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may the force be with you
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  • Guys the clones after executing order 66 became the first storm troopers. Stfu.

    • I mean. Yes but after the clone wars, future troopers were conscripted.

    • who doesn’t now that

    • I’m a higher level then tou

    • They stopped using clones shortly after ep 3 but yeah that makes sense

  • Star Wars: force push Lazarbeam: force yeet

  • Larzerbeam:There’s a reason I don’t play solos. Me: there’s a reason I don’t play with teams

  • Yo lazarbeam, I don’t think you ‘love’ Star Wars when you miss out a bit from the opening tune, you call a rebel pilot a star pilot in a reddit video (what the frick is a star pilot?). I guarantee you don’t know what planet order 66 happened on, I don’t think you know what Anakin hates and you probably call anakin’s lightsaber Rey’s lightsaber because you don’t seem to know anything anything about Star Wars apart from order 66. You also probably don’t know about order 37, it was worse than order 66. I made this comment because I’m a die hard original trilogy Star Wars fan, hell I know grievous’ entire backstory and I know what Mace Windu did after Revenge of The Sith. One more thing you probably don’t know, you probably don’t know the name of the thing in a lightsaber that admits the light, and the final thing you did that gets my Star Wars fanboy blood boiling, you called Star Wars Battlefront 2 a game for The Last Jedi trailer even though the game came out 1 or 2 years before the trailer for The Last Jedi was released. I just felt like I needed to make this comment because I know almost every line in A New Hope, I know the backstory of almost every important character and if you know anything I’ve put in this comment, good for you

  • 1:54 what video is this called

  • I hate this. It's wrong, and as a certified Star Wars fan, THIS is ridiculous. You don't see a stormtrooper dabbing while being cut down by Rebel scum, or a clone trooper DANCING when being electrified by Count Dooku. They don't have hammers, or axes, they don't use the force, and the armour layout is all wrong. Besides, stormtroopers have BRILLIANT aim. They were just told not to hit Luke and Leia in A New Hope by Darth Vader. Plus, not enough Jedi were around in the Empire's day to make a regiment, let alone an army. Also, it was the shock troopers of the Coruscant Guard regiment, and they were quickly replaced by humans. Furthermore, the stormtroopers had some iconic wins. For example, a Fondor shipping yard was successfully defended, and Yavin 4 was cleared of Rebels. Besides, Darth Bane and Darth Revan AND Darth Plagueis make the Emperor and Darth Vader look like the most useless pieces of a holochess game. Check your facts. And yes. I was hate watching this.

  • Funniest moments 4:39 Lazar sings See you again 5:15 High five at someones armpit 6:45 Prank someone

  • That why we win the war

  • I heard that a hater called you later besides lazar

  • Jedi:attack the storm troopers Lazerbeam:spray em

  • Bruh you just beat the trick score record

  • the true way to watch lannan's videos on windows is to hold Alt Gr and tap the down arrow key

  • This is inaccurate because storm troopers can’t shoot.

  • Yeet

  • Wait wait wait... he is kinda SPONSORED by Star Wars, but he doesn’t want to get copyrighted by Star Wars... ok bO0Mer

  • While every youtuber Is A Pro Lazarbeam: I Am Bad at Solos.

  • D

  • It’s so funny when you guys just charge

  • The storm tropers were irlagely was clones. Star wars episode 2: clone wars

  • 4:49 nice


  • No hate but if you really did like Star Wars then you would make more star-wars related content. Right?

  • You are so cool

  • Play the new starwars

  • It was the clones that did order 66. And I don't think their in the 501st.

    • Hyper Waffle yes, the 501st was service to Anakin during the Clone Wars and still served Vader during the Empire

  • First marvel, borderlands, then Batman, and now Star Wars??? Epic literally wants to keep up with other BRs

  • I want five of them Lazarbeam: 00:05

  • The storm troopers accuracy is when a pidgey uses sand attack on you more then once

  • Everyone: Stormtroopers have terrible accuracy! Lazarbeam: 6:04

  • 1k sans video

  • Lazarbeam I love star wars to

  • LZR Lazer Is THE BEST

  • cool ship


  • More dumb stupid crap. Dup a doo a dup a boop

  • Lannan skywalker vs Darth Elliot Aka Lazarbeam skywalker vs Darth muselk

  • LMAO

  • lazerbeam please add me I love the way you play and you are the best memer, epic name SHOTZ_G29 please

  • Nice vid

  • 6:25 it was han