Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer - Rise of Skywalker Easter Eggs Breakdown

Pubblicato il 22 ott 2019
Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer. Rise of Skywalker Easter Eggs. Rise Of Skywalker Final Trailer. Emperor Palpatine, Rey Kylo Ren and Star Wars Ending Theory ►
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Covering new Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer. The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer. Emperor Palpatine Returns Scene. Rey Kylo Ren Teamup. Rey Palpatine Theory. Luke Skywalker, Skywalker Saga. Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader Helmet Scene. And lots more footage and easter eggs for Star Wars Episode 4, Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi!
I will also be doing Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode videos when the series premieres!
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  • Here's my new Star Wars Episode 9 Rise of Skywalker Trailer video and Easter Eggs. Let me know how many you spotted! The Mandalorian Premieres in a couple weeks. Here's my Mandalorian Trailer video

    • Star Wars is super gay! Sorry. But it's true!

    • @Isaiah talks cinema exactly. Kylo and Rey are twins like Luke and Leah separated at birth. Bookmark this comment for the reveal of Rey's parentage.

  • I knew I wasn't imaginating when I heard Sidious narrating in the background.....FOR THE JEDI ORDER AND FOR THE REBELLION! So could Palpatine be talking about how there is a similarity between Luke Skywalker and his father, Anakin aka Darth Vader coming together being their downfall just as Rey and Kylo Ren coming together will be their downfall too even though it's not true? Because together, Vader and Luke did defeat Sidious at the cost of Vader's life. Rey and Kylo Ren did team up against Snoke and did defeat him.

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  • When Rey and Kylo smash the black thing in this white room. The thing behind them looks like Darth Waders room where he switches his mask.

  • I saw when Chewbacca without his bowcaster


  • Palipatine spirit has latched on to Rey and Kylo souls ala Harry Potter

  • Palpatine waiting for a chance of return? Why? I think he is dead. That person in the chair is either a well made hologram or the dark rey ( If you believe in the theorie Rey has no parents because she is a clone (Thats why the mirrow thing didnt show her parents) that was created by Palpatine simular to Starkiller in Force unleashed)

  • Jar Jar Binks?? Really?? [smh] Of all the images you could have included!!

  • Lukeless

  • Baby yoda!!!! Appears and goes bezerk

  • Palpatine is going to try to take Rey's body from her. Hence those scenes

  • When Poe asked 3PO what are you doing I don't think anyone knew what 3PO was doing. Then when 3PO said I am taking one last look at my friends he had wires attached to his head. What ever it was he may have come up with it on his own.

  • I hope episode 9 isn't POODOO!!!

  • I think the Emperor harvested some of Anakins dna way back when he saved him as Darth Vader. I think we’ll see Anakin in episode 9 as a clone and the Emperor will use his body as a host. Wouldnt be surprised if we see a whole room of Anakin clones. He may have even created Rey to be a mate so that he could reproduce once he regained his physical form. Super Force baby.

  • Who gives a dam.

  • today i saw a jawa toy called offworld jawa, you think it will be in ep 9?

  • If you acknowledge the fact that "Jar Jar is Yoda's dad" everything makes sense

  • The saga will end- close up face shot edition

  • The big gigantor ice covered city is the emperors eclipse super class star destroyer. I can be wrong but its definitely likely that. Other option is its a cloud city type, in outer space. Emperors been waiting a long time, should explain the eclipse being covered with ice in space.

    • My main reason for this is disney likely would show the eclipse scene when its still covered in ice, so the spoiler isn't revealed, then during the main battle, that ice cube will melt down, revealing the emperors eclipse super class star destroyer.

  • I'm so disappointed they chose to involve Palpatine at all. It just feels like they couldn't come up with a worthwhile new story on their own. It feels cheap.

  • Pappatine Theory: Obviously he didn't died (actually dead ) like Yoda n other masters because of the force😅 And now he wants revenge..☠️

  • Palpatine is being controlled by the immortal emperor Vitiate thus bringing the entire lore of star wars together. since Disney have said they want to include every bit of star wars lore into the canon cinema but gradually bring things from other sources and introducing them slowly. since that is what they have been doing.

