SPEED(스피드) _ It's over (Dance Ver.) MV

Pubblicato il 15 gen 2013
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'SPEED' became known with their magnificent music video based on 5.18 Kwangju democratic movements along with the featuring of 'Kang MinKyung of Davichi'. They are releasing their first regular album 'Superior SPEED'.
The title song 'IT'S OVER' has R&B style strong Introduction, and the song is an electronic dance song with its arrangement stands out. Away from the regular repetitive dance songs there is a start and end to the song. The song is good to listen to,having very firm melody line with semi-retro sound.
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SPEED(スピード) _ It's over (Dance Ver.) MV
5.18光州民主化抗争を背景に制作された壮大なスケールのミュージックビデオとダビチのカン・ミンギョンのフィーチャリングで話題になった1stシングル「悲しい約束」で大衆に強烈な印象を残したSPEEDが新人としては異例の1stフルアルバム[Superior SPEED]を公開する。
タイトル曲「IT'S OVER」は、R&B的な旋律の導入部と強烈なIntro、感覚的な編曲が引き立つエレクトロニックダンス曲で、刺激的で反復的な既存のダンス曲とは違って起承転結が明確なメロディーラインにセミレトロサウンドが加わってモダンで温かい魅力を感じることができる。
5.18광주항쟁을 배경으로 제작된 장엄한 스케일의 뮤직비디오와 '다비치 강민경'의 피처링으로 화제가 된 첫 싱글 '슬픈약속'으로 대중들에게 강렬한 인상을 남긴 'SPEED'가 신인으로서는 이례적인 첫 번째 정규앨범 'Superior SPEED '을 공개한다.
타이틀곡 IT'S OVER는 R&B적 선율의 도입부와 강렬한 Intro,감각적인 편곡이 돋보이는 일렉트로닉 댄스 곡으로 자극적이고 반복적인 기존 댄스곡과 달리 기승전결이 뚜렷한 멜로디라인과 세미복고적 사운드가 합쳐서 모던하고 따듯한 매력을 느낄 수 있다.


  • 2020

  • Yeah this song is better than now a days songs so underrated.........whyyyyyyyyyyyyy,yyy MBK

  • Pls remember the leader of this group is Zico brother

  • 2020 listen this again

  • Wow yeah

  • isnt that the actress park boyoung?

  • I love this song, still remember watching this in the tv lol

  • 2019 damn still good


  • back here in 2020

  • 31/12/2019 ❤

  • Choi sueng min his sister is Yena of izone

  • This is kpop what I mean, for now? Kpop song it's usa style :(

    • Dan banyak orang usa nengok korea dengan alih-alih usa gitu-gitu aja padahal sama aja, ironis

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • hi sorry a dancer in 2019 here but ever since i found this song and watched this video years ago it still genuinely pisses me off that the timing is a beat off in the beginning. what kind of dance version are you gonna have if the timing isn't right? :( really doing SPEED dirty w this one

  • 2019 is gonna be over.. On the way 2020💘

  • 서양..가들은 넘오버하는 칼로리에 끓이는 탄산혈관..

  • 새마을 운동도 아니구..바짝바사삭..우리나라말되냐는

  • 2019 diciembre

  • İts over 😢

  • December 2019 still watching I miss old kpop groups and vibes

  • 스피드노래좋습니다

  • They are shooting stars

  • Good song . Hugs and kisses from UK

  • 손장갑 춤은 잊을 수가 없어서 찾아 들어왔다

  • I miss old kpop

  • I miss them so much :( they were my favorite group

  • Todo en este vídeo es una joya 👌

  • agree with Cecilia.! I miss this type of kpop songs so much.Where are beautiful minor-code songs?T-ara,C-Clown,Speed・・

  • I used to listen to this song so mucb Fuck this company

  • I was very much touched by this mv.......jcw and park Bo were awesome.....my heart sanked.....

  • Imagine grow up with this song. I can relate tho

  • Who comes after watching it on Instagram?

  • Wow. I cant believe I just now discovered this. Its a nice song too. i like it!

  • I still remember the lyrics after 6 yrs

  • 2K19?

  • It's been 6 year and I still my fav song :""" love them so much. It's so sad they have to disappear :""""'

  • Esto era el buen K-pop ,me encanta los grupos viejitos

  • listening again in 2019

  • They had everything but their company didn't treat them well ;;

  • 와 뽀블리 여기 있었네 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Here in 2019

  • 아직까지 들어 2019.9.19

  • i'll never forgive their company for failing them.

  • Speed taeha (ione) did his first mini album and his mv please support him ,the song called idea it is really a bop 😭😭please don t let ione flop and disband like speed 💔💔💔😥😥


  • This song is way better than almost every 2019 song, i can't believe how underrated they're...

    • I still love this group

    • I love this song

    • not "almost" every, but EVERY, and not 2019, but since 5 years.

  • Miss them. Mereka bertalent tapi kenapa tidak melesat😭

  • Park Bo Young - beautiful voice .. I watched her in 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' - I love this drama. Bong Bong and Min Min is the best couple I've seen. Hyungsik is totally sexy;) I recommend

  • 2019??? 😍😍😀😀😎😎

  • I miss them ㅠㅠ💕

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • I miss this era...❤️


  • 하 초딩 때 이 노래랑 빅스 다준대 조지게 중독되서 맨날 불렀는데 추억이다

  • Jongkook 💕

  • 이거 존나 괜찮지않나요? ? 솔직히 재평가가 시급함. ㅠ

  • 솔직히 개인적으로 시대를 앞서간 손 댄스였다고 생각한다.. 지금 했으면 엄청 유행 탔을 것 같은데 중딩때 봤을때도 진짜 멋있었는데 지금 보니까 더 간지나

  • Love park Bo young

  • #SPEED _ lt's over! (Dance Ver.!) MV