Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer REACTION!!

Pubblicato il 22 ott 2019
Eric Shane and Calvin react to and discuss Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer #TheRiseOfSkywalker #StarWars #TheRiseOfSkywalkerReactions
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    • Dat ding dat rey en kylo kapot maakte is het masker van darthvader!!!!!

    • When is this drawn?

    • I ALWAYS wanted to see Billy Dee Williams come back as Lando Calrissian in a live-action movie or TV show !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • May the force be with you guys ALWAYS

  • always

  • IT-tvs: do you want to watch this new Blindwave video? Me: Always!


  • Us now: Palpatin is a robot! Movie:Well he is not a robot.

  • Guys...the reflection in the "water" doesn't match. It's not a water-filled cave. Ice asteroid or something.

  • How do you do the picture in picture in your trailer reaction videos?

  • Dat ding wat rey en kylo kapot maakte is het masker van darthvader!!!!!!!!


  • Damn...please make this one a good one ...just honour the legacy please....May the force be with us all forever (plays the theme in my mind)

  • Best star wars channel on youtube

  • That ship scene, I can imagine the pilot on the falcon radio, "resistance, ASSEMBLE" before they charge

  • Cannot forget last Jedi, F Disney star wars how can you guys forget so easily! I can never forget!

  • These nerds look like watching a pornflick for the first time..And discussing about it with microscope..

  • I sant a shirt the Word was always

  • JJ gets Star Wars. He understands Star Wars. If only he had directed episode 8...

    • Well, we'll have to see if JJ 'understands' Star Wars. I'm thinking this last movie will be a mess full of poorly thought out plotlines and convenient mcguffins put in place merely to drive spectacle and awe-inspiring shots. Even the prequel trilogy for all it's horrible dialogue had a coherent arc. This trilogy is a mish mash of nothing.

    • @jtno2 That means you don''t understand Star Wars.

    • Not really. If he understood then Leia would've hugged Chewie, not someone she knew all of a few hours.

  • I can't wait to see the lovely space horses so excited

  • Nobody: Subtitle: Taking one last look sir at my shrimp

  • The music in this trailer will forever and 'Always' make me cry now

  • I think this movie will introduce people to the first Grey jedi Rey I think she will embrace both sides just a theory but im jus hopping for a door to finally bringing other star wars stories to the big screen but a man can only hope😭🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Fake

  • It has been said a few times that the only people who like or care about star wars are white boys or white people that no real people of different colors and backgrounds would like or would watch star wars so most of the views on all the social media sites is/was white people watching it over and over again. So just as a general question how many people of different colors and back grounds are fan's of star wars? You can react here I also have a Facebook page I posted this in and tagged the star wars pages.

  • You guys don’t have a rose tico action figure on display. This channel should be cancelled!

  • Always

  • If the leaks are to believed this may be worse than TLJ. I don't know if I want that. On the one hand it'll effectively kill the Star Wars but on the other hand it'll be absolutely hilarious.

  • Does anyone know if these guys still like the last Jedi? Cause I remember they absolutely loved it when it first came out. (So did almost everyone) but when it became “cool” to hate on Star Wars because society told them it was cool, everyone started hating on TFA and TLJ. Just wanted to know if these guys joined the bandwagon of hating on Star Wars or if they can form their own opinion

  • these guys are the best

  • @6:04 Guys that iceberg is definitely in space! If it was water, regardless of the angle of the light there would still be some symmetry between the top half and bottom, and there's NONE! I'd slap bet all of you if I could

  • it's not water the reflection is not right

  • The word is "Always"

  • The mandalorian ship is in there and Sabine’s bounty hunter friend

  • The hidden word is “Always”

  • your reactions made me tear up and get genuinely hyped and i've never seen a single star wars movie 😳

  • very cool

  • Dont you guys see that it is Darth Wader that they are destroying in that white room.

  • What is your SAT scores

  • Holy blotchy threesome, go outside every once in a while!

