Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich

Pubblicato il 19 ott 2019
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Song used: Eneide - In The Chains Of Sorrow (Epidemic sounds)


  • Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch:

  • Hey aunt ones out can I make a comic with your account I hope you say yes cause I’m going to do it

  • I'm just watching this because the FDA will destroy IT-tvs next year. We may not have content like this anymore.

  • Hablo español y disfruto tus vídeos pero no esta subtitulado este video y no pude disfrutarlo por favor ponle subtítulos y escribi todo esto para molestar por que creo que no todos saben español y no sepan lo que dice todo esto :v

  • James just admit your a furry so make a vid rn or I will call the cops on you

  • I'm going to Arazona this weekend😄😄😄😄😄😄😁

  • You:as fast as jimmy Johns Me:HUUUUUUUU I’m eating jimmy johns wow

  • The Final What?

  • First Harry the moth then sooubway sorry i-i can't fin ish th th the sen tence 😞😭😢

  • What are you going to do about COPPA?

  • There is not a video of theodd1sout that I don’t have liked

  • Anyone else notice the bird in the web 1:27 ? Lol

  • Just A Man Eating Sooubway

  • u barried the sandwich, the last sandwich. so sad

  • Bro the FTC is coming and this is hat they said this '' if you make cartoons you will not get in sugastid and loose money be. Care full 😐

  • Furry

  • Wait this got 1 mil likes btw

  • If you love james and jaiden then you won't regret watching this 😏

  • James I am here to inform you that IT-tvs is Dying I’m sure you heard about IT-tvs’s new policy Coppa and this policy will all animator channels and Gacha channels so pls help our community thank you James

  • James Rallison...


  • Was the sooubway you worked at on country club in mesa

  • James no sé si entiendes español pero..... Que opinas de la ley copa

  • Ok, what would you think first if you saw a College Drop Out lookin' guy with a pink toy shovel and a Subway Sandwich in your local park?

  • Yes

  • Wow that ending part made me nearly cry

  • Get James on adults react to help his depression because he lost his sooubway

  • In class today I blasted life is fun on my speaker and the hole class started singing😂

  • 2:36 lmao “Mother I’d be most grateful if you let e consume a pastry with high levels of sugar and simple carbohydrates.”

  • Why do you call it sooubway it's subway boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Umm no tank you

  • Hey, I found out what you are going to do on December 3, greet me, I'm from Chile, if a country speaks Spanish or Spanish

  • Anyone see and remember 416293


  • Rip big sooub

  • Hi there Robert. ;)

  • Did you see the new COPPA youtube rules, i think you're not getting money anymore, when they make the changes😓

  • Posible mente no ablo Ingles pero soy un fan de tus videos

  • Is no one questioning why James is pennywise in one of Sean’s



  • One like one more tear for sooubway

  • A question will u marry jaiden

  • 2222: 1 weird thing found underground

  • I want to part 5

    • Legally, restaurants cannot ask you to prove if your dog is a service animal or not and they cannot ask you about the service they provide. This is because there isn’t a univers

  • J- Just A- a M- Man W- With P- Pennywise Yea jamwp isn't a word

  • This isn't soooooooubway 4. This is Soooooubway 5. The random call video has soooooooooubway 4.

  • Hai james love ur vids can u pls give me a shout out or like my commont BTW I LOVE UR ART UR SO GOOD

  • i subscribed and liked and ringed the bell

  • I love magic the gathering 😊

  • Hey James!Big Fan of Yours and I need your help. IT-tvs will be terminating/deleting outubers Videos/Channels that aren't "Commercially viable" and that may include my channel and its vids.I really care about my channel I have been on this platform for 5 years trying to earn subscribers and making comedy, skits and shorts but it's being all thrown into the trash which makes me very sad and angry.Pls Help me Save my channel. It's My Passion. I'm also trying to reach out to others. Sincerely Yours, A Big Fan

  • Sooubway 5

  • Sad bruh moment


  • 1M *Likes* OMG

  • Are you worried about COPPA and FTC?

  • Sad day for America

    • HEY RANDOM PERSON. Have you drank egg nog before?

  • Bill c is bill cipher morty c is morty smith

  • J- just A- a M- man E- eating S-subway

  • Legally, restaurants cannot ask you to prove if your dog is a service animal or not and they cannot ask you about the service they provide. This is because there isn’t a universal verification system in place and it’s highly invasive to ask about someone’s disability.... This doesn’t mean that you should claim and untrained dog is a service animal, but it’s a fun fact all the same.