Stephen A. lists the pros and cons of the Russell Westbrook-James Harden Rockets | SportsCenter

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
Stephen A. Smith breaks down the pros and cons of Russell Westbrook being traded to the Houston Rockets to play alongside James Harden, and what the two stars playing together means for Houston's playoff chances in 2020.
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  • Stephen A the MVP of ESPN

  • If Russell Westbrook comes back with a three ball and still has his athleticism and James harden could share the ball they will be equal with the LA teams but I doubt it

  • Stephen A Smith is the Lebron of ESPN the way he carries this network

  • Buzz Lightyear is there to remind everyone how ESPN is working Stephen A to infinity and beyond

  • They will be unstoppable in the regular season but man come playoffs... Two of the biggest chokers in the modern era on one team during the playoffs....

  • rockets should just hire chris Paul as the coach because dantoni can't and don't coach. or get Jeff van gundy and Tracy McGrady to coach the rockets!

  • Stephen a stack up them Racks and quit espn and make your own shows 💯💯

  • Stephen A. needs equity in ESPN, they are nothing without him

  • Match made in hell, both play for themselves and personal stats

  • Y’all bitchin and moanin about sas working all the time, he gotta get that bag, a brotha gotta eat!!!!

  • Ppl still listen to this racist?

  • Steven A is the LeBron of 2017/18 cavs

  • Great trade for h town

  • Stephen A is going to make a power move at some point...Idk what it is...or what’s it’s going to be but he’s the highlight of the network...with 10 mil/yr in start up money...we witnessing the glow up 💯

  • After saying all of that, Stephen A had to cap it off saying there still not going to win a championship what a savage😂😂

  • Stephen A. has all these Jobs and Skip Bayless only has 1 and still makes more money then Stephen A. Lol

  • Chris Paul is a better shooter better ball handler Better passer don't sleep on him when he gets traded again

  • westbrook can ball? lmao

  • Stephen A the only one on ESPN to not hate on harden/Russ combo and focus on what the real problem is mike dantoni. None of us no how any of these new formed duos are going to play together. I think Russ/hardens game is a better match than Lebron/AD tbh.

  • Either shes got a resting bitch face or shes somewhere between the age of 28 and 40

  • At this point Stephen A needs a Max contract and a signing bonus

  • This trade has changed the whole discussion about who's dominant in the West. There's maybe 5 teams that can win the western conference title, injuries will be a major factor in determining the outcomes of those 5 teams. The conference crown won't be "won on paper" to quote boogie cousins.

  • so basically when the rockets fail again Stephen A will just automatically blame D'antoni instead of acknowledging the fact that Russ and Harden is a terrible combination..

  • SASPN. Stephen A stands still, everyone else comse

  • If Stephen A doesn't become the CEO of ESPN one day then he got scammed

  • Stephen A the OVP of ESPN! No, not OVer Paid😂 the Only Valuable Personality 😂😂😂

  • I guess smith is getting paid more than everyone like 10 millions reasons why no days off

  • I feel bad for D Anthony

  • I'm happy to hear that there is actually pressure in a coach. Donovan was horrible for OKC but Presti kept him and lost PG and Russ in the process

  • LeBron is to Skip Bayless as D'antoni is to Stephen A Smith

  • I love that the pace will pick up.

  • Russell gonna have to play like LeBron at pg....Cut.. kickout or slam.

  • They doing this man filthy 😩😩😩😩

  • D'Antoni is trash

  • buzz lightyear in the background...

  • Nyaint vinnina championship

  • James Harden: wide open in the corner Russell Westbrook: "Y'all hear sum'um

  • Espn sucks Will cain, Stephen A max kellerman suck

  • 🔥🔥 Just Imagine If Rockets Got Russell AND Steven Adams !! SHEESH 🔥🔥

  • Russell Westbrook is such a hypocrite. Blaming Durant for leaving OKC, then he does the same. Douchebag

  • I feel like Stephen a smith just says shit out of his ass . Like anything is possible stop giving opinions they don’t matter, actions do!

