Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Before You Buy

Pubblicato il 16 nov 2019
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PC, PS4, Xbox One) aims to reclaim the glory of good single player Star Wars games. How is it? Let's talk.
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  • Personally its day 2 of playing and I have to admit it's the best star wars game to me besides that all out battle one from ps2 which I can't remember the name right now but my favorite place to battle was tantowin that as it may the exploration and the way it follows cannon is amazing at least to me it star wars game!!!

  • Currently played the whole game with Jedi Master, only time I turned it down was the Malicos and Trilla (final) fights

  • He really say "EE EX PEE"?

  • Does anyone know if this will be released on the switch?

  • If anyone says this game is trash. THEY ARE RONG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • At the end of the game u fight darth Vader he’s to powerful so you run from him. Ha ha I spoiled it

  • Before you buy nba 2 k 20

  • I say they just make a force unleashed

  • I wouldn't consider this game linear because most obstacles have two or three ways that you can get around them

  • Are there different effects for lightsabers?? Or just visual stuff??

  • It’s a bit PG with regards to combat effects. A laser sword goes through a foes torso and they are still in one piece 🤔

  • I played about an hour at my aunts house and fell in love with this game I really needed another story based solo game

  • The only bad thing is once you have finished it there isn’t much to do

  • Been a while since a game made me cheese and giggle. Proper single player game confirmed

  • Also when the game is giving tutorials, FOLLOW the tutorial unless you wanna face unlimited waves of enemies

  • 6:05 🙄 Uhm IS definitely a video game. Are you seriously complaining about a video game having video game mechanics?!

  • Thank you so much for this video, I'm going to follow through and buy it right now

  • I just beat the story. Its a satisfying game I think. The saber customization is great. A lot of the ponchos are kinda bland. But whatever. I hope they DLC in some new saber blade colors. There are 7. We need like 12 or so. Maybe white, orange and some others. Other than that its great. The story is too short for sure. Was hoping it would be longer. I bought the game Friday morning and just finished it at 6am Sunday morning Central. Playing on Jedi master.

  • im only playing this because its free on origin premier lol

  • i'm a star wars fan but i think its a bit to short but you get some information that you dont get in the films

  • Thanks man found this very helpful great explanation

  • "Anakin" is my favorite part

  • resemblance to Star Wars Legends Padawan Massacre strong in this one

  • Liam Gallagher??? Is that you Jedi?

  • Too late I bought it


  • If you love STAR WARS this game is a LOVE LETTER to the mithology and a love letter to good games and storys! Lets hope people support JEDY FALLEN ORDER is that good!

  • Great game. Already finished the main campaign before I watched this. Still, glitching limbs in cut scenes, lagging video in another cut scene, underwater loot boxes still shake even though the bot is still on my shoulder, AI getting stuck a few times. They need a patch. It’s not game breaking but it takes me out of the game.

  • I am very disappointed in this game the devs took out the color red from this game anyone that is a sith would have wanted to rock the sith red lightsaber and they replaced it with PINK!!!! sith fights with a pink lightsaber and the game is not all open world either the ignition sounds when the saber turns on is NOT immersive its like its not there plus cal is not even fighting its like hes just swinging the saber around like he has not trained in yrs the game is 48 hrs after 48 hrs I would get bored sorry but the force unleashed 1 and 2 had WAY more content then this game and this game does not have those mechanics.

  • Going to wait for Cyberpunk.

  • The Ponchos are just horrible, of all the cloths they could of used. Lightsaber upgrades are pointless seeds for the Terrarium? Again pointless. The game is waaaayyy too short, hence the reason why there’s no fast travel and enemy’s respawn. Stormtroopers with batons... why??? Tomb guardian... why??? Upgraded force moves are dull & boring, you don’t feel like a Jedi, also Cameron Monaghan played the joker in the Gotham Tv series and because of that, it spoils the whole Jedi thing, every time you look at his face all you see is Joker!!! My only reason why I platinum this game is because I like Star Wars and not because the game is great. I could go on, but I don’t Want peeps to think I’m just hating. I’m Just telling the truth and not following the hype train that a lot of people are doing.

  • I hope in the next star wars game we control villain like dark vaider to be different, the story is how we hunt jedi and how the jedi became extinct

  • Great video!! I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I didn’t know if I would buy the game just because of the fact that EA made it, but after this video I think I’m gonna try it out!

  • My only problem with this, is a Light saber cuts limbs off, and yet another strong Black female characters in a Video game.

  • Not many single player games for us that do not play online. Lookin at you Destiny.

  • Why do I watch these after I buy?

  • So many melee storm troopers :( You can’t experience Star Wars without Regular weak storm troopers to deflect lasers at

    • Artist TDS I have a stupid question is this game online or single

  • Oh wow a male main character that's a gray stu That was sarcasm. I'm glad that it's a good game.

  • A price that hasn’t risen since the early nineties? How old are you? Ps1 games were 20$. That’s 3X more costly than the LATE nineties...

  • This is a poorly done puzzle game with janky and awkward controls. If you’re looking for a Star Wars game, you might want to look elsewhere. You’ll find yourself wandering around artificially constricted environments for hours on end collecting meaningless trinkets. I’m so disappointed in this game after several hours in. I feel nothing for the characters. It takes so long and it’s so convoluted to get to your goal that you almost forget why you’re on a planet in the first place.

    • David Eagin you Been play games too much.