Spider-Man VS One Punch Man in Real Life [Live-Action]

Pubblicato il 5 lug 2019
One of many reasons why Spider-Man is far from home!
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Production Specialist/Co-Editor: Leonard Teo
Make-up Artist: Ann
By Pandastic Media
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  • This is so British

  • 99%- 2019 1%- im the bald guy

  • Yeeeeeeees Tis video

  • 1:43น่ากลัว

  • 10/10 fight

  • Boi you guys wrong coz one punch man so strpng dudd

  • Is Spider-Man dead

  • Saitama using the 0,001% of 1000% of his power for dont kill the hero

  • Tyler is

  • One punch man can take him 1 punch

  • Saitama is egg in there..

  • I DoNt FeEl So GoOd..

  • Lemme summarize what would really happen so spider man and saitama really meet Spider-Man could not lay a finger on saitama it would be over in one punch and Spider-Man would definitely not be able to block a punch dumbass Edit: Also saitama would definitely say something to Spider-Man so why is he acting like the presser the mute button on him

  • What is this stupid crap

  • 1:38 dafuq

  • *_По теории, Сайтама даже бога смог одолеть) А паучок, + мстители и т. п. даже с Таносом с трудом победили:3 Хех. Сайтама сможет с одним ударом череп сломать у человека паучка) Ну, это по теории.._*

  • 2019 :on 79% Spiderman is deathpool

  • This place is Singapore?

  • Hi

  • LOL Ancient One....

  • 1:56 is that marlin aka marmar guva juice friend

  • Looks like korg took Parker’s suit for a spin

  • wow amazing video thanks for sharing godbless

  • oh jesus this shit so funny

  • Doesn’t Karen sound like siri

  • Discusting

  • I don’t think Karen respects spider man drip

  • I don't know why but this video makes me cringe

  • This is so unrealistic I mean Spider-Man could never stop his punches

  • 2 дебила эта 💪 😄

  • This baldi aint saitama

  • I hate the accent...just make me wanna punch him..

  • God man spiderman don’t die

  • How did you find a bald japanese person

  • I don't feel so good

  • it-tvs.com/tv/video-DUX9mEj4zSc.html

  • He's special attack skill is but shooter He may have penis attack.!!


  • Wut?

  • Very strong one punch

  • Saitama’s punch would destroy Spider-Man completely

  • Bruv how did spiderman block his swing

  • W

  • but cmon now instinct kill joke was kinda gay

  • this well made

  • How the hell did spiderman dodge his finger from crushing his balls😂😂

  • The only reason saitama survived instant kill is because if he didnt there wouldve been so many dislike

  • 😂

  • So that's how he got far away from home 😮

  • open sesame

  • O

  • Spider man has no chance of beating one punch man

  • One punch man would of ended spiderman in a split sec

  • This is srsly stupid Santana is faster as well so he could have destroyed spider instantly

  • This is like putting a boy on a skateboard up against an F22 fighter jet

  • Why does Spiderman in the Thumbnail look like he said "OmE wa mou shindeiru" an as saitama says "NANI?!" And then spiderman's eyes are flashy red

  • 2:37 says i dont feel so food but is just tooo relaxed and flying

  • Bruh Saitama be using his weakest punch or he gonna kill him in an instant

  • There's a storm area 51 video on Instagram with a guy saying "open sesame" and the guard said" it doesn't work like that bro" and no one believes me when I said he said " open sesame"

  • End: I don’t feel so good and ONe PUnCh