  • Max and Molly out in the Bahamas enjoying vacation meanwhile SAS can’t even use the toilet without espn banging the door

  • Truth is that if Westbrook took hardens spot as pg the rockets would be more dangerous seeing that Westbrook could break down any defense with his athletic ability better then harden they would have more options but that would take harden and Westbrook changing they’re game but we know that’s not going to happen. Westbrook is not a jump shooter and when harden doesn’t have the ball he becomes stagnant and if he wasn’t him and Chris Paul would’ve worked and never had beef. Comes down to the coach not letting players do what they want

  • There is a reason ESPN is paying SAS 10 mil a year. He carrying all these shows.

  • Con: Westbrook is a stat padding ballhog. Pro: He isn't Chris Paul. 🙄

    • Lol every great player in history got stats that's so dumb

  • At 38 seconds or sum like dat it shows harden looking at cp3 asking for the ball think bout passing then shoot it🤣🤣

  • Buzz just chillin in front of Stephen a smith

  • wel at least d'antoni is 10x better than donovan

  • This man Stephen A don't sleep LOL

  • Am I the only one that has no need to watch ESPN on television ever again?

  • I’m so tired of people saying Westbrook can get to the hole at will and finish. SMH he’s really inefficient at finishing around the rim. AND he can’t shoot, so what does that leave him?

  • IF: James Harden/Coach D'Atoni can teach Westbrook their offensive scheme and Westbrook can acquire James Harden's role AND a shooter/slasher role to James Harden as PG, then their offense will be that much more electrifying by giving James Harden some breathing minutes, and also by giving James Harden a dynamic pass option. Even without Russell they would be going to the playoffs, so Russ will not ruin that possibility. With Russ in the line-up, it is possible that they will improve their offense in tight playoff games. Russ can learn a lot from James Harden's offensive game: slow-mo, decision making, 3-point workouts/etc. And what the Rockets need overall is improved defense. If this team can learn to play defense better, they will go far. Without defense, they will not last against teams with superior defenses: Clippers/Jazz/Bucks/etc, especially come playoff time. What I don't like about this make-up is that both of these players were previously great defenders. But their super-star status has clouded their basketball game and made them one-way players. Do they want to win the Championship enough to risk it all by playing defense? Defense saps your energy and turns your legs to jelly, and jelly legs sucks life away from your offense, and bad offense means less fans and smaller contract money. So I understand where Westbrook and Harden are coming from. They are under the attitude of "Imma get mine, so don't tell me to play tenacious hard core defense when (previous to Kawhi-Nurse-Raptor's 2019 defense-focused championship) everyone in the modern NBA knows that only offense is needed to get the big contracts." What incentive do they have to play defense and win a championship? I don't know them personally, but I assume that since they both are on max contracts, and since they both are prior MVPs, they now have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. If they don't win a championship, they will both still be in the NBA hall of fame from their offense alone. But if they win a championship? They will go into the hall of fame even higher, AND with good arguments over legendary names. KD: The reason why I like KD so much is he cares about being the best. He wants to be the best, and he will do what he needs to do to get there. It doesn't matter how much money he makes, he has that mamba drive. Jordan had it, Kobe had it, and KD has it. He's not okay with just getting a pay check. KD wants to beat Lebron and Kawhi now, and he moved to the NETs to prove it. I could argue that these two (Harden/Westbrook) are just happy with their paychecks. They figured out the formula for max contracts, they successfully got their max contracts, and they are now set for the rest of their life. If they keep giving the Rockets fans playoff games with some razzle-dazzle, but fall short of the chip, they can still hold their heads high... right? Yes, if you are happy with being a non-championship hall-of-famer. But KD already is going to be a hall-of-famer, champion, and possible top-scorer of all time. And he still wants more. What about these two? I hope so... 2019-2020 NBA Season: This NBA season has just made Adam Silver's job the best in the world. Can you believe what the NBA has just become? There are going to be so many box-office games that Mr. Silver might as well be the president of all sports. NFL what? There is so much drama and competition in the NBA now that all the old fans are going to be compelled to come back and watch games. One man is to blame: Kawhi. Why? Because he broke the mold and brought real basketball back to the NBA by defeating the Warriors with tenacious defense. And then he took the harder competitive route for the next season by choosing the other team in Lebron's town. Who does that? Kawhi does. And all the while other's in the NBA (KD-Kirie-DJ/Westbrook) are not conceding to Lebron or Kawhi and want their shot at greatness. Why is this year so special? Simple: it's an era that 1) true 2-way basketball is back in the NBA - this gives current players more legitimacy when challenging the legacies of NBA legends; 2) fans get to see multiple future-hall-of-fame players compete for the championship. If everyone stays healthy, and at the end of this season we see everyone back in the mix for the championship (I believe KD and Klay Thompson will be back by then), then the winner of the 2020 NBA Championship could very well be an instant legend. If Kawhi beats Lebron in the playoffs and then KD in the finals? He will be the argument for GOAT over Lebron. If KD comes back at the end of the season and defeats Kawhi/Lebron in the finals? KD will be in the GOAT discussion. If Lebron wins it? He will be back in the GOAT discussion. None of them can match up to Jordan, but to be in the GOAT discussion is an accomplishment all on it's own. Currently, only Lebron has reached that level. But others are biting at his heels, and Kawhi has almost completely overshadowed Lebron.