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  • It is my understanding that Palpatine returns in flesh but damaged and confined to an apparatus of some kind which keeps him alive much like the Vader suit did for Anakin and that when it comes to Rey she is going to be his(Palpatine's) granddaughter. And her and Kilo now back to trying to be Ben solo work together and kill the Emperor once and for all!

  • Palpatine is Ray's father. You heard it here first.

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  • I still think she is a skywalker because every movie title is about her, the force awakens, the last jedi, and the rise of Skywalker. But the rise of skywalker could be that Ben and Rey is twins and he become a good guy.

  • you missed out the dagger when rey and kylo destroy that statue of Vader she has a dagger in her Hand

  • Last shot with Rey getting her shit together is all force ghosts coming to help her with palpatine

  • I really hope they don't ruin this one like the did the last movie. Stop subverting our expectations!!!

  • So she is his granddaughter. Why did palpatine bang some bold headed chick he had a thing for In his times as a chamcelor. And the new star wars claims that the real creator of the empire ascent even palpable but some baba yaga woman...he was marely the Vampir to her baba yaga type skills.

  • Wouldn't that be wild if Rey is descended from Palpatine. I mean who says he or any Sith couldn't have had a family.

  • Palpatine Theory: He's not fully back in that whatever residual Force energy is keeping him "alive" is limited to the second Death Star, which is why a chunk of the movie takes place in that location where he's lured Rey there to use her to bring himself back to life.

  • anyone notice that the person in the beginning of the trailer... who we all assume is Rey... looks alot like a young Leia? look at the hair right before she jumps...

    • @Josh Pond i've had to force myself to stop watching that trailer... lol i keep thinking i notice something new... and i cry every damn time @ 3PO's part lol

    • Good eye, sir! Dead on! I had heard the movie may have a flashback to Luke training Leia before having Ben

  • 10:20 looks like bespin to me and that is vaders helmet on top of the thing they shatter u can see it if u pause it

  • Is it Anakin's voice that says "Your destiny" towards the end? Sounds like it.

  • Rey will injury kylo only to have to fight a dark sith rey.

  • There's been like barely any Rose at all in the trailers. I hope JJ didnt listen to the fanboys and ignore her character.

  • So glad the Ghost is there :)

  • I think Palps has cloned Anakin and is trying to put himself in his body. And we'll see Rey & Kylo fight Hayden Christensen. And they'll either kill him or he'll change sides and sacrifice himself to help defeat Palps like in RoTJ. So the "Rise of Skywalker" will be Anakin.

  • She’s palpatines granddaughter

  • I’m still confused. Who the heck was snoke ? N the way he got killed off after all the hype 😐

  • Palpatine is gonna try to give them the big succ and take their force powers to heal himself

  • another craptacular

  • Not gonna lie, the music after Threepio talks about his friends gave me the feels!

  • Am I the only one that thinks the giant water planet is Kamino? And Rey and Kylo go there to kill the Emporer...

  • Gawd this looks so awesome!

  • The destroyed Palpateen throne room seemed so much like the destroyed throne room in game of thrones. Any parallels between the two? Maybe last episode.

  • Palpatine theory: The emperor is actually not even there. He is a force ghost that will be linked to the Star destroyer ship and takeover C3-P0. The sith throne will actually be a force illusion of Rey's darkside wearing the cloak and dual red litghtsaber and not palpatine.

  • I'm pretty sure all non-virgins instantly become virgins again after watching this.

  • Palpatine could be a force spirit, like yoda/obi wan/Luke, only EVIL...he will try to influence Kylo or another force sensitive baddie.

  • Palpatine declares for the NBA draft but is disappointed to learn electricity isn't allowed

  • We were all worried when Disney failed to systematically humiliate and murder ALL of the original trilogy characters but looks like JJ's catching the last few stragglers in this film. Phew!

  • "Don't ask questions. Just consume product and then get excited for next products." rlm

  • "Taking one last look at my friends"!He will sacrifice to help them.. Rip 3-PO!

  • Yeah? Good video

  • Maybe Rey is running through Yavin IV and that is the console Obi Wan used

  • My Senator Palpatine theory: Senator Palpatine does nothing, they are probably using him as a distraction so that we do not figure out what is actually going to happen so that they can surprise us in the best way.