Spending 24 Hours in the Most HAUNTED HOTEL in the WORLD!

Pubblicato il 5 giu 2019
So last night I attempted to spend the night in the most haunted hotel in the world.. And it was absolutely terrifying.
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If you read this far down the description I love you


  • Sorry for not completing it.. I promise the next one I’ll try my best. Who wants to come with me next time?!

  • Your not in America bc in America is a haunted hotel and that one isn’t that

  • there's a girl in the tree in 21:57

  • FaZe Rug: bro stop brooo stoppp!!! Ghost: .......(.-.)

  • @12:49 check your top right hand corner on 0.25 percent speed. Not sure what it is but I noticed it was off. As for the EMF detector you may have been wearing a pure metal piece of jewelry or something and metal tends to set the spikes up - S.A.S

  • They need to call GHOSTBUSTERS not 911!

  • You should stay at the Stanley Hotel it’s way scarier

  • Those noieses didnt evan scare me it was the fact THAT A LITTLE GIRL KILLED HER SELF I AM TALKING LIKE 7 OR 8 YEARS OLD ):

  • Look close when u and told Anthony u should have told him the truth there was a person look so close

  • When ur cousin was saying he both staying there was a person and then I look back again there was no one

  • Hi

  • I want to go and my step dad wants to come

  • Faze feer feeds a dab gost

  • Me

  • This vid had 200k likes since like 1 month and still no vid

  • Ok can we not realize the ghost standing in the hall way at 5:25 near that painting

  • 5:51 ummm what is that in the door

  • I would not stay there ether I would not even agree to do that at all I would never so that I would be so scared 😱

  • Do a vid of you going there at 3 am

  • WTF i am going to have nightmares

  • Starting at 21:32 anyone see something running across the street

  • 12.06 it's near Anthony

  • She said"get the f out my head u hunted me stop coming here u are not welcome leave me alone:

  • I will love to sleep in a haunted ho4 for 24 hours

  • When i was holding my tablet my hands got sweaty as hell

  • DONT

  • At 18:48 I saw something move and now I am probably not going to sleep tonight so good luck to everyone who watch this video

  • 5:51 theres someone to the door ( sorry for the grammar, I am italian)

  • on the corner of the screen I saw a balck figure

  • lol the ghost meter went up for a split second when they first pull it out

  • 18:43 it was so scary

  • Dear lord Sorry for watching This video And forgive us all And protect us Amen

  • I don't sorry I'm to scared

  • Yo I swear to God I saw something behind check it out 24:27 and pause see carefully

  • Oh God the camera moves too much. I feel so dizzy watching this video. I really like the video but not with camera moving too much 😭

  • Actually tho, that gives me the creeps. And dude, that girl yelling. God help us all

  • May god protect us and Fazerug be careful

  • She said "get the fuck out of my head"

  • Me if you go through the trouble of coming toarizona

  • Me me me I’m not scared duh

  • Me:*Sees ghost*BOIII RUN

  • I saw the Man in the f

  • Faze rug you should do the Ouija board at three I am with your brother not with your sister or your mum if you have a sister and you should do it not with your dad because they're gonna get spooked out and be haunted for ever I love your videos and I watch Your videos every single day when I come home for school

  • My grandma and grandpa used to have a old pub for like months and a man went there and there was a ghost aNd the ghost KILLED THE MaN

  • YOU HIT 200k bro

  • Hi faze rug

  • Everytime u say “24 hours here” u never complete it!!!!! If I was there I would finish it do what u say u have supporters and they support u and help u but u don’t give them what they want in there favor but “24 hours”

  • They should have brought a ouija board

  • I'm not going down everyone is trying to make u like their comments 👇.🙈

  • You get so scared from so little I seen other IT-tvsrs not even scared in abandoned haunted jail cells

  • You are the worst IT-tvsr in the world

  • It went to red when he scanned the bed for something. Who knew.

  • 18:53 I actually heard his heart beats

  • Who’s here 2020

  • i was skad

  • Go up there. 😨

  • I was eating some noodles when I was watching this *Gosh, I almost choked on my noodles*


  • btw the "ghost detector" searches for electron magnetic fields

  • Bro you need to start bringing sage rods and threatening the ghost with it and also you need to pray and say in the name of Jesus Christ, GO AWAY!!!!!!!!