SONIC: THE HEDGEHOG Trailer (2020)

Pubblicato il 30 apr 2019
Official Sonic: The Hedgehog Movie Trailer 2020 | Subscribe ➤ | Ben Schwartz Movie Trailer | Release: 14 Feb 2020 | More
A cop in the rural town of Green Hills will help Sonic escape from the government who is looking to capture him.
Sonic: The Hedgehog (2020) is the new animation movie starring Ben Schwartz, James Marsden and Jim Carrey.
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  • 🗞NEWS: Now it's official, the design of Sonic will be updated in the final movie. Here is how we would love to see him ➤

  • who ever said this was ok needed to be fireeeeeeeed like wtf

  • Jim Carrey for Dr. Eggman? I’m here for it! lol

  • Idk why I always come back to this trailer. Its like visiting that one crazy family member everyone hates but you still visit them because they're still family.

  • Come on 2:56

  • Iida be like 0:22

  • I'm gonna miss this guy, but I'm still happy with the new one

  • im scared


  • Wheres sonic gloves

  • Sonic is cool


  • The hell gates have opened

  • Nope Nice video 😒😏😡😡😠

  • Thank god redisighn

  • *Dude if someone, or anybody asks you if you have a child in a bag, SAY NO AND THAT IT'S A MOVIE ON PLAY!!!*

  • This is just so bad from start to finish

  • Everyone this is just fake ok, because this is fanmade it was made 2019 THIS IS 2020

  • Is this a scary movie? :|

  • I need to wash my eyes out with bleach

  • Wrong sonic

  • Cant believe they were so unamused by the viewers so they remade the thing and they postponed it

  • Sonic Is so sexy

  • Uhh....meow?

  • Who heare teh Song in the background Gangsta paradiese 😂

  • Guys what is so wrong with this sonic!!!

  • I actually don't mind the old design... But I do prefer the new one.

  • I’m in 2020

  • First trailer- Xbox Second trailer- PS4 Third trailer- pc

  • Kinda sad. I want to See this ugly fuck in the cinema

  • Uau

  • 1:21 Tom is right.

  • “Mom, can we watch the sonic trailer?” Mom: “but we have sonic trailer at home” Sonic trailer at home:

  • If i was a blue kid

  • They put "Gangsters paradise" as tha sound tracks cause Sonic an OG yall STOOPID FUCKS! 🤦🏽‍♂️ y'all ruin everything, but overall tha ppl who designed Sonic did alot better 😁👍🏽

  • Gangsta's paradise nice

  • This sonic was UG LYYY

  • The most hated version

  • When i see this *EW*

  • I love this sonic movie.

  • Would anyone prefer that Danny Devito should have been Dr. Robotnic?

  • Bullshit

  • j👍👍👍👍👍

  • 2020 anyone?

  • 2020 wdym??? you upload it on apr 30 2019 xd

  • This is Sonics crackhead cousin Ponic

  • who came just to see the old sonic after redesign

  • Came back to see this Monster

  • The old design reminds me of man in a sonic costume

  • Tails get the shotgun

  • Why we don't like it .becouse it not close to what we imagine .ITS just some raccon painted blue ,but the second trailer 🤔that little betwr

  • 1:08 is that Vincent from Paul Blart 2?

  • am i sereousliy the only one who think it don’t ugly like it don’t that bad man I think he’s cool

  • It’s almost unbelievable that this was their idea of a “good” design. It’s so much worse when you see what we got and compare the two


  • Boo! Only because how sonic looks!

  • It looks like his personality changed too. From trash to just being Sonic.

  • I honestly like this better, I wish that they realease movie with both sonics 🙄

  • Why would you even make this movie

  • Can't wait to see this