SO MESSED UP | Whack The Serial Killer

Pubblicato il 7 ott 2019
Avert your eyes!
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  • Yay! Murder is Fun! 😊

  • Its so gruesome to the point its no

  • Jack: what's wrong with you? Me: You're the one playing the game, brother. You're just as guilty as the rest of us.

  • Cat:I have nine lives. Searel killer:I have 20 lives hahaha. Cat: Noni!!

  • Ouch UwU my neck~~~

  • *"as a kid i loved manhunt"* JESUS CHRIST HOW ARE YOU NOT A PSYCHOPATH?!?!

  • Serial killer killed by another serial killer...why not?

  • Jack whenever she melted his face it looked like Michael Jackson out of South Park

  • Idk why but after she electrocuted him around 11:00 I smelled something burning but after I paused the video the smell was gone

  • imessage

  • With the rat and the cage I'm pretty sure it's also off of one of the Fast and Furious

  • Jacksepticeye: Is there wrong with you for watching this Me: Yes there's a lot of things wrong with me ^.^

  • We all love jack your cool

  • I like your face when you're about to cry on the video box in the picture Arrr

  • 14:04= you know the mk is toasty but this game is diferent is oopsy ok jack

  • I think bop it it goes wooh

  • Kewl not age restricted

  • This is the game CNN thinks of when they think Video Games. When I think Video Games I think of the three M's. Mario, Minecraft and Minigolf

  • I'm starting to worry for jack

  • Can i get like arested for watching this?

  • anyone realise that the girls boyfriend was the guy from whack your neighbour?

  • Dog is a wolf I know that right xd

  • ...when I was I kid I loved this series... *oh my* Edit: now I’m just scared shitless

  • That couple is psycho

  • ahhh, a little taste of classic sean

  • Jack ur one of my favorite IT-tvsrs and your videos make me so happy every day so keep making more!

  • you can die in this game. to do that you need to click the keys that you use to get out


  • befor Jack:is she waring heels no she is waring flats after JACK:oh she was waring heels all along

  • Guess the half word 😈itised

  • Patrick and his girlfriend would likely be the parents to Billy from the whack your teacher and thief games honestly. Like they're just a group to be reckon with. They're bigger psychopaths than the serial killer. At least they mainly kill creeps, thieves, and now a serial killer.

  • 13:55 it's noob saibot's fatality

  • I wasn't grossed out by any of them I but I still liked the video

  • Very violent

  • At least there was only 1 cock and ball torture 😂😂😂😂

  • 8:13 was waiting for that

  • "Taring and feathers won't kill him." Did you skip early history Jack?

  • Surprised this didn’t get demonitized

  • *ow*

  • Love your haircut