Stone Cold Steve Austin Puts the Stunner on Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Pubblicato il 15 ago 2019
Stone Cold Steve Austin is a six-time WWF World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Hall of Famer. You can catch him on the award-winning podcast The Steve Austin Show. And, he's also got a new TV show, Straight Up Steve Austin, airing Mondays at 11/10c after Monday Night RAW on the USA Network. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Texas Rattlesnake body slams wings and discusses his iconic wrestling career, gives props to The Rock’s mic skills, and tells war stories from his years on the road. Thank you for another amazing season, spice lords!
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    • Steve Austin done told y'all to USE YOUR GOTDANG BLINKERS

    • First We Feast dear first we feast please get edge

    • you need to get john cena and the rock on this show by owen kyle aka big o

    • First We Feast meth wings

    • your channel sucks. i heard how you rejected certain people.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin.... The epitome of my childhood. I've hate authority since I was 12, and haven't looked back.

  • Why not ask him about his buried alive match against the undertaker and kane?

  • Such a cool man

  • Sean is such a bad ass!

  • I'd love to see MIa Khalifa, I bet she'd be funny as hell.

  • "we've been drenched in a shower....who cares if it rains." I'm getting that tattooed. Respect. lmmfao

  • Stomp a mud hole and walk it dry! Oh hell Yeah!

  • Stone Cold is an OG

  • I never get tired of listening to this man. A G.O.A.T. in his own right. Anyway, if you´re for the Keanu Reeves petition for next seasons finale, give me a hell yeah

  • I’m gone try his beer.

  • They're wrestlers. They were trained to ignore pain.

  • 23:17 "sip of milk for the working man" Hey, that boy listens to the podcast.

  • Broken Skull IPA. Now I GOTTA find it

  • Who's binge watching these? Me Yes! You Yes you're!

  • Rats on the ranch, eh?

  • This Video has 4.9k dislikes..that means 4.9k people need a stomp of mudhole in their ass, and walk them dry!

  • Stone Cold: "color means.... blood" Me: 😳

  • Using my bfs account third time watching. Big fan of both men. In saying that WHO IN THE ACTUAL F@$K WOULD THUMBS DOWN THIS EPISODE?!?!? if you all think that's some bs GIVE ME A HELL YEAH!!!!

  • Stone Cold is a badass! Hell yeah!

  • All time favorite episode what a legend

  • Sean tries the beer catch n fails hahahahaha

  • How is his mental wellness 🤔 ❓


  • i pitty this man. career based on the worst lie in the world. at least most know actors are just that. i wish this guy was homeless and starving . what a joke of a career.

  • Sean bonds with his dad

  • Really cheated. He gotta eat the whole wing !

  • Wow. This was an amazing episode! It may as well have been around a campfire. Also, Shaun (Shawn?) is possibly the best celebrity interviewer on IT-tvs (and probably overall). His questions are so respectful and illicit such real and delightful responses. It’s always amazing to watch Hot Ones.

  • Lol he asks about language but then drops F bombs.

  • Stone cold drinking milk...thats a scary sight!!!!!

  • WTF did i watch? I didn't see the six million dollar man?

  • I want to see the Worth It guys on here

  • He seems like a super cool dude. One of the best interviews in my opinion!

  • Dave from barstool.. is he next??

  • Tell me this guy wouldn't make a sick Freddy Krueger.

  • Stone Cold beat his wife and never apologized

    • @Gemsmini Yeah, I know that but that seems minor compared to Austin beating his spouse then running from police for days. I'm just saying maybe Hulk deserves another chance too then

    • Hulk gets booed because people haven't forgotten his use of the n-word.

    • @Gemsmini That's why I think it's weird that Austin gets a pass yet Hogan is still booed a lot. At least Hogan has wrestlers like Booker T, Kamala and Stevie Ray telling stories about how Hogan helped them get pushed and paid fairly. Austin doesn't have that back up yet he's cheered into oblivion.

    • Holy crap! He did!

    • Whaattt?!

  • Bring The Rock on the show

  • This is my favourite episode!! Stone Cold was, is, and always will be the absolute BOSS!!!

  • The best episode I've watched.

  • Also this guy asks the best questions. I never watched this show because I thought the premise was stupid on its own, but once I saw the show and heard the kinds of questions Sean was asking with the calibre of celebrity he has on the show, I was hooked.

  • Man Stone Cold is awesome. There's never going to be another Stone Cold, The Rock, or any of the amazing superstars that came out of the Attitude Era including Bret Hart - what a great time it was in wrestling. Lightning really only strikes once.

  • I still remember how I used to mimic the way he walks every after his match. Hahaha #Childhoodhero

  • Please get Corey Taylor

  • Steve seems like that one friend you have that's hilariously southern. "Hell Yea, Brother!"

  • You da man steeeeve! 💪💀🍻

  • I have to say it's awesome to see another side of the Stone Cold Steve Austin!! Sean Ive said before and Ill say it again. YOU are a great interviewer, your questions are on point. Thx for the laughs, keep it up

  • Awesome job Sean

  • Steve seems so down to earth I think that's why I liked him so much he was relatable

  • After this Stunning performance sadly you will never get the rock on the show. Candy ass jebronie knows he can't follow this act cause Stone Cold said so.

  • The Texas Rattlesnake has evolved into The Texas Firesnake...

  • "If you wanna see Sean Evans get a mudhole stomped in him gimme a hell yeah"

  • Goddamn even the sauce didn’t stop him from running his mouth xD

  • man why dont they switch between the cameras during the "this camera, this camera, this camera" part anymore? I really miss that...

  • Irish spring soap keeps pack rats and mice away from motors cut it into 6 squares keep it on the plenum or one square by the struts in the corners closer to the outside and firewall

  • Love stone cold 💯

  • When I was a kid, him and The Rock were my faves. Dude is so beastly.


  • Just a good fuggin dude

  • U can just tell that this guy is a genuinely nice guy

  • This man was my childhood hes soo cool