Spending 24 Hours in the Most HAUNTED HOTEL in the WORLD!

Pubblicato il 5 giu 2019
So last night I attempted to spend the night in the most haunted hotel in the world.. And it was absolutely terrifying.
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If you read this far down the description I love you


  • Sorry for not completing it.. I promise the next one I’ll try my best. Who wants to come with me next time?!


  • Who cares if Brian didn’t complete it it’s not Like you guys so stop asking for apologies You guys are the ones who should be apologise

  • At 5:38 there’s like a black shadow

  • Anthony : call 911 !! Brian : you can't call 911 for a goast 😂 lol

  • Its so sad how many people think this is REAL!

  • Dude your camera man is wuss.

  • Lowkey this was funny 🤣😂🤣😂😫

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  • I thing the ghost was under the bed

  • leave

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  • The lady ghost want pop pop....with u wkwkwk

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  • ahhhhhhh u making me scare feel there ghost in my housee

  • WHAT WAS THAT BLUE THING??? LIKE IF YOU SAW IT TOO 14:52 what was that white thing in the right

  • This is the type of videos I like, keep up the good work rug ❤️👍🏿

  • TFIL copycats

  • Every one leave a like plz you will me rich

  • 5:46 There was a man in the doorway for a few seconds then disappears

  • 21:36 Anthonys face lmfaooooooo

  • You need some better friends , who actually aren't pu$$y's , one little noise n they run LoL.

  • If your scared the ghost can sense it and it will get angry so keep calm next time and nothing really bad *may* not happen

  • Faze rug doesnt complete a 24 hours challenge. U should change the title to Staying in the most haunted hotel (as long as i can)

  • Nobody: Anthony: dude feel my heart

  • Your giving her a piggy back ride lmao😂

  • Can you come to texas plz i want to by in your videos

  • This hotel is really scary *Make a cinematic out of it*

  • I was looking for a good video and this isn't. You act like kids. Yelling at each other and not taking ANYTHING serious.

  • IM NOT SLEEPING HERE, YOOOO *a few minutes later* Sleeps

  • paranormal activity vlog edition!

  • The red colour of the doors already gave me a nightmare

  • See guys not every ghost is bad

  • Thats why i love you rugs.

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  • WhEn A gHoSt HaS a CrUsH oN yOu 10:44

  • Bismillah hirahmanirahim please Allah protect me and my family astagfarallah allahuakbar

  • Unknown girl dies. HaUnTS A sPEcIFiC ROoOoOoOoOom

  • Damn 6k more likes AND U GO TO THE ATTICCCCCCCCC

  • Well Boo that y’all left early.... That could’ve been really interesting. I think your imaginations got the better of you.🤣 Is it a secret where this hotel is or the name of it? I want to go stay there.😃

  • During the video I was looking around in my room the whole time

  • Brian, Anthony: it’s so cold in here Me: there is an ac in their

  • I do I wanna come with you ill keep you safe

  • He was such a titty baby 😑😑

  • 😬😬😬

  • That are life

  • Sometimes I feel like it’s so real but sometimes I feel like there are 4 people with them

  • I was like hell no when it got yellow

  • You didn't use spirit box

  • With a meter like that you are supposed to sit it down and ask questions, like “Are you that little girl?” And if it blinks, then that means that it’s there. You can say “make this thing blink if yes, don’t make it if no.” Then you can go ask questions.

  • Dont stay! Its dangerous..... your life matters not making for us scary videos matters....

  • Bring Omar into your attic with you

  • Alright, FaZe Rug I’ve been living with this ghost in my house for 8 years he’s chill I communicate with him when he moves things can we get 1k likes on this comment?

  • Faze rug- who's dumb idea was it to stay here? Me- Your idea. You idiot Faze rug- (moment of silence)

  • in 5:47 there was a person in the background and you said all the employees were gone...

  • I like how the hotel is like haunted and all, but FaZe Rug still made the clips of the hotel good! If you don't know what i'm talking about, 4:28

  • the scariest part is when the screen went black and you can see my double chin

  • It goes of it’s close to electronic devices

  • I'm scared

  • holy fuck

  • I am sure the person that was in the room is trying to mess with u guys