Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland for the First Time... And it Was Awesome!

Pubblicato il 17 gen 2020
Rise of the Resistance opens today in Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Yesterday we were invited to a special sneak preview of the new e-ticket attraction before it opened to the public. Watch our vlog from the press preview, which also includes a sneak preview of some new snack and drink options coming to Batuu West - including Galma Garlic Cheese Puff Chips, Toydaria Swirl (a sweet and spicy variation on the classic green milk) and Black Spire Hot Chocolate (which previously was available in Disney World's version of Galaxy's Edge.)
The day has finally come....Kitra finally got to ride Rise of The Resistance!
Although this ride has already been open for a little over a month at Hollywood Studios in Orlando, we are so excited that it is finally OPEN at our home park of Disneyland! Peter got to experience in Florida back in December (watch this videos here):
*Rise of the Resistance opening day:
*Rise of the Resistance in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is AWESOME:
*Lightsaber Battles & Flying X-Wings at Galaxy’s Edge:
*Black Kyber Crystal Challenge:
Unfortunately Kitra couldn’t join needless to say she was VERY excited! So let's live vicariously through her as she experiences it for the first time. Peter explains how the west coast version of Rise of the Resistance is different and we even get a chance to ride the attraction a second time to show you some of how the ride changes in the alternate path. Words can’t even describe how awesome this new attraction is. We were lucky enough to ride it 3 times in a row with virtually no one else and it is an experience we will never forget. Thank you so much to Disney for inviting us out to be some of the first Star Wars fans to experience this ride in California. We will be back bright and early for opening day of Rise of The Resistance with another video of opening day craziness so stay tuned for that!
Thanks so much for watching and may the Force be with you!
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  • You guys are were on the ride on the same day as Jamie Costa and Star Wars theory i notice jamie in the background.

  • OMG in the background on the star destroyer was Star Wars theory!!! He’s a IT-tvsr

  • I was the 14th reservation but 1-12 does not exist so we were the 2nd party to ever ride it! We woke up at 12:00 and drove down to Disney Land and waited in the rain! I am so happy I got to enjoy the experience and on the way in I shook Chewbacca's hand!!!

  • Joe Rogan got me here.

  • Bro Disney World is so packed. You literally have to book it to ride this because its so packed! But hey! Im building my lightsaber in 68 days!

  • I need to ask you guys a question please. My and my girlfriend tickets are linked to the if one of us get a boarding pass dose that mine we both get a pass or do we need to get our own boarding pass

    • My girlfriend just clued me in if one of us gets a boarding pass we both do thanks guys love your video's I cant wait to be in Orlando October

    • @Ordinary Adventures do we need to create a group each before we go for our boarding pass I just finding this confusing

    • Both of you are probably already linked in each of your apps so you should both try for it because whoever gets in first. So the more people you have trying in your group the better odds.

  • I suggest maybe try the first one your finger touched it, I saw you choose the second one every time ;)

  • They should have Rise of the First Order ride😂 idk what it would be or what it would have but it would be neat for the dark side fans

    • I think for a dark side fan this is basically a first order ride. Sure you are positioned as a resistance spy but the whole ride is on a star destroyer

  • is the drop big because some people online said ¨Ike rise of the galaxy..¨ someone explain

  • We’re the posters gone by the time you guys made it through? I know y’all got one just didn’t see it in the video!

  • the resistance is weak the jedi are weak i am sith peace is a lie there is only passion through passion i gain strength through i gain power trhough power i gain victory through victoty my chains are broken the force shall free me

  • I just rode it for the first time. Boarding group 93. I have been spoiler free this whole time. So now I’m watching this vid.

  • If you have not ridden this ride and have not spoiled it for yourself I highly recommend not spoiling the experience. Wait till you ride it.

  • I enjoyed this so much. Thanks

  • Maybe filming it is giving you bad luck with the kyber crystal.

  • Do you need a special pass to ride or can you just wait in line ?

    • Ordinary Adventures dang it the wife and kids are not gonna get up early for that. forever sad. Thank you

    • You need to get a virtual boarding group the minute the park opens. See our other vlogs on this. There is no standby line or fastpass.

  • What you can go on it again? If your boarding group is still open?

    • @Ordinary Adventures thanks btw love your videos.i love that you guys are considered "press"😎

    • No you can only go on it once. This was from a press preview where we had the ride for a time period.

  • 4:22 is star wars theory!!

