somebody else - chiara & niccolo // baby

Pubblicato il 9 gen 2019
sorry for the live version of the song, i couldnt post the video with the original version.
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  • I ship her with Niccolo than with Damiano

  • Não shippo prefiro ele com a professora


  • is there gonna be a season 3

  • He is toxic coz he only wants her when she is with someone else. And goes back to his gf when ppl find out about them.

  • 0:55 Che episodio è?

  • I love them together so much. After two seasons, they still aren’t Endgame. Hopefully in the next one they will but he’s so in love with her.

    • @Haru daydreamer maybe on s2 he still care for her the way he look in halloween party & confronting brando by the looks of his face we can he's still in luv with her

    • Is he still in love with chiara in season2?


  • how can i watch this show online?

    • Its a netflix series so i dont think you can watch it for free online

  • Omg i want season 2 asap

  • Song name please

  • 1:25

  • Are they Endgame?🥺

    • They rarely had any scenes together I really don’t think they’ll end up together damiano is the main love interest not niccolo

    • Camille Macioge fuckkkk

    • Camille Macioge rightttt like i was so mad they got mother trucking chemistry like i was really hoping that in season 2 that both of them could just have a small moment of them talking to each other

    • I'm mad!!!! They're not together in season 2 either (came out yesterday and already finished) he does yell at ppl for treating her wrong and gets rly jealous but nope. THEY'RE STILL NOT TOGETHER!!

    • They better be

  • Movie ?

    • Petruta Luka baby

    • Petruta Luka it’s a Netflix series called ‘Baby’

  • ¿Como se llama?

  • 💋Chiara y Niccolo💋

  • What is the name of this film or serial

  • Is there a season 2 coming out?

  • Ay a mi me gustaba millones de veces mas esta pareja que chiara con damiano, pero las actitudes de nicolo no me gustaban lpm.

    • Valen Gomez en qué temporada sale nicolo y chiara besándose?

    • X2, ojala regresen para la tercera temporada porque aunque me cae bien Damiano prefiero mas a Chiara con Nico.

    • Es que si lo piensan , las dos parejas son tóxicas, pero con el actor de Nicco se siente como química (no hablo de romance o algo entre ellos) como que tienen como esa química al actuar , al menos así lo siento y con el actor de Damiano no, así que si va a estar con un tóxico mejor que sea con Nicco

    • A mí también me gusta más esta pareja

    • sameeeeeeee

  • I prefer her with Niccolo, but he needs to get his act and his shit together.

  • Is there any humanbeing left who has not been corned by Chiara yet?

  • music fits so perfectly ❤️

  • where can i find 'baby' for free????

  • Sorry y’all he’s hot🤠