Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Official Trailer Breakdown

Pubblicato il 22 ott 2019
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  • It seems that the rise of skywalker is to become another failure. Based on recent leeks regarding a new Jedi being put in the film, if it happens do think it’s a skywalker or a Jedi from before order 66, possibly a fan favourite, an older Asoka?

  • Star Wars was ruined the day disney decided to NOT run with George Lucas verisions of epsidoe 7 through 9. Everyone is hating on disney but disney is making these films come to life but its the high-ups in these big ass companies that only think about money and dont know what the f they are doing. If Geroge never had faith in Disney in the first place i dont think that he would have sold his life creation to them, he just got stabbed in the back by lying cunts who never held up to their part of the bargin. Fuck RJ, fuck Kathleen Kennedy and fuck Bob Iger for back-stabbing George and not agreeing with his visions!

  • If Snoke was seriously a pointless villain... Hundreds of millions of dollars of bad writing.

  • emperor fights kylo ren and rey. emperor kills kylo. kylo comes back as a force ghost and gives rey energy. Rey kills emperor. Rey renames herself rey Skywalker. The End. ---- Save your money------ your welcome.

  • I feel like the whole Jedi training thing is kinda a plot hole introduced in the prequels.

  • With you saying that most people can feel the force, it seems to me that maz Kanata is force sensitive. Do you think you can do a video on maz Kanata and her being force sensitive maybe? Would really like to hear your thoughts

  • i know im going to cry during this movie

  • They killed C3PO, you bastards!

  • Notice as ben approaches rey...his saber goes down and back. Not forward in attack stance...

  • So many babies with so much time on their hands they have nothing better to do with their lives than bash star wars. Pretty sad.

  • "Its time for Disney Star Wars to end"

  • I believe that is Leia in the beginning training. Lots of hair, the helmet, the blaster....

  • The Jedi were just super Christians in star wars world they had to be stopped

  • Why do you talk about spoilers in a trailer breakdown?

  • So I was right Rey is a sky Walker and actually is the daughter of Luke he had with a woman in his adventures that he didn't know until his light saber sought her out.

  • i think it would have been awesome if , had luke lived, he would attempt to fight palpatine first be fore rey and be the martyr to her as obi wan was to luke

  • I wonder how much of what's in the trailer will actually be in the movie.

  • That was definitely Ezra Bridger who said: "Always"...

  • Slightly disgruntled Star Wars Fan! I am writing this first to say that I DO enjoy the content that you all post. I find it entertaining and educational regarding all things Star Wars. The reason I feel disgruntled is every single time a new trailer drops for the new Star Wars movie it seems within a couple of short hours you have completely dissected it and slam a video onto IT-tvs with the “Complete Breakdown” of the trailer and “This is what’s going to happen” commentary. Why can’t this be left alone? None of you were on the writing team or the production team or directing the movie. You have no idea what is going to take place. You are all just speculating. I understand that there are a great number of fans and followers of your sites that want this and that’s their right. But for those of us that truly want to wait and see the movie and enjoy finding things out for ourselves, it is difficult. I never watch any of these “Breakdown” videos. I know that will be everyone’s comment to this. “If you don’t like them don’t watch them.” But even scrolling through IT-tvs just seeing the video’s post, pic and title is sometimes enough to ruin some things. Example: I knew Iron Man died in Endgame before I saw the movie because of someone’s video post. (Thank you very much!!) And if I click on the “Not Interested” button IT-tvss algorithm then stops offering up your other videos that I am interested in watching. I guess there’s no way to win at this other than to completely leave IT-tvs until after I have seen the movie and enjoyed it for the entertainment that a true Star Wars fan gets from the movies.

  • If there's a force ghost battle between Palpatine vs Luke and Anakin I will lose my shit

  • Ehhh so what about Snoke or atleast some backstory?

  • Star Woke: The Rise of Mary Sue Was that a helmet, or the plot that got dropped at the beginning of the clip?

  • Don’t like palpatine coming back

  • So how is the dark acolyte after all ? or the leaks were bs lies , with doesn't surprise me .

  • Excellent video, but what is this league that you're getting all your information from?

  • So when does Anakin come in and complete his destiny? Or was he just a bitch that Lucas wasted 6 movies on??

