Spend the day with an overdramatic teenager

Pubblicato il 12 ago 2018
JOANA SWEATER NOW AVAILABLE: hellojuniper.com/channel/UCkin59aR57-RgqvN04jHSIg/p/1865852518461 JOANA SWEATER NOW AVAILABLE: hellojuniper.com/channel/UCkin59aR57-RgqvN04jHSIg/p/1865852518461 What's up my doods
Welcome to my ted talk. Today, I take you through the trials and tribulations of a day in the life of moi, a teenage grandma who complains about every other issue she encounters. If you liked this video, go tell your dog to shove it up his a-
Anyways, thank you so much for watching. I love all of you with the entirety of my teensy weensy heart.
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bYE!!!!1!11!!! ;)


  • Is she an only child? Just wondering...

  • The fact that she made this video at 40 subscribers with so much content and quality.


  • Historians are still debating her sleep pattern

  • CRAZY🙋

  • 2:46 ... b-but “muck-bahng” is how you pronounce it in I-

  • Why do I want to see Joanna play with barbies

  • Maybe you are my twins!?

  • My brain..her invisalign was sister snatched.

  • Stop staring at her

  • 4:14 tho lol... me at school

  • Joana is a mood

  • Same gurl same

  • Don't come for me, I sorta hate avacado

  • the fact she videos herself taking a fat piss really makes me respect her 100% more.

  • UFO spotted = FO UFO landed = O Unidentified Flying Object

  • Put egg on the avocado toast with some everything bagel stuff. It is to die for and extremely addictive

  • Actually james charles pronounce it right it should be that way, not bang bang's bang. It's like if you hate trump you hate everything about America, some about it's good.

  • I find it funny how james Charles's pronunciation of mukbang is closer to how you are supposed to pronounce it compared to you😂 (I know since I'm korean don't ComE foR mE)

  • bro Tame Impala is the best, i’m so happy u like him too🤧😭😂😂

  • I love your videos sooo muchhh😂👌 You're amazing.

  • This was the first John Cena video I watched last year and ever since I’ve been in love with her❤️👽. ... ... ... ... That makes no sense but hopefully someone understands


  • This girl makes me laugh

  • sis James Charles is pronouncing it correctly

  • have you ever tried vegemite and avocado? ...no? oh you haven't lived yet Joana.

  • omg ive been watching this for ages and only just realised she likes the less i know the better and sweater weather

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  • Why is it impossible for me to stop watching all John Cena’s videos in bucle?

  • Wait- I thought I was the only one who stares back at people so they stop staring

  • What was the song name in the first part of the video

  • I loved Roslyn mannnnn

  • IM FASTER! Then I ran behind it

  • This video was so good it made my skin ich No really I need cream

  • I loves your vids! They’re soooo funny uwu Keep doing 🥰

  • broooooooo she listens to sweater weatherrrrrr🙃

  • 8:08 yOU CANT DO THAT-

    • am i crazy or this is one of the songs of some of the twilight movies cause I think it is and that's why im so sad-

  • i love roslyn

  • watching her older videos is like looking at old photos but when ur a baby and actually cute

  • i love how she says gal like gäål lol

  • Okay I love joana but does anybody else low key miss when her hair looked like this?

  • Wow, your like me But I don’t draw good I don’t do excercise And i’m not InTELLIGENT

  • You are like the canadian Ori de mier

  • Hi I’m Bella and when u mentioned the house centipede I look it up a literally through my phone and got so scared . Like after that I’m sard for life

  • you're totally like the canadian version of emma chamberlain omg ilysm

  • This is how I want a conversation to start.

  • Hey would you like me to run a Twitter account for you, post and promote your content ect...

  • *with the amount of avocado she puts on her toast,she is going to become one--*

  • Her saying “I’m one stinky girl” is way hotter than when Michele Pfeiffer danced with lets make boogie... i have a problem

  • Where’s the avocado 🥑

  • 7:19 i love this song ÙwÚ

  • Joana: “ The good the about working out in the morning is that no one is here” Also Joana: “THIS GUY WAS STARING AT ME IN THE GYM”

  • Are we just going to ignore the fact that when she was eating almonds at the beginning of the video the cabinet shut by itself🤔

  • You should be more respectful at some parts i think

  • Sorry but mukbang IS pronounced "muck-Bong"

  • *The day when you say "palta", I be happy* **the inglishh**

  • You arent born gay, you decide to listen to sweater weather and shit happens

  • "I've offically gone bonkers" she says, I thought you already were bonkers haha! 😘🙄😂💓💗💕💖

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  • Ik she already has a hydroflasksksksksksk, but i need to see Joana turn into a vsco gurl, i could use a laugh rn