  • You Missed The Ghost

  • "Taking one last look sir, at my friends"

  • I may believe Star Wars The Last Jedi was the worst Star Wars movie, but I believe in a few other things Redemption 2nd Chances and making some wrong things right This is why I believe Rise Of Skywalker will be a really good movie

  • The Force will be with yall. Always

  • Always

  • I dont care for FA and TLJ was ok except for Laura Dern character. She just needs to go back to Jurassic Park which I am thrilled that the OG 3 will back in that series. But she didn't fit for Star Wars and Rose was annoying as hell. Glad they killed her off. But Rise of the Skywalker. It looks promising. Maybe because Palpatine is back. Maybe because I have a feeling that the Ewoks will be back. Idk. Just giving me that original trilogy vibe and I like that feeling. Please Disney don't fail me. This is the last Star Wars. I pray to God that they do not F it up. If it does, idk wth I would do. Star Wars has been a big impact in my life since birth. I'm scared but excited. Please don't fail me.

  • That guy on the right with the blind wave shirt, every time he opens his mouth low key looks like he’s getting ready to get a mouth load of cum

  • "There has to be a reason that they're so close to each other." JJ: No.

    • They're all gonna hyperspace ram into the deathstar 3😂



  • Hi guys, a two things. 1) The ice place is not a reflection, as the bottom doesn't mirror the top. Its more like an ice "asteroid". Judging by the towers on it, it's fairly small (no larger than NYC). 2) At the end, I'm pretty sure that's Dark Rey, not Palpatine. At the last microsecond of the clip, you can see 2 young, smooth fingers (left hand) poke out right before it cuts. Definitely not old Sith fingers. Plus, in Trailer 2, Dark Rey was in a stone chamber with a black cloak.

  • More than ever, being a YT movie trailer reactor consists in being psyched, whatever you're watching. People lost their shit when they watched the trailer for TFA, back in 2015. Understandably. It turned out it was a letdown, not a huge, but the movie was just awfully unoriginal and bland. Then came Rogue One, not a great movie, but a much more interesting one, especially in its second half. Maybe if played a bit in the way people lost their shit AGAIN when they watched the trailer for TLJ (in addition to the awesome visuals). TLJ was gonna take the elements of TFA and make them compelling, from a dramatic and visual standpoint, making TFA an acceptable prelude to the REAL deal... or so many people thought. It turned out it was a catastrophe this time (the photography is still awesome, though), with supremely moronic writing (that didn't make the new bland characters any more interesting or charismatic, sadly) in addition to being contaminated with SJW politics. It's no coincidence if nobody watched Solo. The "Star Wars fatigue" was obvious. And YET, nerds keep losing their shit watching these god damn trailers. Like they can't help themselves. Or they're paid. Or that's just how they work : a good reaction is a happy reaction. In any case, it's ridiculous. There's nothing compelling in these trailers. Just nice visuals. Hollywood is great at that, nowadays. It has to be, because there's something it's been sucking at for a while, now : the rest. Especially good ideas. People need to be a bit more demanding, or the studios will keep taking them as zombies.

  • you guys are good fans

  • The main character doesn't have a backstory, the trailer gives the movie away. And you guys are hyped? Why the hell would you be hyped? And who the hell is Rose?

  • No surprise that these guys creamed themselves. No amount of awful shit-show Star Wars will make them turn off.

  • That Leia always shook my so much!!!

  • C3PO sacrificing himself by giving up his core memories.

  • At 7:32 is that just me or does anyone else see the outsider near the bottom left corner?

  • C 3po and r2 has been in the whole sega from Phantom Menace to rise of skywalker

  • True Star Wars love

  • Fucking horses in space on spaceship outside the spaceship IN SPACE!!!!!!

  • May the force be with you always

  • My girlfriend: „ You,ll always love Star Wars, will you?“ Me: „Always!“