Pubblicato il 10 set 2018
With big power comes big power.
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  • i completed the game in 3 days mate easy lads

  • Mr Insomniac... I don't feel like Spider-Man


  • *Plays as Miles Morales* : "Now I'm just some little kid..." Me: *TRIGGERED SOUNDS*

  • Dude ur reviews are funny

  • Pilot's licence? What for?


  • When dunkey gives a 0 out of 5, does it mean the game is a piece of crap?

  • LMFAO god I love you dude

  • Cries in xbox

  • 2:17 be honest we’ve all done this

  • This whole video makes me FEEL like Spiderman

  • the FEEELS

  • "Who's gonna stop us now?" Dunky: *BATMAN*

  • Dunkey how could you give this game a 0/5 just because Big Wheel is not in the game. This game makes you FEEL like Spiderman and lets you beat up bad guys. Deserves at least a 2/5.

  • This guy thinks he's funny. But he's not.

  • Fisk thug: WHOOP HIS A$$! Dunkey: Oh i'm gonna whoop his a$$ Me: 😂😂😂 2:50

  • This game makes you feel like... *Spider-Knack*

  • IGN : This game makes you feel like spider man Rocksteady : 😂😂😉

  • 1:57 this combo is stolen from shattered dimensions

  • Doc Ock gets pistol whipped: Dammit!

  • 2:17 I can impersonate Dunkey on this part exactly

  • I think that drawing was from an actual kid who loved spiderman so well done

  • They let you skip the circuitry sections? -____________-

  • "That shyt would be amazing" lol

  • The PowerPoint was what got me

  • 4:47 *tailing

  • This late comment really makes me feel like batman UH, I MEAN... spiderbat

  • Dunkeys videos really make you F E E L IGN's stupidity

  • Dunkey can make a good game look bad Its an art

  • Me and you can rule this city Spider-Man!

  • I can't watch these videos in public😂🤣😂😂😂

  • Miles Morales: Dunkey: you can play as this random little kid... Miles Morales: am I a joke to you?

    • He could have said little black kids but i appropriate he doesnt see color

  • ........there was a skip button?????!!!!!!!

  • This game really does make you FEEL like bomb squad.

  • The game is amazing but the fucking boss fights were so pour... I wish they had some better boss fights

  • Oh No,Now I’m really gonna have to hit square.

  • “Who’s gonna stop us now”? Dunkey:Batman Bruuuh

  • Man he's playing Xbox Exclusive in PS4 Exclusive! That's impossible! Is it?

  • I want him to be the voice actor for the Green Goblin for the next Spiderverse film.