Soft Abstract Acrylic Painting - Time Lapse - Satisfying Art for Beginners

Pubblicato il 9 nov 2019
Soft Abstract Acrylic Painting - Time Lapse - Satisfying Art for Beginners
Find here all the supplies I use:

Filming and editing myself again! Having a lot of fun with it.
This is a commission artwork 32x32" for my aunt. She wanted an abstract acrylic painting with the colors pink, green and gold. It's so much fun to have an 'assignment' cause I would have never picked these colors together. They work! I love how soft and delicate this turned out. I also feel like I am getting the hang on how to work with the catalyst wedge and find things to make it more interesting.
I hope you get inspired by my new style of painting and if you are trying it yourself, show me! I would love to see them. It's a nice and easy break from pouring.

I am using here winsor & newton Galleria acrylic paint, a catalyst wedge, palet knife, flat brushes and squeeze bottles.
There will be more abstract acrylic painting tutorials, experiments & techniques coming, if you like to follow me, you can subscribe to my channel and click the bell icon (so you will be notified whenever a new video is up). Also I’d very much appreciate any feedback. And of course I love to challenge myself, so if you have an idea, let me know in the comments and I’ll give it a try!
I am an abstract painting addict, without a doubt. Playing with colors, testing out new art techniques, brands, sizes & collaborating with other abstract (fluid) artists; is the best. Since I started this journey I feel more balanced in my work and passion. If you see these painting tutorials and feel like, this is something for me: go for it! The fun thing about acrylic abstract painting is, that even though you do exactly the same, the outcome is different everytime. Also everybody has a different view of composition, colorcombinations and the way of doing a technique, what makes and keeps it so interesting to watch. Thank you for watching and following me in my modern art journey!
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  • All I can say is...WOW!

  • Vous avez du talent avec toujours le sourire bravo

  • Love all your paintings, you are an amazing artist, I wanted to try this technique and not sure I have the right paint brushes. Could you tell me what kind you use for this type. Thank you

  • Very beautiful! I've never seen you do anything like this before. I love it...I love everything you do!!!💕💃🌴

  • How do you get the first layers of paint to blend so well? When I try it my paint dries up so fast that it clumps or pulls parts off.

  • I just love this new style so I had to try it myself! I saw someone else asked about how you spray the paint out of an empty bottle. Well, I had to share what just happened to me. I was squeezing the bottle and the top blew off and the paint went spraying like a canon !!!!!! I almost peed my pants laughing! Yes,it made a mess, and yes it ruined my painting, and yes it went on my walls.... but you have to just have fun ya know! So, that is the way you DON”T do the spray squeezing bottle thing. Rinske, I will send a deposit tomorrow and tell you the ya!

  • WOW! beautiful!.. abundance of talent.. no matter what you do!

  • Sou Brasileiro 👍

  • Muito bom!! Faz uma visitinha no meu canal, pra dar uma força 😁

  • Beautiful work.

  • Absolutely Beautiful!! You are an incredible artist!! Love your videos!!

  • Extraordinary artistic painting work

  • Rinske what kind of squeeze bottles do you use and where could I find one. You need one of them Amazon accounts where you post all the products you use and when people buy em you get a little commission off them. It's how I've bought quite a few of my supplies since I just took up painting for fun and had no idea what to use or where to get them. Lol. I'll never be an artist like you, but I find this very therapeutic and relaxing, and boy do I need relaxing. Lol

  • It us soo nice just to watch you create!! Very relaxing!! Ty 4 sharing!! 💜

  • Bonjour. Est-ce que vous pouvez m'apprendre à faire les même style de peinture avec votre technique svp ???? Car je rêve de progresser en peinture...

  • Very beautiful painting

  • I love these so much! Some times it amazes me, how carelessly you seem to run the brush on the canvas but how amazing it turns out. It’s absolutely gorgeous. How do u do it?

  • جميلة جدا

  • Hey Rinske, Love your paintings. What are you painting on the canvas at the start of the video?

  • Beautiful painting. Looks like a beautiful flower or plant. Do you use a White paint for your blending on your background when you get started? Thank you for sharing, love your work.

  • I love your art! Do you have a particular favorite brand or style brushes you use over others?

  • Love your art sooooo much! Do you dilute the paint in the squeeze bottles?

  • Que maravilla!!!

  • very beautiful and talented, good combination .. !!!

  • Really Beautiful!!!

  • H

  • what is that small tool you are using to make squiggles?

  • Are you mixing your paints for these new pieces with any medium or just thinning with water?

  • Very beautiful!

  • This is freaking beautiful!!

  • Wow. So beautiful.

  • Beautiful 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️

  • oh my god that is awsome

  • That’s very different,I hope she likes it.

  • Absolutely stunning!

  • So beautiful perfect colors gorgeous love ❤️

  • Wow you are really very talented could you tell me how do you succeed to pale your background is what you use a self-timer because it looks like your painting does not dry quickly like mine thank you

    • Thank you! I damp the canvas before i start!

  • Awesome - love this video. Make me want to paint - great work. Subscribed.

  • My favorite...your luck Aunt!!!

  • I would like to try to make a small painting with cells what to put in the painting to make cells, resin how much quantity of water of resin or other product to mix with the acrylic paint

  • So fascinating to watch you work, I could watch this all day. Thanks for sharing

  • 👍🥰

  • Prachtig Rinske . Welke verf gebruik je aub? Grtjs uit G ent - Blgie

    • Hi noel!! Ik gebruik voornamelijk Amsterdam en winsor&newton

  • This is a painting Jenna Marbles should make

  • I’m sorry, you are my favourite artist, but this time I think it’s a case of - less would have been more.

    • Yes i understand what you say!! I love more minimal too, but for the commission work it needed a bit more

  • Comment s'appelle la spatule avec laquelle vous des effets ? Elle paraît toute souple..... Merci pour votre réponse en français Annick

  • Beautiful work Mum!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Watching all the way from Kenya 🇰🇪

  • Very beautiful!!

  • Love it !

  • So beautiful! How do you put any kind of a protective varnish on that kind of art without ruining the powdered “paint” (I am assuming that’s what you are spraying on your canvas)? Have you had formal training as an artist at University or are you self taught & God gifted? I am happy that I found your channel as I am just getting ting all my supplies to start to paint with acrylics and I find you very inspirational. Thank you for sharing!💕

  • Süper

  • More than gorgeous!!!

  • This is Awesome. Great work!! Thank you for sharing! I love art like you.I also love to draw pictures. Check my channel too.

  • Love the painting but way too fast to follow along!

  • Congratulations, it's amazing !

  • Hi, just curious as to what you prep your canvas with before you start adding the color.

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  • It is sooooo beautiful, Rinske! I wonder what is the special thing you put on the little bottles that came in spray? Thank you for sharing your secret!! :)

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