  • I have no intention to see this film. None what so ever. At least not until after it's in the movies and hits the discount bin. Then I might watch it. I have little to no faith after the past two films. Faith that they will have to earn back.

  • Dominic mohaghan is behind Rose Tico Anyone notice that?

  • I will be one of the fortunate individuals that will not be going to the theater in December to see this. I wait until it comes out on mainstream television in a few years as part of my cable package. That way my money will be better spent and better used.

  • It will be a new order called the Skywalker's with kylo leading the way

  • Fuckin podracing

  • Cant wait to see how awful and incredibly stuod this movie will be and the negative reviews picking apart.


  • I love your channel BUT I'M PRETTY SURE DISNEY IS NOT AND HAS NOT GONE FOR THE "EVERYONE CAN FEEL THE FORCE" THEORY. Just because Finn talks about it doesn't mean he feels it at all. If you wanna point to The Last Jedi, I think that's a one-time STUPID MISTAKE BY THE FUCKING PEICE OF SHIT RIAN JOHNSON. But J.J. was never trying to say that.

  • Dear Disney: Please remember, you don't have to kill every character after you are done using them.

  • Long have i waited...for am i not the waiter?

  • She's Anakin.. stories are very similar.. she counts the days the way he did, on a sand planet.. you'll be calling it obvious later.

  • So there's not a single person that can back up CP30's files before they reprogram him? Uh...

  • Dumb spoilers just straight in the trailer, Disney cant help themselves from ruining their movies. Also Rey being a Skywalker is just fucking dumb, she was supposed to be a random who believes in the Force and has a strong connection with it. Being a lowkey Skywalker, descended from Star Wars Jesus(Anakin, miraculous conception) just undercuts one of her major character traits.

  • That would be awesome if Mace Windu had a cameo in this. It's probably not going to happen but if it did I would be in shock. Imagine the look on palpatines face if he saw Mace Windu lol.

  • This is not star wars. I don't feel anything.

  • Yeah, definitely right about the "iceberg." If it was in water, the ships flying toward it would have reflections.

  • that's too bad they ever I guess I really liked the guy that played freaking kylo Ren so they're going to write him in to be a good guy but my biggest fear is that inbred looking Kathleen Kennedy cunt any influence that she might have had on this film or injected sjw propaganda politics and crap 0

  • Ugh....why did you have to involve spoilers in this??? One can do a breakdown of what is presented without involving leaks and other speculation which may not prove to be true. I don't get why anyone would WANT to know that crap anyway. Just go into the movie without any prior knowledge and hope to be entertained.

  • Balance

  • Loved the trailer. They didn't give away anything big.

  • Your not a true star wars fan unless you get caught, arrested while climaxing, in theater, during the end of this epic saga. Nerds.💣🤺😆

  • Is Rose actually going to take Leias spot as commander? Not only is it forced from a SJW standpoint but also HOW tf is a mechanic going to become a resistance leader. Worst character ever

  • So you just told the whole story...

  • If Anakin doesn't kill palpatine or at least helps, this movie is gonna suck

  • Remember we all thought it ended in 1983......., and then again in 2005...., now 2019........

  • What if rey and kylo are the reincarnations or have taken the places of the mortis gods? Rey is the embodiment of the light side and kylo is the embodiment of the dark side.

  • fucking hero girls

  • water planet is Kamino

  • At 4:32 in your video, could those be QUAD-noculars? Aka, something a Muftak (from SW:ANH Cantina Scene) might use?

  • PALPATINE IS DEAD!!! this is one big distraction!!!☝🏿 NO FORCE CAN ESCAPE DEATH!!! Can't even slow death down it's impossibull!!!🤣🤣🤣😂😈

  • Why does the falcon have the old satellite dish??

  • BUT NOBODY ASKED FOR YOU BITCH!.... NOBODY WANTS TO KNOW YOU SNOWFLAKE!!!🤷🏿‍♂️ even snowflakes be like!.... she is not with us!😳

  • We might be seeing this ‘Wayfinder’ device in the shot of the crew in the Falcone. Look at the dashboard… never saw that thing there before.

  • I like the touch ot Luke's "the force will be with you" and the Leia's "always"