Soothing Spa Sounds with Poki ASMR ❤

Pubblicato il 10 feb 2019
hi guys ^_^ i missed y'all! please enjoy this new upload featuring some relaxing spa sounds, including candles, feathers, sponges & more!
Let me know what type of video you'd like to see in the comments as well, xo ^^
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  • Please make a new vid I was real axing

  • "What's your favorite hobby?" "uhh magnets" "Wha-like making magnets, collecting magnets?" "Just magnets."

  • I’ve officially seen the dark side of pokimane

  • this is so uncomfortable

  • على زززززق

  • This is the first amsr video I've ever watched and I feel wrong watching this. Is that bad or like? 😂

  • Pokimane: I must apologise for my nails. Me: girl we’re just here for some ASMR nobody cares about your nails.

  • i want my girlfriend to talk to me like this

  • i cant handle this

  • Magnets work with positive and negative polarity, which pulls/pushes based on if it is +-/++/--

  • Who keeps coming back to this video cuz this is the only video that gives u tingles at night

  • Pokimane: I got this brush just for you guys. Me: girl don’t lie that’s for your makeup after.

  • Ohhh A Mmmm aoOOO

  • Yeah im here in 2020

  • Hy

  • Oh, wow... ugh... this... eh... was a good... hauh.. video zzzzzzZZZZZZZ 😴

  • Imagine a girl sitting at her desk 18 hrs a day playing Fortnite and this comes out


  • 2020 ??

  • can I go to sleep now

  • So ive watched your streams and main channel videos for ages but never watched the asmr stuff i never understood it but the past 3 nights ive been able to fall asleep to them which is crazy to me because ive lived with crippling depression and insomnia to the point ill stay up for days just cause i cant sleep. You changed my view on asmr

  • I fear no man, but that thing *looks over at add* It scares me

  • *I am to scared to read the comments*

  • The amount of people that come back for this video is amazing

  • Roses are red Violets are blue I have one like Wait why is it blue

  • poki is asking for thirst

  • Magnets work due to a magnetic force of protonic and magnetic energy

  • I feel sleepy omf

  • A love

  • When she talks I get tickles down my spine

  • I woke up to this I’m questioning my life choices right now

  • Poki: “this is actually the second candle at my desk.” My weird brain for no reason: THERE IS ANOTHER

  • Me almost asleep AD: Raid shadow legends x100 vol

  • Bruh

  • “How do magnets work? Huh?”

  • That Pikachu ^_^

  • I was watching this relaxing asmr video and then I get a cardi b Pepsi ad of her yelling....

  • OML 20:49 big tingly

  • You are so hot and sexy

  • 💦squirt

  • She said in one of her videos that she doesn't feel like making those videos anymore, because she got bored of them

  • this is like my go to ASMR video

  • I don't know how magnets work tbh

  • Me: watching pokimane 1 minute later fall as sleep Also me: just got a a good dream.

  • The Tapping Sounds Made Me Wanna Sleep

  • tingles app ,':]

  • Vengo por el Exponiendo Subs xd

  • You should date with alanstokes Who agree like this comment

  • anyone else come back to this all the time bcz its the only vid that gives u tingles

  • Wtf this girl is doin

  • December Anyone- 2019?

  • How could i not be relaxed v.v

  • I heard youtube tends to demonetize these or something. maybe that's why she's doing less. besides apparently twitch pays a lot more

  • Poki: Now LETS open this "bad boy" up. Half the guys watching: oh no, PLEASE don't punish meeeeee😏

  • Like sj vinistes por ded

  • best asmr ever


  • Add me on fortnite Turtlecraft08

  • Poki smoking that boof