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Pubblicato il 3 ott 2019
The Alpha 9 II offers the same imaging performance of the Alpha 9, with added refinements that make it possible to take maximum advantage of the camera’s blazing speed in professional workflows.
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  • Hey Sony, when are you gonna let us use cameras in OBS?

  • Music by Hans Zimmer ?? Interstellar ?? Maybe ?? :D

  • Hello Sony i most waiting a7siii

  • Guys, its the same price as when the og a9 was released and its only been 2 years. I mean this camera has only been upgraded or stayed the same. How can anyone be mad at that especially considering that the rest of the competition's "upgrades" are removal of basic features like 24fps

  • The soundtrack sounds incredibly much like Interstellar

  • A7SIII or Detox

  • Hey Sony, how about you replace JPEG for HEIF! JPEG is outdate!

  • Alpha is a looooooool you have a top LCD no right just a way because top LCD screen is a most important any camera made atherway alpha A9 is not batter alpha A6100 batter then you

  • Why does it appear Sony is falling behind the camera/camcorder race? I've got too much invested in E-mount-FF lenses to switch now. ;-( What is consuming their attention?

  • Sound track of this Product feature is lil similar to Interstellar theme song

  • Just got an a9 for 2900 bucks. I love this launch.

  • free joogsquad

  • Pengen punya..

  • Sony did it again in the good way

  • Nothing especial

  • I am looking for a mentor and also looking for your donation I need a camera so I can start my photography camera. is the link of my portfolio, I take all these shots using Nikon S3300 compact camera.

  • ワークフローが最悪 結局は瞳AFありきのカメラ

  • All these years & Sony can't figured how to get ATG AF Focus Assist Beam on flash or transmitter.

  • amazing

  • It's almost 2020 now, wtf is that!?

  • This is not the A7sIII ! Come on Sony my A7sII is totally worn out.

  • This is not the A7sIII ! Come on Sony my A7sII is totally worn out.

  • Price hurts

  • Where is GPS?

  • I am going to wait until all the cameras are the size of an iPhone. lol I bet you see it in the not so distant future! :)

  • Pleace build a PS5 with a Premium Casing! No Plastic! Steel is nice 👌🏻

  • how about new update for sony a7 iii ??

  • Never mind the Mark II, where’s the firmare update for animal eye AF for the A9? Wasn’t it meant to be released during the summer?

  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👑

  • why CMOS Sensor?

  • Major failure, sorry, not buying.

  • The background is really something different and amazing

  • Propably the most of it could be added with a firmware update to an A9 for sure. Really Dissapointing Sony :(

  • No time for caution rip-off 😂

  • *Yawn* I’ll stick with my original A9 thanks tho

  • Where is s3?

  • maybe they released the new a9 ii so the previous a9 one goes down in price and this is more affordable. Nice idea Sony.

  • nothing special.......

  • Stop making cameras because I can’t afford one 😒 I live in the shit I mean I live in argentina

  • A6000 aja blum kebeli ya Allah 😭😭😭