  • we were excited then got stuck in the interrogation room when it broke down. Makes for a great vid. lol

  • OMG... Looks like fun. I hope to one day get a chance to ride it. Thank you for sharing this videos with us.

  • i can’t wait to ask a random guard “have u seen kylo ren’s 8 pack?”

  • The ship runs on a pivotal track. The door has two door so you can’t notice it as well. You see when you get in that there is a track that is easily seen but hard to notice. You are going out on the other side of the ship. You were just moved in a way that was unnoticeable l. You saw how the ship was spinning to turn. They use that to hide the fact that you are actually spinning.

  • The guy that told you to get back in line at 12:20 was in the same accounting class as me :)

  • Jamie Costa in the background!!

  • looks fun but I don't like drops love your videos

  • I have one question is the ride like a roller coaster

  • This is so Exciting. :-D

  • Well, I have to say, this one really hyped me up for this ride. I've seen the other ride-through videos, and after hearing that Kitra viewed them also (spoiler to her) she still had tears of enjoyment and wows of fantasy. I loved her reactions, and have no doubt now, even though I know the whole ride, I'll have the same reactions! I so look forward to being on this ride personally! Thank you!

  • I think the second to e she said cram not cam

  • So is it a ride or walkthrough 😗😗

  • How many times have you guys been to galaxys edge!???

  • Wait can someone help me I thought star wars open couple months back why is there more now then there was when the Star Wars land open 🤔

    • This ride opened in Florida dec 5, 2919... and in California Jan 17, 2020

  • man, i wanna go here spobad but i live in South Africa, Cape Town, theres not a single theme park here, ive never been to one :( im a huge star wars fan so this suucks

  • Why is Macauley Culkin there

  • フィンがいる!

  • スターデストロイヤーで叫んだら殺られるだろw

  • ナァオ クッw

  • R2-D2cute

  • Hey Pater and Kitra, One curious thing I have noticed about the Ride. On every experience video I have seen, there are two completely empty cars at the beginning of the ride. Makes me wonder if Disney is intentionally running the ride at half capacity.

    • Those cars are actually the cars coming from the exit of the ride to replace the cars you just took from the breakout scene. It’s very cool how it all works and you don’t even realize that as they become part of the story.

  • Thank you for sharing. I'm going to Hollywood Studios in Orlando this February 2020. I cannot wait. Ill be wearing an Anakin Skywalker outfit.

  • _Does this mean Macaulay Culkin will convince Red Letter Media that Star Wars is going to survive and escape the evil clutches of the Fandom Menace?_

  • _Yeah Kitra, Batuu is officially (or at least should be) a new state or country in America._

  • I wish we got to spend half amount of the time you did in that room with the storm troopers! They rushed us right through into the queue. We didn’t even get to stop and take pictures!

  • Want a crazy cheap and cool baby yoda.

  • 10:30 star wars theory is there !

  • Is this shot with a DSLR and a good lens.?.It looks kind of cinematic in some of the framing .

  • You must be seeing red after getting all those red kyber crystals.

  • The new food item display looks like they made plastic models of them, like you're in Japan or something...

  • Darn I so wish we could go but bills these days hold us down so much. However watching you both make me Happy :)

  • WAIT! There was a Finn animatronic? I need to ride it again and see it. 😊

    • there's two, you only see one depending on which route your vehicle goes

  • It's refreshing to see normal people on IT-tvs. Love the videos guys and you have a new sub. 👍

  • Who else saw Star Wars theory at 10:38

  • Is there a drop on this ride?

  • Is it me or Star wars theory was there

  • i was there on that day lol

  • Home Alone: Lost in Disneyland 😂😭

  • Did you ever get a black crystal yet?

    • Ordinary Adventures ITs gonna happen!!! Good luck!! Cannot wait for the video of when you do!!! Did not see where on your instagram you guys had the give aways for the red ones you buy?

    • Not yet

  • R2D2 never mets babu in rise of Skywalker

  • They need to work on a way to animate those storm troopers. It's cool to see them but it's kinda weak that they're so still the whole time.

    • And now I reach the point in the video where Kitra said the same thing ;-) From the videos it seems like they're not moving at all but I guess they are somewhat based on what you said.

    • They are supposed to be at attention like an army so it makes sense that they are stiff and only moving a little bit.

  • Thanks for your videos man, they put my day on a good note aha. Rise of the resistance looks sick!!