Spooky Ho (Official Music Video)

Pubblicato il 18 ott 2019
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Spooky Boy has evolved and created another halloween banger
Produced by DiamondStyle
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  • smh

  • request to be a mommy is in front of us to get a life and the same time

  • It’s SPOOPY not spooky spoopy ho

  • Spooky ho is the best scary song ever EVEN BETTER THAN SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS!!!!!!

  • I keep forgetting that he is of age

  • someone should have beat you as a child

  • She love frankein weenie XDXDXDXD

  • 0:06 damn he sexy

  • i was the 1,000,000 viewer

  • Yasssss king 😁😎

  • Thanks for spelling “ho” right

  • When I viewed this it turned from 999k to1m

  • This has a good flow tho

  • ok but he pulled off that crop top

  • This had no business going this hard.

  • Girl whats your twerk jam? Spooky Ho Spooky what? SPOOKY HO

  • 0:32 Me: *trying to be sexy on Halloween*

  • the reason he didnt make it spooky man is because danny will always look like hes 13

  • “Make that ass shake like that ass is scared of me”. Oh my god💀

  • Yo this is a freaking bop😂jammin all year round

  • Someone has probably watched this not knowing about Danny’s actual channel and thought this was a legit song about being a hoe

  • turned on notificationsss

  • lauras gonna love this one.....

  • So bad

  • can you please do a song with tiny meat gang

  • sometimes i can’t help but forget he’s actually an adult...

  • Noooooo you ruined them they made me laugh this made me mad

  • Why is there no comments within the past week

  • Next its gonna be *S P O O K Y T H O T*

  • "you look like an owl" 😂😂

  • זה גס

  • te amo ajjajajajjaja

  • I’m confused dose he mean he’s going to be a hoe for Halloween like kiss a bunch of men and women of a hoe for Halloween as in dress up as shriek

  • Make a mixing and mastering tutorial pleaseeee i need help 🙏

  • the first line of the song though LUL

  • ok but danny in a crop top😳😬🤭

  • This is fire

  • D E A D A S S

  • this song slaps tho

  • Seems like your music video doesn't make sense, your just showing your face and that your rapping, your not actually trying to explain whats your song about.

  • I think spooky boy hit puberty.

  • I feel all most emotions at once seeing Danny as Freddy Kruger

  • Whoever did the music friggin nailed it. The beat is sick.

  • This is...a bop

  • Make that a s s s h a k e

  • I guess teaching how to scare didn't pay the bills


  • Teacher: So Matt What is your favorite song Me: its umm...... complicated

  • me: * innocently waits for Spooky Dude * Danny: *sPOOKY H O*

  • You fucking suck

  • Fun video

  • 0.75 speed= sicker bop on fire

  • Ayyyyyy

  • Me: watching this while the oven is on My house:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • if someone didn't play this at their halloween party...

  • I love the music but I feel if I add it to my playlist and use the aux....

  • Epic

  • this is fire ngl

  • Bars

  • That was weird