Steven Odendaal's unbelievable FP3 save! | Moto2™#CzechGP 2019

Pubblicato il 3 ago 2019
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  • aż dym z butów poszedł

  • J

  • เอาไปที่2 รองแชมป์อวกาศ ถูกตัดคะแนนนิดหน่อย ตอนไหลเข่างอ ออกเส้นนิด

  • U might not believe but has my cousin

  • What a faggot put a dislike? Assholes

  • Give that rider a Bell's . . . or two!!!


  • Not today! This guy has the reflexes of a mongoose

  • Awesome

  • Play at 2x speed...Thank me later!

  • Idk why but I was twisting my leg like a fool over here. 😂😂

  • 👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • A typical highsider failure. Hold your bike with your knees before it smashes back.


  • Wow, hope it doesn't happen to YOU!

  • Sucks to have to finish the race with wet pants😀


  • Into the pits for new underwear

  • Turning, braking, hanging on and cacking his pants all at once. Remarkable.

  • Holy crap!!!🤣😂👏👏👏👏👏💪💪💪💪💪💪🥂🥂 That was the save of the century..

  • I've done similar except I fell off, its easy

  • Went to the shoestore.

  • new sport bike drifting leading to side car skiing

  • Turning the bike into the corner whilst be dragged along beside it was awesome!

  • This man know how to turn a bad day into a average day.

  • Need the video on real time, not Slow Motion, please. Znx

  • Alguien que me pase el vídeo en tiempo real, no Slow Motion, por favor

  • Note the head position/where he's looking, fuckin bossman - always look where you wanna go and you will go there

  • Awesome save!!!! Man has skills!!

  • Yeah they should show in normal speed also......... One thing I know to avoid going into a highside like this........stay in the throttle!!!

  • His right arm got to be killing him...very Courageous save.....after watching this video....whenever your bike gets out of control get off the seat and stay on the side of the bike ...only if you have enough nerve....because if you stay on the seat your steering gonna wobble and the bike is gonna throw you!!!....just would definitely be in the safety books on if your bike gets outta this!

  • Incredible save! Dude had to do a whole bunch of decisions really quickly, before running out of pavement. You da king !

  • Wow! Just wow

  • Tio eso se llama tomar el toro por los cuernos

  • Oh you lucky basterd

  • Esos son hombres no payasos.....

  • amateur on her knees ! BRAVO!!!

  • this world is really creepy. everything is thousand percent possible to happen

  • king kong

  • Die Stiefel sind bestimmt durch😂

  • Helmet of Zorro!

  • Dude's so fast that @:13, he has to wait for the bike.

  • cornering at 40kph,,its ok to save

  • Nothing is impossible. When you love your bike LOL hang on till the bitter end. Or the ride continues. Either way there’s no divorce motorcycles joined For life

  • That's what you call a "clingy" rider..

  • Skills

  • Dang!! Teach a class on highside recovery Dude!!!!

  • Phenomenal core strength

  • Ghost ride the whip

  • Watch it in 2x speed, thank me later 😊

  • Only a South African💪🇿🇦👍

  • Lol

  • Randy Mamola style

  • ....and freaking done IN STYLE!!!!!

  • Randy Mamola?

  • He should pop the kickstand and go change his titee whitees.

  • I seen Hillary Clinton do that to Bill It didn’t end well 🤪😝

  • Wow that was bad ass

  • I wonder did he thank Jesus after lol

  • Just like riding a bull