Stephen A. can’t believe Max Kellerman is defending Myles Garrett | First Take

Pubblicato il 15 nov 2019
Stephen A. Smith and Louis Riddick debate Max Kellerman about whether Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett deserves a severe suspension for hitting Pittsburgh Steelers QB Mason Rudolph in the head with his own helmet.
#FirstTake #NFL
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  • Its a game. Realize. Play by the rules. Or lose. Same as a board game. Thats all. Its simple. Dont be dumb.

  • First of all. You just said gun. You should not. Never. This is a sport. Thats it.

  • Max is a soilder, and he stands on the truth. Much respect to Max!!!

  • i can't see why anyone agrees with max. what SA/Louis are trying to say that Max doesn't understand is that by striking with the helmet he threw dice on potentially cracking the dudes skull - the big deal is that he consciously rolled those dice by swinging that helmet like that, and everyone is very luckily that they didn't land that way.

  • Honestly Max is the only one with any sense on here

  • 4:17 cracks me up. Dude's all smug thinking "checkmate" I'm clever...and Max's face when he says "yyyyyess". Gold :-)

  • Max sounds like an idiot

  • black max

  • She doesnt need to talk baseball...because pitchers hit batters on purpose depending on the situation ...and i use to be a pitcher i never hit anybody purposely but seem many who have

  • if IFs and buts were candies and nuts, Oh! what a Merry Christmas it would be.

  • Stephens of Django is always tap-dancing, that's how he got a new contract, not because he's good but because he's a good boy.

  • Max is always trying to justify everything he disagrees with,even when he is so wrong!The helmet was a weapon!

  • Max needs more black friends; he isn't woke enough and needs to show everyone he is down with the cause. What an embarrassment.

  • We need to make an example of him professional football players college graduates it is a huge privilege millions of dollars with parents hoping their kids can play we can't let football players become gladiators

  • I thought Myles Garrett started it when he drove Mason Rudolph to the ground and laid on him... which obviously pissed off Rudolph, who then retaliated by grabbing his facemask...

  • Stephen A go work for fox news.

  • This is why T.O said Max is blacker then Stephen A.

  • Since Max Kellermans RAP Career got “Indefinitely Suspensed”, before even getting started. The term obviously carries some serious trauma for him! So his opinions completely bias.

  • Every action causes a reaction!

  • The rules always list the minimum punishment. Max is wrong. They should both be punished and Garrett should get more than a disqualification. Geez

  • Max is blacker than both these guys🤣😂

  • Max analyzed the play and what took place, the others need to do their also . Max is right and calmly brought it to the table !!

  • Stephen A. Go home with Rudolph and don’t come back...

  • Max is right, if it's in the rules, it needs to stay as it states in the rules. Why does the rule change now? What needs to change is if you are going to have a rule where someone gets hit in the head with anothers helmet, then they need to up the consequence and just assume the worst after that happens to someone.

  • Is Molly finally off the air?

  • Max is the only person ... I can stomach to listen to

  • 5:03 - 5:16 😂😂😂😂 greatest ending ever

  • Max is a character. Is not real. He always has been the bad.

  • How much they paying this uncle Tom. He woop the slaves harder than his masters

  • I can 100% guarantee that getting spiked in the nuts hurts more than having a plastic helmet bang off of your head

  • Stephen A. is a sell out. It's apparent. Max keep speaking truth, thank you.

  • Max is right, the rest are snowflakes that want to play the victim

  • Max the only smart rational man there

  • We trading Stephen A for Max black IT-tvs WYA ✊🏾

  • Max and his ignorance is strong in this one.

  • All the what if he woulda cracked his skull open has nothing to do with what happened. You dont get charged with murder for shooting someone in the hand because it could've hit him in the head and killed him. You get charged for what happened.

  • Finally an adequate female sports host.

  • Lol Max is a cuckold, he probably thanks every one who nuts in his wife's mouth. 🤣

  • I agree with max 10000 percent he is 10000 percent right that is what happened

  • I agree with Max.

  • 🗣We’ll trade STEPHEN for MAX

  • Max the only one keeping it real. Louis Riddick playing the role because he wants a front office gig and Stephen A....well....he sold the rest of his soul for that new contract. He’s fully activated🤦🏿‍♂️

  • I agree with Max on this one

  • Everyone is looking at the reaction not WHY he did what he did. Why, that reaction?

  • Sas been dancing this whole week 🤣🤣🤣

  • For once, I agree with Max

  • i hate the way sas shows no class off valid points that contradict his opinion or talking points...( sas does not give HIS opinion, he gives the opinion of his EMPLOYEER)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Max we know Rudolph started it but after Garrett rips the helmet off you got him back. Drop it and if Rudolph wants to go at him let the fists do the work. Since he didn’t split his head open no harm no foul? So WOKE you actually SLEEPING

  • Max speaking FACTS

  • Soo.. Rudolph should he get no punishment for the attempt but myles should be suspended. So Attempted murder should get no charge.. Yeah exactly sounds dumb

  • Max wishes so bad he can tell the world on national TV that MOST of the black commentators make their checks by deflecting the conversation away from the racial aspect of the situation. Let's be honest, most people will only reflect on a black guy striking a white guy. And in this country it's " throw the book at em" mentality when the injured is white. Rudolph said he's ok ....get over it!

  • Mason Rudolph caused the whole incident. He should be suspended. I dont understand what Stephen A is arguing about? Now of course Garret punishment should be worst because he assaulted him with a weapon, but Mason Rudolph wasnt try to make up either when Garret helmeted him lol. Now, what about Pouncey? Was his aggression as bad as Garret? I think it was. Garret was subdued when Pouncey kept kicking him.

  • Kellerman is an idiot

  • Stephen I agree with Max

  • Max is right. Check your history boys. This is bad blood from college. OU (Baker) vs. OSU ( Mason.) Baker was once again making Mason look like a chump, and Mason just got this shiny new starting QB job (due to injury). Mason was looking to fight anyone on the Browns or rather the Heisman Trophy, record setting,, 1 st NFL draft pick Baker Mayfield led team. OU vs. OSU is one of the biggest, fiercest rivalries in college football. Mason, dude be real, Baker did it to you again. Man up and admit it.

  • Rudolph started it, Garrett finished it. He may have been a little extreme, but he's not necessarily wrong.

  • Shut up Max

  • Max is an idiot

  • We, The Black delegation, would like to trade Steven a Smith and 12 first round picks for Max Kellerman!

  • Wow max Kellerman is so woke👌🏻👌🏻💯💯 like if you’re the white person in any situation YOURE IN THE WRONG! Why don’t people get that?? Just look at ur skin color, if it’s white then you’re basically less of a person in my eyes, right guys!!!