

  • Idk wtf this song is saiying but its fucking awesome

  • 2:51

  • I respect the nigga who fired off again even after that fat nigga pulled a wop out. Pussy ass

  • Anyone ever notice the races who talk fast, punch fast, and the people who talk slow, fight slow? Lol. Above all, the accent they talk, their fighting stance and punches follow the rythm of their accents, like the English with thier accent, they fight sloppy like thier accent. And the whites with thier perfect accents, looks like robots fighting. And the blacks with thier accents, fighting like they in a hip-hop rap dance competition. And the mexicans with thier rapid fast accents, blows punches faster than Speedy Gonzalez. Whatever accent you have, your fighting stance and styles follow the rythm of your accents. Cool lol. This is funnier than Grand Theft Auto, and nothing beats the comedic genre of all GTA video games.

  • Ass kicker master thats me 😎

  • Guy: Holds on to blow-up doll like its bae. Doll: Gets punched. Me:😾🙀😿😹💀

  • 2:00 pulling hair is a bitch move

  • That guy is deffo going to fuck the doll he didnt let it go and was sheilding from blow hahaha

  • Damn Booby

  • 3:53 when the doll started taking punches I was done lol

  • The fat buddha in the beginning. Does he think that shit will work???

  • 3:46 When you go against the strong dodgeball team vs you with friends

  • 1:48 😂😂😂 slammed my guys head into the car

    • @Dylan Maikranz I actually agree with you, that's not a 'street fight', that's attempted murder and the dudes going at you are probably deadbeats that go to bars to get in fights.

    • Dylan Maikranz stfu😂😂😂

    • Dylan Maikranz yet u clicked on the video🤨

    • Yall really think that shit is funny???..that dude prolly has brain damage, i dont care what he did to start that fight..unless you fucked with a girl, noone deserves that shit, he got punched in the back of the head four or five times, and got soccer kicked in the face..thats fucked up on every level..period

  • Song at 4:06 ?


  • 1:35 That Was A MEAN Shot🔥 He Was Sleep Before He Hit The Floor🤣💯

  • Shit song

  • Tbh that nigga pulled is hair like a punk @$$ dude 1:50

    • It’s a street fight. I’ll hit your fucking tongue out to make sure you’re having a near death experience. Whatever nit takes

  • Funny 3:35 the guy with the blow up doll tried to throw it In the car the Uber the driver, was like tf u mean, burned out dragging blow up doll guy out the scene. So I'm already 😱😭😂 then the gang rush the issue and boom 💪👊 blow doll is like big hero six in the mix 😂💪 bobbin like Beast mode Barry Sanders head ass plugging holes so fast not one person behind, not sure the preferred noun for the duo, them got hit at all. You couldn't believe it if you didn't rewind it like three times and seen it with your own eyes 😂, after you can keep your composure long enough to put it in slowmo and witness this meme waiting to blow, no pun intended.😂😂

  • 3:35 niggas fighting over a blow up doll I'm dead 😂

  • Ale verga

  • 1:34 what a shot

    • He is Saitama🤣

    • Agreed❗ Right On The Button🔥 Had Em Snoring Before He Hit The Floor🤣💯

  • 1:50 holy shit that boy is crazy man I thought he died🙄

    • Roman Ginzburg Shit was straight out a fucking video game

  • And did that guy just save a blowup doll and stuff it into the backseat

  • I’m y’all seeing this shit in the first clip? Fat guy flipping and flopping around like a badass ? Hahahahaha he probably catches every one off guard doing that as he closes the distance to your face, and the black got his head bounced off the trunk... classic

  • People dont play in the hood 😰

  • Russian Rap Name?

    • it`s Romanian. The name of the artist is Dragonu` Ak47 - Dragonu` iz Back (name of the song)

  • How come almost all of these are russian

  • deutscher lol

  • That fat fuck pulls a gun out & thought that would matter. Guns don't mean shit if you're too scared to use them.

  • Shirts win.

  • After I was gone stomping Doug, that silly twat would be next. Here comes some equality.

  • shirts win....

  • Numele la cantec?

  • 7:42 i thought he was gonna stop the fight 😂

    • Wtf there is no 7:42

  • 2:00 ...fucked that negro up!!

  • Why he has a ball on girl on him while fighting

  • Who saw the avengers v thanos and his army

  • ty

  • 1:52 waving the white flag he surrenders!! Lol

  • Cine mai e roman?😂

  • Fighting w/ doll . That one got me LOL

    • LMAO wtf!!!!!!😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😹😹🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • He was holding that real hard lol 😂👍

  • On the 4 .42 the guy in jeans and blue shirt knew how to acctualt throw a punch

    • @remember me np

    • @JJ thraud08 oh shit I didn't know u could do that thank you kind stranger

    • Next time use 4:42

  • omg

  • 3:30 if u wanna see some joe Rogan kicks

  • That dude REALLY didn't want to let go of that blow up doll! LMAO!!

  • I hate how the officer was tryin to arrest dude in the red after he was assaulted first smh

    • @John Billabong Agreed❗ Right On The Button🔥

    • Hes is the best possible snitch. Smh just a matter of circumstances. He would get jumped probably in his mind by the guys jumping the guy in the red. But 💯 23 drained the hell out of that fool every body on the right jaws were hitting the floor before he dropped 😂.

    • Ikr if I was the cop I would have let him fold those 2 guys

    • Let Me In Your House that’s like in gta. Someone could be beating your ass and a cop won’t do nothin till you fight back

    • @Erik Aguilar I hope so because that's the only justification