Store Owes Woman Money After Applying Coupons To Her $1,161 Shop | Extreme Couponing

Pubblicato il 5 lug 2019
By using her endless supply of coupons and discounts, Missy manages to buy $1161 of shopping, and end up only paying $4.53, including picking up some extra items for free when the store owes her money!
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  • I thought she was crazy and mad at least she donates to others and quite smart to do something like this getting a whole inventory God bless her and when she donates she makes sure they get what they want

  • Only if we had coupons in Britain well at least we got discounts and reward programs

  • Poor starving cats with that bitch taking all their food 😾😔✌️

  • if she sells all of it she gonna make millions of dollars

  • Coupons need a nerf

  • The room looks like a fallout food shelter

  • The Duggars could never

  • Bugee

  • balance

  • 5:18

  • my question is how tf they had to owe her money

  • 😂😂😂😹😹😩

  • just shows how the marketing guys from the supermarket and company manufacturing these products screwed up in planning their promos

  • honestly, good for her

  • Imagine being behind this girl😭😭😄

  • She buys diapers for.....NOTHING

  • 5:11 Problem solved, mIsSy SaVeD tHe DaY Didn’t the manager save the day?

  • Wow they do not have to go shopping for hurricanes

  • So she says she sponsors a couple of soldiers overseas or is it just her son because I am pretty sure with a budget of 690 billion dollars the army should be fine. Nevertheless damn this woman is impressive IRS may probably hate her.

  • Lowkey would smash

  • This is so wasteful and unhealthy, I bet they don’t even eat all the food they buy.

    • @qeetz still wasteful as fuck, what is she gonna do with all of that food, shove it up her ass?

    • Namjoon's crab addiction she give more than half of her food to charity so it’s not wasteful

  • We had Extreme Cheapskates, and now we have Extreme Couponing. What has our generation come to?!These guys should meet up. Just me?

  • *Plot thickens:* Buys every store and makes them coupon-only. Uses profits made from coupon stores to buy the government. Makes herself president of the world. Is crowned coupon queen of the world. Domination and reign doesn't stop there. Contacts Elon Musk and has him build her an army of robots and spaceships. Sends those robots out into outer space with a copy of "Prophesy of the coupon," written by her, and the supplies of which were purchased with coupons, and the pages themselves are coupons. Couponism becomes the religion of the universe. Has elon musk build her a time machine. Goes back in time to visit the first person who made a coupon. Kills that person with a coupon gun and replaces them with a clone of herself. Goes back in time even further and tells eve that she can't eat the apple unless she uses a coupon. Eve doesn't have the coupon, so mankind isn't doomed. Lady saves mankind through her acts of noble couponism.

  • She’s 37 but looks 45

  • She’s so sweet and giving

  • Why did the supermarket give so much coupon

  • Why stock pile when the store can give u money

  • These People are literally hoarders. Im still obsessed with this show though. However i cant watch tlc from cyprus so i watch highlights on yt

  • I think it's so sweet that she donates to the food to the food bank and the military

  • She’s the Marie Kondo of couponing. Where is her book!

  • She smart tho

  • Imagine a conversation in this household 😂 Kid: are there any batteries left? Mom: only about 1,200. We might have to go shopping for more Kid: okay too bad

  • I need coupons , where can I get some lol!

  • at first i was like ok addiction, crazy, wtf. now i think she's my role model

  • With 1200 batteries they must play on Xbox

  • Well at least her kids don’t need to go to a supermarket they have one in their house

  • Sad thing is probably everything is expired

  • wow all these people be saving for the apocalypse

  • How do you get coupons

  • Imagine you have 5 minutes left before you get to go home after doing an 8 hour shift and these cunts roll up to your line and add another hour or two to your shift.

  • At least she donates other couponers dont

  • Well she's prepared for the apocalypse

  • Stores fear this woman.

  • K u know what sucks some people need the médecine and stuff that she is taking and she doesn’t even care she just dumped the hole bucket!!😂. 😤😡

  • when there is a zombie apocalypse..

  • I would coupon and then I would give all the items to charity 😊

  • If a zombie apocalypse happens this is where u need to be

  • Yes u save a lot money but can they able finished all before the expire date?

  • in the uk you can only purchase 2 boxes of pain kilers in a supermarket, and i wish we had coupons like you, we dont have anything like that x

  • Mom can we go to McDonald's? No we got food at home!

  • Aleast they don’t live a cheap skate

  • Typical stay at home mom with too much time on hand?

  • Would really suck if there’s a fire

  • Most annoying people at the supermarket

  • “American shoppers save a lot of money” Me:no we fucking don’t we spend it on McDonald’s and clothes😬🙄

  • she likes to be needed? she wants people to depend on her? I just wanna learn this kind of magic

  • I guess there ready for the apocalypse

  • She is insane! *i love it*

  • I am happy to hear that she a least donates a lot of her extras unlike most of the couponers I see on these shows. I used to shop with coupons before they put limits on things and I would donate the extra to shelters. Now I rarely bother with coupons because of the limits.