Store Owes Woman Money After Applying Coupons To Her $1,161 Shop | Extreme Couponing

Pubblicato il 5 lug 2019
By using her endless supply of coupons and discounts, Missy manages to buy $1161 of shopping, and end up only paying $4.53, including picking up some extra items for free when the store owes her money!
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  • This is why you cant use more than 1 coupon and theres a limit of one item. They ruined it for those who really need the coupons.

  • That is insane!!! But so happy she is helping out our US troops.

  • kinda sweet doe

  • Wait do they use any if thise

  • Better than extreme cheapskates

  • she’s actually really kind and isnt crazy unlike other people who do this, and i like how she donates the other stuff she doesnt need to charities or other people

  • Oh that poor, poor bagger.

  • This women is a real "Coupon Qween"

  • She literally has 200IQ

  • Coupons usually expire 1-3 months after you get them, how does she have so many????

  • This lady is what we call special

  • She kinda reminds of Mr Beast with her donating entire carts to the military

  • This is the woman that you heard about in your math problems.

  • Dang I wish God got me coupons, kinda sketchy she doesn’t want people to know how she gets her coupons so she said God just came to earth to get her some coupons

  • Don’t they expire??

  • That gurl is correct! She doesn't just leave All the food at her house like other copon lovers do, she donates it💪🏻❤️

  • Wait so does that mean the food goes moldy?

  • That cahsier was so nice! I've had cashier's who got mad at me for just some regular groceries. She should have gotten some kind of acknowledgement for that.

  • Weird flex but ok

  • She protecc She attacc But most importantly, Cashiers sweat like h*cc When she come bacc

  • Is she preparing for the apocalypse???

  • And i pay like an asshole ? Damn

  • Imagine having 5 minutes of your shift left and she comes to your line

  • Don’t the coupons expire?

  • Stonks

  • Guess who's getting raided during the apocalypse

  • all I’m thinking throughout this videos is that she must be so fkn smart...

  • This... this is a superpower...

  • rip the cashiers

  • She beat the system it’s official.

  • Imagine being the cashier who has to scan all those coupons

  • Religious but gluttony. Hell bound??

  • At least some of it goes to food banks, those in need and charities etc

  • This is awesome! I so wish I could do this!

  • This is like when you have to many coins and have all the perks so you spend your coins for other people in the game

  • All the people saying coupons don't expire clearly haven't seen one their entire lives. Oh and good luck with the expiry dates on food items and beverages.

  • Everybody is laughing right now but when apocalypse comes I wanna be there Edit: I just finished the video and she is such a sweet little human come on!

  • The groceries Would look even better at a homeless shelter instead of her big ass house don’t y’all think🤨

  • This is a craft I wish I had

  • Imagine having to move house or if there was a hurricane?

  • Its kinda crazy how coupon works in america. All the coupons I got, we won’t be able to gain for it. It usually comes with conditions like one free bag of chips after you collect 5 bag wrappers or something like cannot be applied with any ongoing sales etc

  • I actually really like her and what she does

  • Props to her for donating, but I have never been to a store that not only lets you use coupons for sale items but actually GIVES YOU MONEY. I call bs.

  • 30 bottles of squirt? Yea I'm down.

  • I wonder how stores stay in business with couponer

  • wow

  • Are they couponaholic or shopaholic?

  • Half of those liquids and foods do expire after a year or two. So what’s the point? Those could have been in a house for a family trying to make it.

  • I pity the cashier

  • Yeah so you end up with 300 pairs of shoelaces and peanut butter and tuna sandwich spread for the next ten years

  • What if the food expires?

  • U would never go hungry in this house

  • A good way to get back ur tax money 😳

  • Expiration date : “ let me introduce myself “...

  • This is actually Talent, I would be a happy son having all those supplies 😂

  • This isn’t cheap stake it’s fucking well smart

  • She actually got a good addiction tho

  • What about the people who actually need the stuff

  • This is crazy but I love how she donates the food she buys though

  • The fact that she helps ppl is really refreshing