Sri Lanka Street Food - COLOMBO'S BEST STREET FOOD GUIDE! CRAZY Fish Market + Spicy Curry!

Pubblicato il 22 ago 2019
🎥 Breakfast in Taiwan! -
Huge Sri Lankan street food tour of Colombo!!
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HELLO from Sri Lanka and welcome to our NEW series across the entire island, eating STREET FOOD, local family meals and VILLAGE food! Today, we are in COLOMBO, Sri Lanka’s capital city. We will be eating tons of local food & STREET FOOD from morning until night! Join us for an insane tour of Colombo’s fish market with fish cutting, cheap and delicious breakfast stops, street food around the Pettah Bazaar, learning about the different religions in Sri Lanka at a world-famous temple and some unique dishes around Galle Face beach to end our day. We even eat BRAIN! Join us for one of our BIGGEST food tours yet! This is just the FIRST episode out of 5, so stay tuned for the rest of the series!!!
Want to visit too? Check the info below!
Central Fish Market (Peliyagoda)
Meegahawatta Rd, Wattala, Colombo
Manning Vegeatble Market
W E Bastian Mawatha (near Fort train station), Colombo
Gangaramaya Temple
61 Sri Jinarathana Rd., Colombo
Pettah Bazaar
Keyzer St. (and surrounding area), Colombo
Kottu: Nana’s Chef Since 1986
Galle Face Dr., Colombo
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  • Hello , i am from sri lanka , it is so glad that you visited sri lanka to do a food review , but as a sri lankan i can't actually recommended the places you visited in sri lanka , although those food gives you a nice taste and nice colors those foods are not very hygienic and healthy as they use a lot of artificial flavors and colors , most of the time many doesn't even have a permission to sell in some countries and most of them are cancer coursing . it is so better if you visited the rural areas or the home stays where they make good tasty food .

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