Steven And Andrew React To The 5 Cheapest ‘Worth It’ Foods

Pubblicato il 11 dic 2019
Worth It watches Worth It!
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  • ....where'd the banana come from?

  • Worth it: Rewatch

  • worth it leftovers hello??

  • Refried Worth it

  • hey andrew ...whats wrong with your neck ????

  • Worth it: Red light.

  • How about “ Worth it fact “

  • Worth it dessert

  • Also I want to know if I have suggestions for worth it episode ... where shall I send it

  • How about “Worthed it “ .. like past tense ..I know it’s grammatically wrong but silly enough!

  • A dollar for a cookie, too expensive for me, maybe im broke😂

  • Steven holding the bowl of fruit tho

  • How many times did Andrew say “ for real “ and “for sure “

  • Meta worth it

  • Did Andrew get into a fight with a vaccuum? xD

  • Bruh

  • How has no one suggested “Was it worth it?” I feel like that’s the first thing I thought of for name suggestions for the react videos🤪

  • Don't put 3 dollar signs in the thumbnail if you want to signal "cheap", it's really confusing

  • Worth it rewatch. Or Worth it memories.

  • Personally, I like worth it: aftertaste.

  • The “egg in Japan” episode (5:34-5:42) was the first to make me realize how substandard our general food quality is, here in the United States. People talk about how Japan’s food culture, the foods that are available for fast/on-the-go dining, allow the population to stay relatively thin (~3% obesity rate vs. America’s 30% rate), but quality regulation’s also a factor. Our local Walgreens now sells sushi and sandwich packets, but you just can’t trust that the meat isn’t green or the fish/mayonnaise hasn’t sat out for hours before refrigeration. Under the circumstances, it’s unsurprising that American shoppers pick something stuffed with preservatives instead of “fresh”. ::pondering:: 1.11.2020

  • Worth it leftovers

  • There is a bakery around the corner from me that sells 2 cookies for a quarter. It's a Mexican bakery though, so hence why it is so affordable. Aside from a few items that need to be refrigerated (i.e. cake) most things cost like 45-70 cents.

  • Worth it leftovers


  • Reheating makes complete sense if you’re broke!

  • Worth It: Leftovers

  • "Worth it: Rewind" ✌🏻

  • Did Andrew just change up the quote "If you stay ready you ain't got to get ready"

  • do a Vietnamese coffee please

  • I just realized there are 6 different foods


  • Worth It - Buffet, Worth It - A La Carte, Worth It - Dash to Dine, Worth It - Adam's Day Out

  • You should call it “Watch it” you know like Worth it. “Watch it; worth it watching worth it”

    • Please see this comment 🤞

  • Honestly middle price is prolly the best choice when wanted a good quality place to eat at. Bc lowest prices is more for everyday stuff, but it gets to a point at the most expensive stuff, where it’s literally as good at the middle price, they just throw golf and crap on it to rack up the price.

  • Worth it:last bite

  • Wait in the cookie episode was one cookie just 1$ or a group of cookies because i feel like a tiny cookie like the shortbread cookie is so overpriced imo

  • I've enjoyed most of these behind the scenes videos but this was soooooooo boring.

  • 4:10 Andrew you monster! Why'd you have to touch your banana? 😂

  • worth -watching- it

  • Worth it Takeout

  • Worth it: Round trip

  • Worth it: back for seconds

  • Worth It: Chewed Gum

  • Please do Worth it kabsa!

  • Worth It: Leftovers

  • Worth it: The Worth

  • Worth it: breakdown

  • What happened to the $1 pizza slice??

  • Worth it: regurgitation

  • How the heck did Andrew haven't spill the mug since the beginning ? That is impressive.

  • Know your worth... it

  • Snack time! Because, y'all are usually snacking while you're watching these back.

  • I dont like Adam

  • Fix your microphones please don't you hear the echo?

  • worth it: leftovers

  • 1:26 andrew suppressing a yawn

  • 4:38 omg salty Andrew 😂

  • “ I don’t like it because it implies that i lost my heat which i never do” Wow even Andrew knows that he’s hot🔥

  • Are they eating the bananas because they feel hungry while watching?