Soothing Spa Sounds with Poki ASMR ❤

Pubblicato il 10 feb 2019
hi guys ^_^ i missed y'all! please enjoy this new upload featuring some relaxing spa sounds, including candles, feathers, sponges & more!
Let me know what type of video you'd like to see in the comments as well, xo ^^
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    • Lol post more

    • Stoppppppppppp

    • Stop sqying that thats descustaing

    • What do you mean you dont deserve us btw i LOVE your vids i watch you like all the time mo

    • why is poki the prettiest girl I have seen in my whole life! in 2 years senior year I am gonna try and ask her out to prom! if I don't have a girlfriend.

  • Girl I can hear stuff in the background and it's pretty jump scary like I'm outta here

  • " You can smell it through the packaging " she says through a microphone.

  • Fabulous!!! I got so much asmr

  • I don’t mind what video you do next.

    • I got to the end and you said you want ideas, I don’t have any ideas sorry😶

  • (:

  • -++

  • i feel bad 2 mil ppl have watched but only half a mil subbed poor poki

  • That lighter looked like a really long juul which I would recommend you don’t use Juuls but that’s your choice if you do

  • For slight scent and sparkle😂🤣

  • Not my proudes fap...but damn i came hard to this !


  • That "WHAT THE" scared me HAHAH

  • wtf

  • i love your boobs

  • Fak am i watching lmao

  • lets be honest boys and girls shes gonna upload in 5 years atleast

  • I love u and your video's keep do the great work


  • Did anyone else here the "what the" sound in the background 7:17

  • 10:46 Poki says and now that we know nothings on your face 4 secs later someone spills water on their face

  • I fell asleep watching this

  • When I watched this. There was a Asmr honey ad.

  • Ight, lemme charge my pilip's womens usb lighter 9230 7 wat american special edition black paint

  • ASMR videos are so fking cringy is not even funny....

    • It's not supposed to be funny

    • ASMR videos got to a point where people think they have just to buy a 360' mic and just talk random bullshit and its ASMR.....

  • 4:25 what is this a strip tease

  • Do a moaning asmr

  • journal update: it`s been almost 7 months since poki last uploaded a asmr video. i have been watching her streams but have almost forgotten how her wisphers sound i think im going crazy. if she does not upload soon i dont know what im gona do but im gona try to hang on and keep beliveing that she will be back soon:

    • Journal update:SHE FINALLY UPLOADED!😀

  • Me turns volume max ad 3 min later PROFFESIONAL FOOTBALLERS

  • My first time seeing this vid WTF

  • És muito linda a mim tu fazias tudo do meu corpo como se fosse teu

  • every intro now, "its been a minute, i missed u guys..."

  • Bro that’s a dope lighter

  • This is just disrespectful at this point. At least let us know if you'll ever come back because everything we expect a comeback but it never come

  • Holyyyyyy

  • See you in 10 years

  • Half of people In comments dont even know she is a streamer OMEGALUL PEPELAUGH KREYGASM.

  • Why not new Videos ?

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    • Wrong channel buddy

  • No me lo creo

  • I love your asmr poki :) you're hot btw

  • PPPPPOOOOOOKKKKKKIIIIIIIIII *can you please post more*

  • 4:25 That scared me i was half a sleep with max volume lmao

  • What the fu....

  • FITZ AND POKI! i ship it

  • 14:19 , bless ya

  • Thank you poki! Very cool

  • I thought you play fortnite

  • I originally found Poki thru asmr now she doesn’t even post :(

  • Alright Poki it's either post more or ghost more so..........[SpongeBob Narrator: 6 Months Later] Oh it's like that huh

  • Who loves coconut 🥰

  • ☹😐

  • First time listening to ASMR Pretty cool


  • Yes

  • Miss the time she was uploading frequently :/

  • ok then

  • She used and left us yall

  • I feel like poki has the most dedicated asmr community Like we still here even tho she hasn't uploaded since feb

    • I first thought your comment was good the I click read more and I saw that you asked for a like so I disliked the comment

  • Who else is scrolling down the comments while listening to the video😎