Pubblicato il 3 nov 2019
#SonsRedCardVsEverton #AndreGomez
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  • Son cried after. Some players would have acted like they didn’t even touch them. Too bad this was for someone who is genuinely a good person (Son). Get well soon, Andre.

    • Moneymar Jr. WTH are you dumb😂😂 so you’re saying everyone in your nation are nice

    • Darren McDonald No that’s a bit extreme. Let’ just hope somebody in the street trips him from behind, and then breaks his leg with a cricket bat, and everyone around him shouts “accidental, he didn’t mean it. It a late tackle but doesn’t deserve any punishment, it could happen to any one walking down the street”

    • @CutlerTheCourageous have a word with yaself ya absolute wanker. Hope you get hit by a bus today

    • Dean McEntevy why! Fuck Som look at what he’s done, fuck his apology and his reaction! I was there at the game I saw it. It was intentional

    • Guy101 William fuck son

  • Ramos after seeing Son cry: HAH! Pathetic

  • am i the only one who has never seen son do a slide tackle again after this

  • He could of DIED COYB

  • Son is ALL class. Get well Gomie.

  • The more I look at this clip the more of an accident it appears to me. Son deserved the initial yellow card coming his way. The injury was a terrible accident. Gomez was clipped; Gomez tried to break his fall by straightening out his leg; But with Aurier in the way he couldn't risk hurting him; And with the little reaction time he had, his foot got planted awkwardly in the ground. Gosh it's even painful to explain 😖.

  • Good luck Andre's Gomes

  • oh My god

  • Koreans are always!

  • Wrap a paper towel round it

  • I didn't see son hurts any footballer look at this scene clearly we can see he tried to tackle him but he didn't want to hurt him . He was shoked aft seeing what was happened to that defender Son is a Humble guy he has many good qualities than other famous footballers 💖💖💖💪💪

  • Fuck off with this shitty music. Fucking wanker.

  • God bless you son, owning up for your mistake and feelings bad for it. So many people try to blame it on something else but you took it like a true man

  • But André did elbow him in the first place ,,, but still sorry André

  • Son is kind

  • Son see you soon

  • Too Bad Tackle!!

  • He’s leg didn’t break when son tackled, it broke when it collided with the pitch

  • If this was Sergio Ramos, he would be like "eh, whatever. I am just doing my thing."

  • Still baffled why son was red carded. He didn't even touch Gomes. It was the collision with aurier that injured him

  • Poor son

  • such inappropriate music

  • Son of the bitch

  • Ref (after son’s tackle): bad tackle guess I’ll give him a yellow. Ref (after seeing Gomes injury): damn that’s a nasty ankle you got there. Wait.. if I don’t give son the big red.. I won’t get out of here alive. Ref (after getting back home from the game) O nononono shit! I for got the check the VAR!! I’m definitely getting fired😭

  • That wasnt a red card offence

  • You know why we'll never see a different angle replay of this? because it wasn't a foul. Gomes injured himself diving. The referee is an idiot for not judging the tackle, but the injury. Son is a good sportsman. Didn't even complain, although he had every right to do so.

  • This is occupation hazard,this is one of those injuries we see in football.

  • fucking son

  • aczino deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • asesino

  • he is very bad

  • Son propelled Gomez into Aurier.

  • SON was in a temper as GOMES caught him with his arm 2 minutes before the challenge.

    • EVERTON FC IS DA BEST I think eventhough Son was in a temper, he didn't mean to injure Gomes' that bad. It definetly was a challenge but not a red card deserving dirty play. It would have not happened if they were all just a bit luckier. Anyways, hope Gomes gets well soon..

    • Jamie Carroll yes mate that’s what I’ve been telling everyone! Everyone is sorry for Son and saying it was an accident!!

  • Son tidak tahu bahwa peristiwa itu akan terjadi

  • Cynical and premeditated foul from Son despite his reaction. Only he will know what was going through his mind when he threw that tackle and I hope he suffers with his own conscience. The injury wasn't directly his fault be if he'd had a split second of thought he wouldn't have pursued that tackle when he could see it was pointless. Get well soon Andre, we need you.

  • Damn look at the audience reaction!!!

  • It was his fault,he should be careful when jumping like this..he went into Gomes leg and not the ball..Why isn’t Messi causing such traumas?Because he is a smarter player..It is easy to say sorry of course but an injury is an injury.

  • 0:12 is that blood on his hands?!

  • Tbf Roy Keane wouldn't have enjoyed this tackle too much either.

  • Oh no, get well soon Gomez, best wishes from Germany

  • He broke it after the challenge which tbh was fair and he didn’t need to go down

    • EVERTON FC IS DA BEST Son didn't mean it and was devastated for hurting Gomes. But of course he has to go down I have had the same injury as Gomes before I couldn't do anything else but lay on the ground.

    • ThisKidManning fuck u he did! Son caused it son when in for a tackle to get Gomes back FUCK U AND SON 🖕

  • What a sportsmanship

  • Everton deserved the goal in th end

  • Dirty fuckin team. Son obviously didn't want this to happen, and didn't want to hurt the guy, but that's the price of the whole club having a nasty little playing style and no ability to play on their feet!

  • son is a selfish idiot

  • Son be like: Ref, please help me, I just killed my Frenemy

  • What a great music choice...plz tell me the name of this music...

  • 눈물이 😭😭😭

  • I'm so sad for Andre Gomez

  • Red car lol

  • Era pra ter sido expulso

  • hold up, wasn't an everton player's leg literally broke last season? now this? damn what's going on.

  • Ufc fighter or football.God teach u see n wait.

  • O juíz ainda vem com porra de amarelo? Tá maluco, isso é velho doído


  • It was aurier


  • im so sorry for gomez ❤ i dont want anyone to experience such a thing

  • @hello your such a fucking nob you nob

  • Didnt mean obviously, is football. Get back soon A.G