  • Gonna be fun to watch....playoffs for sure.

  • They aint wining the championship😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • There can only be 1 MVP.

  • 4:01 very good. when stephen a. smith says you ain't winning the championship you have a good shot at winning cause he is never right at that point. 😉 the odds aren't against us.

  • Elle looking like a million bucks

  • Harden want Dwight Howard(didn’t work out, then Chris Paul(didn’t work our),and now Westbrook. It won’t work,cause both are ball hog.

  • this guys ability to gradually increase intensity over the course of a segment and eventually end up yelling time and time again is impressive

  • I thought I still had the speed turnt up dude talk fast asl

  • Stephen A about to replace Papi this summer

  • Why are we still calling Steve Kerr an elite coach? If you give me a marker and a dry/erase board, and a 100% healthy Warriors team, I guarantee we win the western conference

  • Did anyone notice Chuck light-year at 1:02?

  • She doesn't fuck w/ him huh lol

  • Both could learn from each other

  • Stephen A hating on D’antoni

  • SAS literally is espn

  • Finally we got rid of CP3 Bum Ass 😂

  • Sleeping on Westbrook

  • He is the only person carrying the mail in Bristol! Might like him but respect the way he does business

  • Pro: Completely unstoppable offensively Cons: Clutch baskets, Russel Shooting

  • Stephen A got a bed under that desk

  • Stephen A is ESPN. This dude could demand what ever amount of money he wanted and ESPN would have no choice, but to pay him.

  • ESPN: "Stephen A, you deserve some time off, go on a vacation." Stephen A: "No I do not and here's why..."

  • This shit boutta be a disaster

  • SAS is becoming a brand/celebrity and he’s going to go down as one of the best if not THE best Analyst ever!

  • That man picking up everyones over time hrs lmfao but i bet his vacation gonna be a month or 2 compared to theirs i bet he getting some bonuses too

  • Not mentioning Steph and Klay in these duo convos.... Don't understand why. Guess they ain't sexy no mo lol

    • @Richy Rich yeah warriors are hated for the run they did, Kevin durant is on a different team, believe when klay comes back him and curry will be in the convo

    • @Anthony Harris Kevin Durant will be out longer and we still talking bout him.

    • They are sleeping but also klay is out for most of the year that's the main reason

  • bro sas needs to rest

  • 2 of the last 3 MVP's? Yeah there should be a lot of expectations 😅😂