Stephen A.’s Week 2 NFL Power Rankings: Lamar Jackson gives the Ravens a boost | First Take

Pubblicato il 17 set 2019
Stephen A. Smith breaks down why the New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles have been replaced by the Baltimore Ravens and the Los Angeles Rams on his Week 2 NFL Power Rankings.
#FirstTake #NFL
1. New England Patriots
2. Kansas City Chiefs
3. Dallas Cowboys
4. Baltimore Ravens
5. Los Angeles Rams
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  • Cowboys...

  • Get Jalen Ramsey on the Ravens why don't ya

  • Tony Pollard is turning up for the Cowboys

  • it all started with my brother michael vick

  • What happened to that lamar can throw

  • Stop sleeping on the ravens

  • Definitely don’t got AB anymore...

  • Eagles gross

  • Anyone else watching after AB’s release😂😂😂

  • Ravens at 4? You clown. I am ravens fan and we ain’t that high yet, we need a defense and we’ve played two middle school teams. I’m m hype and and I think we top 10 but chill a lol bit on my boys

    • Jonnie Yanda I hope so bro, I hope so. And rn hi believe what you’re saying. I’m just tryna day we have played a good team yet, wait till we play KC in KC and he builds up a solid record on the year to analyze is all, I don’t wanna buy into the hype before I should.

    • @Sjchxh Triskit cardinals arent a bad team this season, they're going to be decent. yes, the secondary looked bad, but its just one week, and tony jefferson got exposed. ravens still have one of the best secondaries in the league. they also got stops when they needed to at the end. this is why cardinals only scored 17 points. Defense is still going to be top 5 level if not close to it.

    • Jonnie Yanda ive been watching for 12 years btw (aka since I was 4), and I’m dumb for trying to say the cardinals are bad because they tied Detroit. My apologies. Also if you look closely or watched at all the ravens game last week you’d see the secondary looked like you were playing for them. I’m just saying hold back the hype on my boys until we play a real team

    • Cardinals arent a bad team. They tied the lions who beat the chargers. What u mean u need a defense? The defense was ranked #1 last season and its top 5 ranked right now. U sound like someone that just started watching

  • Always putting the cowboys ahead of the Rams wait till we beat them again this year

  • “They ain’t got Antonio brown” *Patriots release Antonio Brown*

  • Stephen A. Smith your wrong let me tell you why.....

  • They don’t got Antonio brown anymore

  • Wait how the heck is Eagles ranked above Cowboys? When’s the last time eagles even beat the Cowboys? This is ridiculous. I agree with Stephen A on this 100%

  • Ravens at 2 or 3

  • What if Ramsey ended up on the Patriots?

  • Hawks can be 10-0 and they will still get no respect. Hawks winning it all this year

  • I have Jackson on my fantasy football team and I’m hoping he breaks out

  • Packers ?

  • 49ers are top 5

  • Put Ramsey In Baltimore


  • I hope lamar can continue to capitalize off the moment and continues to stride and evolve

  • His list after week one was trash af why would I expect his week 2 list to be any better 😂?

  • Imagine Jalen Ramsey with Richard Sherman. He would instantly make the Niners defense top 5.

  • Keep sleeping on the Rams. Can't wait

  • Rams still underrated

  • Does this dude even need air?

  • Cowboys undefeated two weeks into the season great reason ;D

  • Why are we giving teams so much credit for smashing the Dolphins who aren't even trying to win?

  • The Ravens are scary good with Lamar Jackson at QB. He could be what Vince Young never was.

  • Wait cowboys over two teams that would stomp them . Cowboys have beaten 2 bad teams . Now they get the dolphins lol

  • If the Chiefs get Jalen Ramsey and Grok come back to the Patriots, who do y'all have winning ?

  • Ravens beat Dolphins (who are in the conversation for the worst team in NFL history) and the Cardinals. Ya'll calm down. If they beat the Chiefs? Sure. But we aren't saying the Bill's are good for going 2-0 even though they destroyed the Giants. Calm. Down.

  • Jimmy butler

  • The patriots are number 1 because they play shitty teams lol

  • why are you yelling

  • Ravens ain’t faced nobody good yet.

  • Packers being slept on that's how we like it 😴

  • Stephen A is wrong and here's why

  • every year the cowpokes Choke every year I laugh.

  • I'm a jags fan but if i was a ravens fan i would be very excited for the future with Vick 2..0

  • Err body see the chiefs say hooo!

  • That's such a perfect top 5 right now

  • Pats D aintt that good bro they faced the jets and the dolphins. Two teams that are, undoubtedly, in the top 5 worst teams in the NFL

  • Molly... stop interrupting... that is all.


  • Texans 5 ravens 4 cowboys 3 chiefs 2 pats 1

  • Wow, I had no idea there were so many lamar jackson fans🙄 I didn't see yall last season

  • Finally some respect for Lamar and the Ravens! Gonna take it hard to the Chiefs on Sunday.

  • My eagles need Jalen 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • I may not always agree with the guy but Stephen A’s enthusiasm is just great.

  • BRING ON THEM CHIEFS!!!! LJ8 only getting better !! You want the arm OR the legs to beat you!!??

  • You pump the brakes on the Lamar hype after the dolphins but now he’s an mvp candidate 🧐🧐🧐

  • So the niners...🤷‍♂️

  • Molly smh 😂

  • Is Stephen A... Being nice to the COWBOYS?!?!?!

  • Lamar HATERS= crickets right now