Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Epic Moments #40 COUNT DOOKU

Pubblicato il 16 gen 2020
Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Epic Moments #40
This video was originally uploaded on January, 2019. On the month, where Count Dooku made his debut in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Without a doubt, January and February of 2019 were the most interesting months for Star Wars Battlefront 2 and for the community. Hope you enjoyed this old Star Wars Battlefront 2 epic moments video of mine.
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  • This video was uploaded around January, 2019. January was the month for Count Dooku to make his debut in Star Wars Battlefront 2. And of course, a month before the Anakin Skywalker update which that old Anakin Skywalker epic moments will be uploaded next week. Hope you enjoyed this throwback of my epic moments series and relived the moments when dooku was released!

    • SomeLuckyboy instant like! In the words of Count Dooku, “I’ve been looking forward to this.

    • SomeLuckyboy that’s good I was worried it was going to be 10 man heroic mights

    • sponky more like the broken one for that time. His powers were insane he used have back in February. Anakin is ok nowadays

    • May the force be with you and will you go to galaxy's edge

    • Anakin epic moments be like *heroic might sounds*

  • None uses my PFP.

  • Damn I wish I had battlefront 2. Battlefront one is complete shit compared to this

  • 1:03 Darth Maul Most Badass moment

  • For me obi wans defensive rush is not working

  • Thank God this video is back on youtube. 👽👽✌😎

  • Damn, haven't heard that F.O.O.L song in ages.

  • 3:15 this game has one of the coolest hitbox

  • What the hell ?? And those characters that fight without a stamina bar ??? What I needed to see in console, in addition to that it is extremely easy to kill in console, they take away the stamina bar as well. UAHHAHAH

  • All the hero’s killing the other hero’s besides with saber throws, were rocks against dumber rocks

  • 1:04 - 1:26 thats the darth maul gameplay i have in my dreams

  • 1:36 that’s gotta be setup

  • 6:10 Im all the jedi

  • Hey guys, im an aspiring youtuber :) just uploaded a star wars rocket trooper video! would mean the world if you checked out my channel & any criticism is welcome

  • Old Old footage just for $$$$$

  • 1:35 that was so fake.

  • The best duelist in the galaxy !

  • Good old times when Darth Maul didn’t have a stamina bar

  • Watching the emperor get killed is the most satisfying thing in battlefront 2

  • Should I start playing this game again

  • Thanks for featuring my Leia clip😇🙌🏽 Love your videos !

  • Ayeeee that’s me at 4:37!

  • pls the next epic moments music epic moment 9

  • 3:35 Song?

  • 1:42

  • Dan the man 333 stole zannys clip IMPOSTER

  • Alguien que me pase su gamertag para jugar Battlefront y que juegue en xbox 🤙

  • Starfighter assault. Now that's a mode I haven't seen in a long time...long time

  • Who plays starfighter modes?

  • Why are all these clips old as fuck

  • Jedi Fallen Order was also pretty nice 🙂

  • 0:52 nice little touch with the edit with the Sullistan yell/grenade detonation/vanguard shot all in unison with the music...*golf clap with nodding of appreciation*

  • Will the next one be a new epic moments? Also, I sent in my clips like early this month. Do you use old clips you havent used for new ones, or more recent ones?

    • Yes. Tomorrow there will be a new epic moments episode

  • So to get a clip on epic moments... you gotta spam RT and choke people off the map😂? So when someone actually submits a clips with skill and an actual epic moment... it ain’t uploaded... Ight

  • Could y’all check my channel please 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • To Mcfishfish McPokemon And the others Mcs. Y'all a bunch of camping ass bitches and my random team from matchmaking still beat you twice in a row better

  • Why do you always include old clips?

  • Great vid man, loved it

  • Like the transition at 3:30

  • Oh that music freaking sick, awesome videos man love it!

  • Tripla??! Porca boia! Ahahaha

  • This video remembers me that I onced was really good with Kenobi. I once even won a 1vs7 in CS against Dooku, Maul, two B2 Jetpack droids (forgot how they were called) and three other standard droids. Unfortunatly I forgot how I did this after a two month BF2 break and now I'm crap again

  • *thanks for the repost (i think) and for including my Iden's TIE fighter clip in the beginning **0:03*

    • @SomeLuckyboy *awesome! Lmk if u want me to submit some other clips for ya and feel free to check out me series on my channel with some epic gameplays*

    • Lol you’re welcome. I’m reuploading some of my videos I could save

  • Next time no music

  • Seeing Count Dooku on the title : I've been looking forward to this I love your throwback videos idea !

  • My clip isn't here?

  • 6:09 who's need characters development when you just make someone already have all the skills she needs using a lightsaber why not, fixing the millennium falcon go for it. and if people disagree just say they're scared men who are afraid of women

  • Great video Someluckyboy 🙂 cool! All of these were cool! And epic!

  • 2:43 porca boia

  • Twice the DOOKU, Double the POWER!!!

  • Dont you just love the dishonorable slime that gang up against a lone hero with multiple heros of their own.

  • Day 66: still waiting for my clip to be in one of your videos

  • Darth Tyrannus is God 👇

  • Some of these clips are people just getting killed by being incompetent

  • This is where the fun Begins

  • Nothing exceptional here 7:00 and here to 1:38 ( there were just standing here and no defend...) ans also here 2:36 ans here also 3:16 ( just a random kill ) You had better days boy

    • @Trix Gaming just obi vs 2 noobs...

    • Oh Yeah Yeah Wdym that Obi-Wan clip was insane lmao.

  • Wow a longshot! So epic!


  • Need a shoutout

  • 4:55 That Leia was Some Lucky Boy. get it? ;)