Spin Wheel Picks My Wig’s Color And Placement

Pubblicato il 12 set 2019
Hi Beautiful! This was a MAJOR challenge. I spun a wheel to decide the color and the placement of each color on my wig and then I did it! The result was quite interesting.
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    • Brad Mondo Hi! I’m going to bleach my hair with 30 vol and blue lightner.... any tips or products I should use!??! Please help

    • I really want to see this being done on a real person. For your next video plz dye a mannequin's hair like a space galaxy. I think that be really cool

  • Brad: you look so beautiful Me: thanks Brad you too!! Lol Guys we need to start telling Brad he's so beautiful too he always takes time to tell us ♥️

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  • You need to do this challenge again just with different colours.

  • Love it!!!!! What a fun video! 😁

  • Next time, if there is a next time, I would suggest doing all of the spins at once so that you can apply the way you normally would. Love how this one turned out.

  • The way Brad starts his videos is therapeutic

  • “OMG wig”

  • I love this wig omfg

  • “I dont hate them “ 😂😂😂 you are funny

  • Somehow you inspire me

  • I love your personality 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I love pink

  • You are such an interesting person hmm hmm

  • I love your energy interesting ..

  • How creative you are !

  • How positive you are interesting !

  • Brad complimenting me makes MY LIFE ily Brad

  • this is jadeee westttt!

  • Stacy London vibes yessss! Lol

  • This is a legit messterpiece haha

  • If Stacy from what not to wear went “edgy” 🤣🤣🤣

  • you actually have your hand on the stopper thinking we wont catch theat youre stopping it lolllll love ya Brad

  • Maybe next time you do this figure out what colour goes where first and then do it in an order that you would normally do it

  • 🌼🌼Another fun video! 🌼🌼You always make me laugh! 🌼🌼

  • Please do more of these!!!!

  • Is it just me or does brad look extra hot in this video?

  • Love this! What color brand did you use?, I'm guessing that it was human hair? If I do this, Ido all the spinning first and attach it the way you Normally would. I think it might be easier? But what an awesome job...really fun.

  • I think this would be so cute if you did it with colors that actually go together 😍

  • Who that? Wild Style? No. Way. Chris Pratt get over here! Lol

  • I love it for some reason idk why?

  • I love it


  • slightly looks like ozzy ozbourne

  • Wig really gives off scene kid vibes 😂 It's actually pretty nice.

  • i feel like that would have been a lot easier if you would have spun it all five times then just done those colors in the placememts the wheel said but like in the right order (that didnt make any sense sorry brad)

  • I think it's very cute especially on you

  • Y e s

  • My mom saw your shirt and she was like poor boy he needs a new shirt

  • Brad, you are just a delight! You are a ray of soft, shimmering gold colored light in a very matte slate era. Thnk you

  • Why do you look like Steven Tyler in this wig....

  • I need help I need a good brunette shade that will work thru winter but can highlight the shit out of come spring?

  • Omg please do that again, that video is one of the best you have made so far!

  • U look like a mom having a midlife crisis

  • That’s so mother forking pretty an he thought it was gonna turn out bad

  • You should do this but choosing like two highlights and one low light 😊

  • Why do you remind me of Stacy from what not to wear in that wig?

  • I definitely thought you were gonna do all the matching first then color it however is easiest but this was smart too!

  • 😛

  • I have never worn a wig but hairpieces and wigs fascinate me I have naturally curly blond hair that I lighten every once in a while it seeks to grow out more of a strawberry blonde color as I colored my hair in steaks with a dye designed for natural blondes but being in the hospital I must have cut my my hair 3 times at least 24 inches or more .. my hair is well below my shoulders and now I want it to grow out ,but I’m cutting out damaged hair . I would like some full wigs and extension pieces . I have had extensions before good. And bad but I would like some long extension pieces and wigs that go very long some below my waste but most in the same length I also want to experiment with colors this way but primarily blonde .I need some help with this . HUGS!!!!!!

  • Me laying in bed 5 days postpartum and gross. Definitely not beautiful 😂😂

  • Does anyone know where he got this wig from???

  • It’s like Stacy London from what not to wear

  • It looks like the early 90s clothes I wore in elementary school.

  • Can he make anything look bad

  • Ok honestly I would really really like it if the black and grey were a light a dark purple because then there wouldnt be the weird 'natural' color with the brights. It's really really cool though

  • Me: Messy hair and in pjs Brad: Hey beautiful u look so good Me: 😊😊😊

  • Brad your hair looks amazing

  • Brad in this video makes my heart do this 💗💗💗

  • I love it when you call me and my chins beautiful